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Advanced Twisted Fate Guide

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Welcome to my Advanced Twisted Fate guide, updated as of the March 15 Twisted Fate remake.


TF has recently been remade. Following an un-updated guide is a mistake. After playing a good 20 to 30 games on a smurf with my friend (to avoid high queue times), I consider The new TF not that much different, as the only thing that has changed is his PaC skill and obviously his brand new and nerf-worthy skill "Stacked Deck". If you played enough pre-remake-TF, you're going to have issues with PaC, as now the deck cycles at a normal speed, even for gold cards. This threw me off for quite a while, but with enough games I got used to it and have no problem picking whatever card I want. Practice makes perfect. Another thing to keep in mind is that people are wrong when they say Gold Cards are useless. They do next to no damage, especially with small amounts of AP, BUT, they are useful. Use them to cancel Ults like Nunu's and Karthuss'. Use them to land a surefire Wild Card if your target is at low health. Use them to maximize turret aggro damage on an enemy champion (although once you have trinity force, red cards slow + trinity force slow will actually grab more turret hits). Use them to chase, especially if your team is behind you. Other than these moments, again, in my experience, Red Cards are no doubt the only card you will want to use in team fights due to the AoE damage. Red Cards are also the ones you will want to use to clear large creepwaves in combination with Wild Card, again, due to the AoE Damage.

I have written this guide for advanced players, seeing as Twisted Fate is a rather hard character to play as, especially if you go AS/AD, or even Hybrid. Please do not attempt to follow this guide if you are new to this champion, especially if you are new to this type of game. There are some useful tips for all ranges of skilled players though, so I guess it's worth a read regardless.

The purpose of this guide is to direct TF players into not necessarily a right direction, but easily a fun and effective one. I play a Hybrid AP TF, meaning, I get items that increase my AP, causing all three damaging skills to do more damage, while mainly getting items that give me attack speed to correctly utilize the immense DPS TF can do with all three damaging skills he has. Without further Adieu, I will be naming several tactics, skills and techniques, which will be essential for playing a successful TF, all of which vary in difficulty.


1) The obvious, last-hitting.

It is an essential skill for all champions; some benefit from it more than others. TF is a very item-dependent champion, so last-hitting is far more than essential; it’s vital. Last-hitting is when you attack a creep when it has rather low health, killing it and receiving full potential gold from it, versus letting your creeps and/or allies getting the last hit. Two creep kills will get you a health potion, possibly saving your life.

2) Survivability.

This varies for your item build. I know a TF player who gets 3 Warmogs and an Atma’s Impaler. Although his TF is pretty ****ed durable, most of the time, TF is a rather squishy champion, and it is very easy to get ganked when playing as him. People tend to target TF for the same reason they would target Teemo; low armor, and low Health. Ergo, it is advisable to always be on your toes. There are two main components that determine your survivability, excluding positioning (don't tank turrets, don't be in front of your team, don't put yourself in danger!)

a. Mana. Never, ever, EVER have low Mana. Let’s say you have 30% Health, and a rather speedy Warwick comes charging at you. You really have only two options; use a Summoner spell of some sort, OR, you can gold card him and retreat. The latter requires Mana, and the former is (more) unreliable. If you have no Mana and no Summoner spells ready for cast, you are dead, unless you are right next to a turret. Therefore, the only times you should ever have no Mana is when you're dead, which shouldn't happen in the first place. Regardless, it’s risky and unadvisable to be OOM unless you know the location of all enemy champions. I guess at the very beginning of a game having low Mana won’t risk your life.

b. Picking your fights. If you just sit in your well the whole game, you are not going to die, unless the other team has an overfed Karthus (I’ve seen it done before). Knowing when to retreat is a very important skill. Use the scoreboard to your advantage, as it lists who is alive and who isn’t. Chasing isn’t always a bad thing; it can be very rewarding. But, if you have no escape plan, I would strongly advise against it, especially if the other team has stealthers. Team fights are much more safe, even more so if you have a healer. Although, almost every game I play, the other team figures out my immense DPS is far more than nasty, therefore, I get targeted first, a lot. If you play smart, you will die very few times.
3) Mastering the Pick a Card skill.

