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which would you like?

I like the old HUD better, I want it back 322 63.64%
I like the new HUD better, I want to keep it like this 184 36.36%
Voters 506 .

would you like the old HUD back?

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the old one wa a bit much better

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I prefer the old one, however the new one does have alot more FoV/visibility, although that could inded be adjusted with the old style still i guess but meh!

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Junior Member


don't you just love it how they ignore us?

it would seem they where lieing when you said they listened to the community and what was it... "We are big believers in player choice, so we would like you to have options on how to play League of Legends."

perhaps its just me but since the new ui came in i haven't seen one proper response clearly stating if they are going to allow players to have choice and use the old ui if they wishes or much else really.

Its a pity, i really liked this game but the new UI makes it impossible to play.

can we have a final say if the old UI is coming back or not.. its the least you guys can do.

and no, i don't want a customized or "fixed" version of the new one.

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To Sigil, Riot responded on page 2 with this:

Thanks, Junn.
The changes you mentioned as well as other legibility fixes, refinements, and customization options, are in the works.

How can you claim they are ignoring you and not listening? They have plainly responded saying that options are in the works. And you don't even know what "customization options" really means. It doesn't say you can't have the old UI or even that you can't customize the new one to look like the old one with their "options". In any case, changes don't happen overnight, you need to give it time and see what they come up with. Two weeks is hardly enough time for a game of this scale.

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that reply is selective hearing. The response was to a single person that was saying what they wanted him to say, which is minor feedback on there NEW UI. There has been no response to any people who say the new UI is unplayable or that request the old UI become an option.

All over the forums riot has mentioned more customization in various ways but the best they gave us in regards to the old ui was along the lines of it probably won't come back because its to much work to support 2 UIs.

I do know a game of this size takes time to get out updates, and over all i like this game. Riot has done a good job overall. But in such a game breaking matter as this which they really should of implemented way back in beta so we could tell them it didn't work before release, i think a direct statement about if they are going to give us the old UI option back or not.

Its not to much to ask for is it? a simple yes or no. once i have the answer i am happy to wait for it to come back if that is there answer. If not i can stop patrolling the forums in hopes that i can play the game again.

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Best bet is giving the choice of either HUD in the "More Options" tab imo.

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How about this?:

-- HUD Option
-- Scale HUD Option
-- Be able to buy different HUDs in the Store

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WOW, BUY huds.... interesting idea...! (kinda like hud "skins&quot

I like the resize options, I just wish there were reposition and nesting options.
this new one is too generic looking, and I don't like how small the item boxes are in comparison, (personal choice i guess) especially since some items look fairly similar, and some times you can forget which you bought already
(once I bought a soulstealer 2x, since i had the money and it was the last thing i looked at on my shop, and i had 2 parts from OTHER things, making me think i didn't buy it yet....!)

I would like reposition simply because im weird, and would like my skills somewhere on the SIDE, since im using a widescreen, and ganks usually come from behind....(which 50% of the time, involves the bottom of the screen at some point, either running away, or where they are coming from.)

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One change I find annoying is the top left box that tells you which items the hero you're attacking has and what the health of said hero/tower is while you attack it. It pops up automatically and its enormous. A lot of times it obscures enough of the screen to be annoying and I want to see whats under it.

I'd like to see an option implemented to make it optional or collapseable. Also it could be smaller or semi-transparent.

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Ive already posted on the matter but my post wasnt really constructive on second thought : kudos on the Poll idea!.


Here are the reasons :

**Old shop looked better + was readable. (the old design was cool/had a some sort of Fantasy feeling that the new one just fails to have...blue rectangles is too..dull?)

**Item Recipes were on top, as somebody told me another place in this forum : You are building an item UP looking for what is next each time. Putting it down is counter intuitive.

**Experience bar didnt need to be moved. Old one was long and clear and near Mana and Life...where you are checking often.

**The Portrait of your champion on Top Left Corner is redundant/useless/spaceeating.

**The Score reminder Top Right Corner is EPIC! Great addition, but : its too small, and why put a "Close" button on it anyway? Might as well affect the whole HUD or not exist don't you think (its more code even.

**Maybe render the fonts of the Champion's Attribute a bit bigger. Although not a capital thing, if there must be information on your HUD you would like it to be clearly readable.

CONCLUSION : While most of these changes are only Cosmetic and may only require time to adjust to, i feel it is too bad to change a part of the game that was really attractive and didnt really need those drastic changes, maybe only a well deserved polish (like the K/D/A display)

I Do hope someone from RIOT is going to read this reply and care to comment. Thank you.

EDIT : People should make this post a STICKY!