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@Riot: Spectator Front End Suggestion

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Hey there,

I love the new spectator mode - it's great being able to watch more skilled players than I and analyze the way they play so that I can (theoretically) get better myself. Even better is the convenient way to spectate games directly from the client.

Recently, I've noticed you've started throwing Dominion games into the mix, which is also great - sort of. I can't complain about having the option of spectating Dominion, I just wish I was given notice first. Just this morning, I started spectating a Ranked game with Jax in it, hoping to watch a decent example of Jax on solo top lane, only to be disappointed when I found out the game in question was actually a Dominion game.

I wish the spectator mode front end would also tell you whether the game on offer was a Classic or Dominion game, in addition to Ranked vs. Normal. I feel this is very pertinent information to the spectator, and wouldn't be too difficult to implement.

TL;DR? : Spectator mode front end needs to specify Classic or Dominion modes.