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What to do when you can't do anything

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oh by the by, I have a great love for jungle fidz.
I've seen many discussions about whether or not he's a good jungler or not, and I'm siding with yes, he's an excellent jungler.
He actually doesn't need smite, but in ranked it's safer to have it so u can steal and secure buffs and drag.

I run 9/0/21 masteries grabbing greed so I start with amp tome and 2 pot's, which you NEED if you are not running smite. But yes start blue, w q w q. After red go for gank with flash Q W ignite if not using smite.
It doesn't take much effort to get up tier 1 boot and gun.
I run xp gain quint's and masteries, which make's up for time spent running, or in bushes, but also get's me ahead pretty quickly if I can secure kill's I can keep up in level with mid lane. Especially if I can push them out.
Once he hit's 6 though his gank's are just epicsauce.

The best thing about fids though is once you have gun and it's still early game, with spellvamp masteries you gain so much hp while u drain that you don't even take dmg if they hit you. If they stop you with a hard cc all the better, cuz I would rather eat that while my teamate whack's away at them.

Never jungle without smite. Never.