The Pick a Card skill has been remade into a rather versatile skill. Blue Cards are now a very useful laning and harassing tool. They do the most damage but do not do any CC, while they restore mana equal to the extra damage dealt, which includes extra damage from AP. This makes AP a very strong choice, but Stacked Deck is what makes Hybrid builds ridiculous. From my experience, Red cards are the best choice in team fights due to the AoE damage they deal. Gold cards are still extremely useful, I mean, they STUN.

4) The Gold-Card Destiny Gate combo.

This is what gets me a TON of kills, and that’s because it’s effective. Destiny reveals all enemy champions on the map, while allowing you to cast Gate, which teleports you to any given point on the map. Essentially, you try to find a low HEALTH champion on the map, grab a Red or Gold Card (blue cards are inadvisable, even if your target has very low HP), immediately cast Destiny, and gate near them. Positioning of your gate is rather vital to your success; do NOT let them run away before you can Card them. The best positioning is to use this combo on someone attacking a turret. Position the gate BEHIND them. Most people will not know what to do and start running towards the nearest friendly turret. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MANA TO CAST THE WHOLE COMBO + A WILD CARD. It sucks to gate to the champ, wail on them, get them to SUPER low health, but only to find that you’re out of Mana, meaning you can’t Wild Card ‘em.

Once I hit level 6, I try to widdle down my opponents HP with wild card and what-not. This allows me to combo their *** with ease after bluepilling back to my well, especially if I grab a brilliance elixir, which I highly recommend mid game. It pays for itself, you'll see.

5) Wild Card aiming.

Not so essential, but it’s a nice skill to learn. There are a couple tricks. My favorite is to rush ahead to the incoming enemy creep wave, which should be a straight line, and cast wild card when they get close. If done correctly, the middle card should hit (close to) every single one of them, doing a nice chunk of damage. Utilizing the two other cards firing off at 30 degree angles is purely situational. Also, I love to cancel enemy champions’ recalls by utilizing the ridiculous range of Wild Card.

6) Turret kills.

As well all know, turrets are instant death machines until late game. I thoroughly enjoy causing people to rage, it’s some sick and twisted trait I posses. Therefore, I have created a trick that usually snags me a couple kills. If I pick exhaust as one of my Summoner spells, I like to get myself to about 20 or 30% HEALTH, then try and lure a champ near my turret. If they have half a brain, they will not follow me if I have a gold card resting above my head. Therefore, I advise you to do this trick only if you are good at picking gold cards. If they bite, thinking they can kill me before the turret kills them, they’re actually quite dead. If there’s a creep wave attacking the turret, I have to wait till they attack me once before the turret actually targets them. Regardless, once you see the turret attacking the Champion, exhaust them, and then gold card their ***. This is a very risky trick, and I only do it when I know the champion isn’t capable of killing me. I wouldn’t do this with Kassadin, Morgana, Ryze, etc.

7) Mind games.

After reading TheHeretic’s lovely guide regarding mind games and a clever poker analogy, I improved my gameplay vastly. I like to choose the mid lane, mostly because the turrets are closer and the extra EXP; I don’t die as much. At the start of a game I immediately go to mid, with my skill point in Pick a Card. I stand in mid lane, and start dancing (the command is /dance). Don’t do this if there are any stealthers on the enemy team. Make sure you don't attract champions/junglers from either lanes, because if you do, you're dead. If the enemy champion shows up, they usual chase me. I let them chase me, which is why I don’t pick Boots of Speed as my first item; it gives them hope to actually catch me. While I run away, I try to grab a gold card. Once I do, I turn around, gold card ‘em, and start chasing THEM. Generally, they retreat to their turret, and once again, I start dancing mid lane. This not only makes the enemy champion extremely angry, it probably scares him.

