Champion: 47, The Hitman (Incomplete Based on Hitman Absolution)

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Passive: Body Camouflage: If 47 Kills an enemy champion or gets the assist, He gains the image of that enemy champion for a long duration.

Additionally, His abilities gain bonus affects if he is in Camouflage.

Q: Fiber Wire: 47 Latches on to target enemy constantly dealing damage over time. There is no limit to this damage unless the champion steps out of range of fiber wire.

Body Camouflage: The length of the wire is slightly increased and target is silenced for a duration.

W: Stealthy Walking: 47 stealth's himself becoming invincible to skill shots. He however, has a certain range of stealth. If he gets too close to enemy champion he is revealed and gains bonus attack and movement speed for a small duartion.

Body Camouflage: He gains attack damage after he is revealed.

E: Instinct: Passive: He permanently has (+) instincts If he is not visible to any enemy champions he can cast instincts to transform into the farthest away enemy champion. However this does not count as body camouflage.

Body Camouflage: He uses less instinct each second.

R: Target Fire: Freezes time to click up to 5 enemy units. After clicking he can reactivate this ability to continue pausing time but shoots the bullets in the 5 designated areas.

Body Camouflage: He now uses 7 bullets instead of 5.