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Having Trouble

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I'm Lvl 29 (nearly 30) and recently in normals i've been having a string of losses. I look at my enemies profiles after the match and find they are all lvl 30 with 200-300 sometimes even 400 wins. These guys are much more experienced then me which shows in game.

So it seems ive hit a plateau of sorts where i'll only advance further if I can reach the level of these experienced people. So what can I do to improve? Feel free to check my profile in game if you want.

I would love advice on

Laning How to dominate your lane, last hit and harass at the same time. Knowing when to gank

Late Game and Teamfighting When should you push? What should I be doing in a teamfight? Who should I be targeting? When should I chase? When should I backdoor?

And please don't say wards, I already know I should be warding.

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A lot of it is just reading the situation and know the limit of yourself and your teammates at certain times. So really it's just about practice. One way I can think of that might help is watch some high ELO streams or spectate. Now, that being said, not everything they do is the perfect and/or only way to do things. But you'll be able to see how you're suppose to react to situations alot better when you can just sit back and watch the game rather than be right in the middle of it playing it.

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It's not just the experience, but also, these level 30 players with 300 wins will have full runepage setups, which you won't. Because of this, you are at a major disadvantage and it's only natural that you will be a bit out of your depth. AddSubtract is right, the best way to improve is to watch the streams and practice. For us, it's very hard to see where you are going wrong just from your summoner page without actually watching you in-game, but from looking at your match history, it seems you can't decide what you want to do, and are always changing roles and champions.

You will never be able to master a champion if you are always changing every match. What I would recommend it to pick a single role, like AD carry (you seem to be the best at that from your match history) and learn that role until you can do it blind-folded. Start off with just 1 champion in that role, and then slowly progress to 2-3 more champions of that role until you feel absolutely comfortable in that position.

From there, you can move onto a different role, but always come back to your first role from time to time, to keep in practice. As to improving things like your laning and teamfighting, this is different depending on what champion you are using. Since you did quite well with Caitlyn, I'll use her as an example.

When laning with Caitlyn, you want to utilize her passive as much as possible, by using it on the enemy champions whenever you can. When last hitting, whenever there aren't minions to kill, you want to be using your passive and your Q to harass the enemy. Try and time your harassment for when your opponent is going for a last hit. When they last hit, they have to stand still while doing it, so if you time it right, you force your opponent to either take the damage from the harassment, or move out of the way and miss a last hit. Caitlyn has one of the longest ranges of any AD carry, and you can use this to your advantage in the lane.

As an AD carry, you don't really want to go off ganking, but instead you want to stay in the lane and farm as much as possible. The only times you should be leaving the lane are to:

1. go buy
2. take/defend dragon
3. help defend or assist your jungler if they are either getting ganked or ganking the enemy jungler

Apart from that, just stay in the lane as much as you can. In the laning phase, you want to keep the minion wave in the middle if you can, and the only time you push the lane is just before you go back to buy, or if you team is taking the dragon. During the mid-late game, you want to stick with your team as much as possible, and only leave them if minions are threatening one of your turrets. There is nothing worse than getting engaged into a teamfight and the AD carry isn't there.

When a teamfight starts, you should position yourself at the back out of range of the enemy mages and shoot anyone who comes into range. Ideally you want to be hitting the squishy AP carry and AD carry, but don't put yourself in a bad position just to do that. It's better for you to be hitting a tank and staying alive, than trying to get in range of a mage at the back and getting 1-shotted.

Only chase a champion down if you are absolutely sure that you are going to kill them, and that there is no way an enemy champion can intercept you and aid their ally. If you are in any doubt about either of these points when chasing someone down, DO NOT CHASE THEM. It is better to let a kill go than to die and feed gold to the enemy. Just don't get tunnel-visioned and always be aware of where the rest of players are on the map before you give chase.

Backdooring is something you should never need to do, but you might need to split push, which is different. When split-pushing, you have to pick the right champion for it. The champion you pick has to ideally have a global ulti (e.g. Pantheon, Shen, etc) who can quickly join a teamfight if one breaks out, and is fed enough to be able to survive against 1-2 enemy champions without dieing. If you die in a split-push, you practically give the game to the other team. When you split push, you need to make sure the rest of your team is providing pressure on another part of the map, either by pushing another lane to taking baron/dragon. If they aren't, then the split push will fail.