When the creeps show up, if everything goes well, the champion will still keep his distance. It’s even better when the champion is a melee champion. If they are in-fact a melee champion, and if they ever start attacking any of my creeps with melee attacks, I immediately cast Pick a Card and start chasing them (don’t do this if you are in range of their turret). Most of the time, they’ll retreat to their turret. If they retreat to their turret, I get as close as possible, and just stand there with my cards shuffling above my head. If I can't hit the champion with a card, I cast a blue/red card on the creeps right before it runs out. If they don’t run away, I gold card their ***. Doing this not only denies them of killing creeps, but it intimidates the hell out of them. 25-50% of the time the melee champion actually trades lanes with a ranged champion. This is not a bad thing, because most ranged champions are pretty squishy, and your chances of getting a kill vastly improve.

8) Communication.

Ah. Communication is why voice chat is probably one of the hugest advantages in this game. Pinging is a wonderful tool, use it often and well. If your team knows what you're doing, there's much more of a chance for your team to be successful. Ping when you're ulting.

9) Running.

I do a lot of running, which is why I like to use the Summoner Spell Ghost. It can be used offensively for chases, and defensively for running away. If you are running from a champion with similar speed to yours, making a 180 turn can save your life, since a lot of the time, people will just right click on your character to chase you. I remember one time I had no mana and I was running from a Kayle. I had no way of surviving so I ran to Baron and agro’d him. Not only did he kill me himself, meaning Kayle got not as much exp/gold from it, but he actually killed Kayle. Pretty lulzy.

There are far more techniques, but the ones I listed are the important ones.



Morgana’s shield negates the stun effect of gold card, and possibly the slow effect of red card (Need confirmation). A lot of Morgana players get Zhonyas, so she is almost impossible to kill half the time. Her stun+AoE combo is pretty nasty and can kill you fairly fast, so if you’re chasing a Morgana, Zig Zag. All in all, Morgana's shield will make you pull your hair out, and once you're bald, you're going to start ripping off chest hair, unless you're female.

A well played Ashe hits like a truck, and not to mention her constant slow is downright scary. Her ultimate isn’t too bad, but if you get hit by it while near enemy champions, you might as well dip your *** in butter and roll in peanuts, because they are going to eat you alive.

I swear 50% of my TF deaths consist of Twitch destroying me, and me wincing in pain. Don’t hug turrets with twitch around, because his ultimate has pretty scary range. Most of the time, if a Twitch ambushes me, I don’t bother running, unless I have summoner spells ready (assuming the twitch is good, the only time he would ambush me is if I have low health or if he's fed). I just attack him back knowing I’ll die either way. If the enemy team has a twitch, I highly recommend getting some vision wards. Getting the Oracle Elixir will cause the Twitch to try and kill you more-so than he already is, allowing you to utilize trick #6, but again, twitch's range will be reason enough to avoid Oracle Elixirs. The nice thing about playing against Twitch is the fact that his survivability is his attack speed, not armor or HEALTH. Several times have I randomly casted destiny, only to find a low Health twitch blue pilling. Easy gank.

Although she’s not as scary as twitch, if the player is utilizing AP, she can easily take out a good 40%HEALTH without breaking a sweat. In this case, investing in an oracle potion will absolutely shut down Evelynn, seeing as she's a melee champion with small range.

Speaking of ****ed Jesters, don’t even bother trying to kill this dude unless he has painfully low HEALTH. Vision wards work great against him.

He is a pain in the *** to chase, not to mention his silence completely gimps your PaC. Don’t bother unless your initial burst can kill him.


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I like to start out with a Mekki Pendant, a Mana Potion, and a Health Potion. Sometimes I grab boots of speed if Ashe/Teemo is on the other team, as you will have more speed than them, thus allowing you to shut them down with Red/Gold Cards much easier. The Health Potion is great for negating poison effects that would otherwise kill you, and the Mana Potion allows you to spam a little bit for maximum intimidation. These items are not in order, although I do reccomend grabbing Chalice + boots first.

Chalice of Harmony

Completely broken item IMO, as it offers immense Mana-regen when you need it most. The magic resist is an added bonus that has saved my life. For the way I play, this item is a must till the end of the game. If you find yourself stuck in a game that won't end, but with lots of gold, sell this, and grab some beefy item you don't have. Feel free to skip this item if A) The enemy team has very little magic damage, and B) You're fed. In the event that I'm going mid, and the enemy team has little magic damage, I grab a mana crystal instead of Mekki pendant, as it builds into sheen. If I don't get fed, I just grab Chalice as my next item, and I will have tons of spammability.


