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1450+ New Player looking for team!

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Elo: 1450
Name: PubBasher
Roles: Top, AD Carry, Support.
Experience: No tournament experience in League, I recently got out of the army and started playing. Literally HUNDREDS of tournaments in DotA/HoN over the years (competitive player since about 2004) I learn quickly and have raised in ELO by about 350 points since I started solo queuing instead of with RL friends. I can play all roles, but I prefer TOP and AD Carry. I work, but I can have my 2 week schedule available at any time to set up scrims, practice, or w/e. Please contact me by messages, this post, or in game. Thanks!!

edit: I have skype, ventrilo, Teamspeak, and a headset. I play on the North American Server.

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This is my smurf acct that im looking to duo with. On my last account I got up to the low 1900s, and then que dodged to elo hell. Right now, I'm looking to play 9 ranked duo games, because the first 10 games of ranked give more elo than the rest. So really it's ideal to win your first ten before actually solo queing. I can play all roles. My best is AP Janna, followed by AD Kayle, and I tank or support with Galio if it makes sense comp wise.

i can jungle fiddle fairly well too, so if you prefer solo top ... we could always try that comp out.