Roommate: Teemo

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Scene 1:

Me- Teemo, I'm home!


Me- Oh s***! What the f***?! Teemo, how many times have I told you to stop planting mushrooms all over the house? I might need to find some more air spray to frebreeze this s***!

Teemo- Don't worry. It's only one mushroom.

Me- You sure? There better not be any more of those mushrooms all over the house. I had to pay $500 to get a bucket load of air freshener to spray up this s***.

Teemo- Okay. I'll admit. There are a few more mushrooms around this place. Try and find them if you can.

Me- There better not be to many of them around the house.


Me- Oh s***! Teemo! Quit playing man! This is not even funny!


Me- F***! You know what? F*** it! You see this right here? I got some oracles. This s*** I got from the doctor.


Me- Alright. Where are those mushrooms? Oh wait! I see it. Now how do I get rid of this?

Teemo- Just attack it. Careful. It'll be hard to disable.

[Ball Throw][Mushroom dies out]

Me- What the f*** was so difficult about that?

Scene 2:

Teemo- You got any more of that potion?

Me- Why? You're not in the game yet.

Teemo- No but I'm about to start a match soon. Can you get me some?

Me- Sorry but I don't have any. Here. Try some of this five hour energy drink.

[Teemo drinks]

Later that day. . .

Tristana- Ziggs, have you seen Teemo?

Ziggs- Oh he's over there.

[Teemo placing mushrooms like crazy]

Tristana- What's he doing?! He's going to get killed!

[Enemies chase Teemo] [Giant mushroom explosion]

Scene 3:

Me- Yo, Teemo? You in here Teemo?

[Blinding dart]

Me- Ow! Hey where did my room go?

Teemo- Sorry. My bad. I meant to shoot that little target over there.

Me- Hold up! Where did you get that?

Teemo- Somebody bet me this target post before my game and we won. So it's all mine.

Me- That's cool. I kinda like the texture on this. Who's it from?

Teemo- Mister Graves

Me- What?! Graves?! You've beaten that guy with the big guns?

Teemo- Size doesn't matter

Me- Alright. You're right. But what's with the face? You look like you've been working out lately.

Teemo- They found out I had an energy drink before the game. I said it was from you and they were planning on finding you at 5:00 sharp. It was Jarvan and the rest of the Demacian friends.

Me- Teemo, you just invited big dudes to get my ass whooped!

[Bang, Bang, Bang]

Garen- Teemo, I know you're in here!

Jarvan- Yeah! You cheater!

Xin Xao- Come on! Open up so I can poke that ass real quick!

Me- Oh s***! We need to bounce, son!


Garen, Jarvan, Xin Xao- DEMACIA!

[Big mushrrom explosion]

[Teemo laugh]

Me- ****! I bet they didn't even see that one coming.

Lux- [Sigh] My brother and these two boys. When will they learn?

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LOL Teemo as a roommate... this is pree cool. Thumbs up