I really have no preference for boots, the attack speed from Beserker’s is nice for last hitting and will vastly increase your DPS especially with Stacked Deck, while the magic penetration from Sorcerer's is awesome early game, especially in combination with Haunting Guise. Ninja Tabi offers dodge which is awesome for reducing damage from creep agro, and there's always the dodge mastery. Mercury Treads (my new favorite) offers stun/slow/anything else reduction, which has saved my life several times. With the new TF, I find myself getting stunned much more often, so Mercury Treads are NOT a bad choice, at all. I really have no recommendation here, so experiment, find the one you feel works best.

Brilliance Elixir

Ah yes, the easy mode Elixir. This + Sheen + Boots is easily enough to completely dominate early game, especially once you have your ult. Brilliance elixirs pay for themselves, assuming you have a decent team. BUY THEM! If you have the dough, Agility elixir's crit chance + attack speed is delicious, although I would recommend purchasing a Brilliance Elixir first. BUY IT. DO IT NAO.

Nashor’s Tooth

What’s not to like about this item? It gives you attack speed which immensely helps with last hitting creeps AND throwing gold cards, it gives you a smashing 25% cooldown and mana regen, which in combination with the Golem Buff, gives you all the CD and Mana you’ll ever need. Lastly it gives a nice amount of AP. This item is vital for your success as a Hybrid TF. It is a core item IMO.

Mejaj’s Soulstealer

The new Soulstealer is useful only if you do not die. If you are confident in your ability with TF, this item can make you unstoppable. This item is next to useless if you fail to survive, so only get it when you know you're having a good game. If you are facing a lot of tanks, it may be to your benifit to ignore this item and work towards trinity force + Bloodrazor. There have been games where I got a full Soulstealer + Boots + Bloodrazor + Nashors Tooth + Chalice, but again, Soulstealer is a risky choice. If you have a very good team, grabbing this is not a mistake; playing Hybrid TF right will grab you a lot of assists.


This dishes out the extra damage you’ll need for ganking. Without it I usually get enemy champs to 10% HEALTH before they retreat. Eventually makes Trinity Force. If you are having problems with survivability, get Phage first. If you are having problems doing decent damage early game, Sheen is a strong choice.


The slow is awesome when you gold card someone but they start retreating while your Pick a Card is cooling down. The slow from Phage/Trinity force does stack with the slow from red card, making Phage/Trinity Froce very powerful tools. Not to mention that the Health is very helpful. Make this item before Sheen if you are having trouble with survivability. Eventually Makes Trinity Force.

Trinity Force

Damage, AP, Attack speed, Crit chance (which works quite nicely with my crit runes), Move Speed, Health and Mana, a powered up Sheen Buff, AND a slow. My god, this item works far too well with my TF.
Once you make Trinity Force, you have 1-2 item slots. What item to get totally depends on the game, but here are some suggestions. Feel free to replace Chalice of Harmony with one of these as well, especially if you have Teleport as a summoner spell.

Rod of Ages

Gives Health, Mana, AND AP. A nice item overall. Good if you find yourself low on health a lot, but needing more damage.

Banshee’s Veil

One of the most underrated items in this game, it’s not too expensive and it will save your life. If you’re dying a lot, get this item. If you have more than ~7 deaths, get this item before you get trinity force. I can, have, and will play games without purchasing Banshee's Veil, but this item is the bane of teams that stack CC.

Zhonya’s Ring

The mana is always nice, it scales nicely with your Chalice of Harmony, and of course, the AP is just ridiculous. It's new active ability seems pretty situational, although I'm sure it has it's uses. This item works GREAT for those games that “just won’t end”.

>>> Maldred's Bloodrazor <<<

This item is growing on me. It offers attack speed, which is the basis of going Hybrid. Those scary tanks that you can't even bother scratching now should fear you. With the attack speed from Trinity Force, Nashor's Tooth, and possibly Beserker's Greaves (along with the Stacked Deck skill) the passive from this item will absolutely destroy tanks in combination with Gold Card, or even blue cards. The attack speed we get from the said items procs the passive of Maldred's Bloodrazor that many more times per second. I pick this item up if I'm going to backdoor a turret or inhibitor, as it does lovely damage. I highly recommend this item in a game full of tanks. In fact, I prefer this item over any of the items above.



Well, there's always the question about what order to get these items in. Chalice is a wondrous starting item. A perfect game for me would go something like this:

Mekki + MP pot + HP pot

Chalice + Boots of Speed + pots

From this point, you have several choices. Trinity Force is a core item, but so it Nashors Tooth. Let's not forget to upgrade our boots! You could start building for Phage for the slow + survivability, you could start building Sheen for the damage + mana pool, you could finish your boots for the massive lane advantage of higher movespeed, you could even buy a Brilliance Elixir for epic damage. I tend to build Phage after Chalice and Boots; the slow is invaluable, and the HP will help without a doubt.

Rushing Trinity Force is a mistake, because TF really needs CD reduction to help with chasing and his long CD ultimate. Building one or even two components of Trinity Force is a good choice, but make sure you build a Stinger or Fiendish Codex as well. Stinger if usually a better choice, but Codex does offer much needed mana regen if your team is not giving you golem buff. If things go well, ideally you finish Trinity Force and Nashors tooth relatively close together. Once you have Trinity Force, Nashors Tooth and Boots, the next item choices truly depends on how the game is going. If it seems like it's going to be a good, long game, Bloodrazor is without a doubt the best choice. Banshees Veil works well for CC heavy teams. Grab Zhonya's Ring if you have any AP items besides Nashors Tooth + Trinity Force, especially if you have a decently stacked Soulstealer.



Wild Card

I'm rather torn on this skill. The range and farmability sure are excellent perks, but then again, are the skill points better spent elsewhere, now that gate is not needed? Wild Cards are without a doubt extremely strong with a decent amount of AP, but the large mana cost and low damage compared to other skills is reason enough to ALMOST ignore Wild Card, assuming you have little AP. If you grab a Soulstealer, by all means pump Wild Card. Wild Cards with a decent amount of AP hits like a truck, and the range is an added bonus. Although, if you are going for the Hybrid attack speed build, Wild Card is best left at 1-2, and the reason is because Pumping PaC along with Stacked Deck will generally yield better results. Wild cards are nice for
  • Canceling Enemy Bluepills.
  • Hitting several champions at once for more assists or kills.
  • Elimination large creep waves in combination with Red Card.
  • Damage creep waves for easier farming.
  • Testing for hidden champions in the brush (wild cards will make a sound if they come in contact with an enemy unit).

The new PaC has it's advantages and disadvantages. First off, blue cards are not spammable. This makes me a sad panda. Blue card is the nuke which happens to restore a small amount of mana, Gold card is the weak stun, and Red Card is the hybrid. I just so happen to use Red Cards the most now. Red Cards deal AoE damage and slow, and once you have Trinity Force/Phage, you will be able to constantly slow a single champion easily.
Blue cards are nice for
  • Harrasing champions
  • Last hitting nuetrel creeps for rune buffs
  • Last hitting turrets
  • Last hitting anything really
The reason blue cards are viable for those is due to high damage and the mana restore, especially with higher amounts of AP.

Red Cards are nice for
  • Eliminating large creep waves in combination with Wild Card.
  • Team battles (AoE damage makes Red Cards the most viable).
  • Late game turret aggro utilization. The slow from Trinity force in combination with the slow from Red Cards will allow the turret to hit the champion a couple more times, especially if you or a teamate Exhuasts the said champion. This is only viable if the champion is CLOSE to the turret. If they are right on the edge of the turrets range, OR have some form of a blink (I.E Kassadin), Gold cards are a better choice.
Gold Cards are nice for
  • Cancling ultimates.
  • Grabbing early game turret kills.
  • Saving teamates.
  • Finishing off low HP champions, as it allows for a surefire Wild Card hit.
  • Harrasing champions with a blink (Kassadin, Shaco, Tryndamere Flash)
  • You know, stun stuff!

Stacked Deck
As you can see, TF has been reworked somewhat, although he had it coming. This rework actually make this build stronger as compared to the popular AP build, because with Nashor's Tooth + Maldreds bloodrazor and decent attack speed, you will still be dishing out decent damage even if you have no mana, due to the new skill Stacked Deck. I have tested the new TF, and he does have mana issues without decent mana giving items. Chalice + Nashors tooth is still enough to keep your mana pool fairly stable, but the TF's that get Magic Penetration and Soulstealer will have extreme mana issues. You are still a useful asset to your team if you have no mana, because, yet again, of your Stacked Deck.
Stacked Deck passively increases your attack speed and decreases cooldowns. Well, that's ****ed perfect! A healthy dose of Stacked Deck and PaC will result in massive obligatory destruction and obliteration of the foolish enemy team.
Regardless, there are several minor "tricks" you can do which will maximize the effectiveness of Stacked Deck.
  • Before you bluepill to base, try to get 2 or 3 stacks on your Stacked Deck. This way, when you return to your lane, you have a damage buff right of the bat, which is effectively used on the enemy champion if present.
  • Speaking of damage buffs, use Stacked Deck to your advantage, especially in a solo lane. Every 4th attack you will have an increased damage auto attack, so use it to last hit creeps, cannon creeps, and most importantly to harass the enemy champion!
  • Get to know how much of a damage increase each level of Stacked Deck gives, this will help with last hitting creeps.
  • Do not make the mistake of trying to use the Stacked Deck damage buff in combination with any color card IF YOU ARE IN PLAIN SIGHT. The reason is because a lot of players will just retreat when you cast PaC, and you're not going to able to utilize Stack Deck's damage buff. BUT, if you are in the brush, gating, ambushing, etc, don't hold back.
  • Do a barrel roll.

I shouldn't have to give you a reason to max this as soon as possible.



As true for all champions, TF's ultimate is highest priority. The question is, what do I get in between 1, 6, 11, and 16? That's an excellent question, and to be quite honest I'm still working on it. I've had success completely ignoring Stacked Deck until I had nothing else to pump, while I have had success (almost) completely ignoring Wild Cards. The latter seems to be working very well for me, but I still need to work out what works best, seeing as there is a lot to consider, such as team composition on both sides, your item build, your lanemate and opposing champions, etc. All in all though, I find evenly leveling PaC and Stacked Deck will allow for some serious ass kicking, just make sure you have 1 or 2 levels in Wild Card.



I'm running Crit chance for Reds and Quints, summing up to 14% crit chance (excluding masteries), flat armor for yellow (13 armor total), and flat magic resist for blues (13 magic resist total). The main reason I run these runes is because the crit chance snags me a LOT of first bloods (I mean it), and the defense + resist really makes a difference for your early game, which really does determine your success as a carry. Get what you feel is best, although I highly recommend armor, seeing as you will have Magic Resist from Chalice, but no armor.



Masteries are terribly overrated, but I sure as hell do love messing with them. Masteries are currently being reworked, so for now this section is going to be a little bit lax. One game I forgot to add my masteries all together (so I was level 30, and had 30 points available), and I still went 24/4 or something. Really anything works, but I do like to run 9/0/21. Crit chance, cooldown and magic penetration in offense are all very useful, especially the crit chance, which totals up to 19-20% at level ONE. Utility I run Regen, Experience gain, Utility mastery, whatever summoner spell I feel like using, and of course Cooldown on both abilities and summoner spells. Speccing higher in the offense tree is a very good choice, but the lack of mana regen is going to be a problem if you don't have Chalice + Codex.



Ghost is a lovely spell, as it will allow you to gold card a fleeing champion (it happens ALL the time, believe me). Flash has a large cooldown, especially after the recent patch, but it is still a very nice spell. It's cooldown is dramatically decreased if you spec in Utility. Clarvoyance is an AMAZING spell, especially with the mastery cooldown buff(s). Clarvoyance allows you to card people hiding in the brush if you are laning bot/top. Not to mention I have KS'd several dragons and lizard/goelm buffs and even a Baron using Clarvoyance + Blue Card. I highly recommend Clarvoyance if you are not solo laning.

Popping an Improved Rally right before you card someone during a Destiny gate combo will dish out quite a bit more damage, as the improved rally gives you a nice chunk of attack and magic damage. Improved Ignite is AMAZING early game, the damage AP boost will get you first blood, easily. Just make sure you ignite first before you unload your cards, they will do more damage.

After the recent changes to TF, Teleport has become a much more viable spell. Teleporting to any lane, pushing like a mofo, then popping ult + gate when all the bloodthirsty baddies come rushing towards you will certainly throw them off, and will allow you to push ANOTHER lane across the map. Pushing all the lanes at once is a VERY useful tool to have.



This is a TEAM game, so if your teammates are consistently dying, it is very likely you will as well. If you read this guide and follow all of the tips and whatnot, and still find that you're dying a lot, try doing some premades with friends you know are good. You will see an improvement.

TF is NOT an easy champion, and I myself have absolutely terrible games. If you're dying a lot, don't be afraid to buy some armor or health! A not-so-powerful TF is better than a dead one.

Knowing what you're up against is always nice. Sure, I listed some of the most threatening heroes, but there will ALWAYS be exceptions. I remember playing against a Kayle who absolutely dominated me. Intrigued, I read a Kayle Guide and played a couple games using her. Soon enough I ran into the same Kayle that destroyed me, and the tables were turned. I knew her tricks, and I knew what to do.

Thank you for reading my guide, and good luck!

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Space reserved for possible expansion of guide.

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Very nice guide so far. I've been playing AP Twisted Fate a lot the past few days and he's quickly becoming my favorite hero.

The only issues I'm having with him are the bugs that revolve around this character. There are two that I can think of offhand:

1) The delay after selecting a card though Pick a Card. While not a huge deal, this can cost you a kill in those really intense fights.

2) There seems to be an issue with Pick a Card and overhead graphics. For instance, when I use Destiny while I have a gold card active, it will no longer show cards above my head at all. This makes TF extremely difficult to play, as you have no idea which card you've got.

All in all, I really like the information here and I hope to see this guide grow.

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Very nice guide so far. I've been playing AP Twisted Fate a lot the past few days and he's quickly becoming my favorite hero.

The only issues I'm having with him are the bugs that revolve around this character. There are two that I can think of offhand:

1) The delay after selecting a card though Pick a Card. While not a huge deal, this can cost you a kill in those really intense fights.

2) There seems to be an issue with Pick a Card and overhead graphics. For instance, when I use Destiny while I have a gold card active, it will no longer show cards above my head at all. This makes TF extremely difficult to play, as you have no idea which card you've got.

All in all, I really like the information here and I hope to see this guide grow.

Thank you for reminding me about the glitches. I, too, have experienced the graphical glitch, and it really does suck.

I hope to add some screen shots regarding positioning.

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Very well written, formatted and knowledgeable guide. A+.
Will have to give this one a try later.

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nice work man - I have added your guide into http://www.thelolwiki.com - I gave you full credit of course too


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Great guide. I like how you didn't tell us what we HAVE to do. Anyway, this is very useful and deserves a Chuck Norris thumbs-up.

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Try to coordinate with another player to take him out, because his ult will do half the damage due to it bouncing between you and your teammate.

It bounces between you and any target(normally back to ryze which deals 0 dmg), so damage to you is the same. Your teammate just got hurt same amount as you do, but Ryze is a pain to solo.

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It bounces between you and any target(normally back to ryze which deals 0 dmg), so damage to you is the same. Your teammate just got hurt same amount as you do, but Ryze is a pain to solo.

That makes sense, the reason I wrote otherwise is because my friend and I ambushed a Ryze who popped his ult at us... the damned ball decided to bounce between me and Ryze. I guess my friend (Ashe) was out of range of the ball. Riot sure couldn't resist making Ryze a pain in the ass.

Thank you.