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League High [Collaboration Fanfic]

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hi im haru

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League High

The champions of the League have been reborn as humans in a version of Valoran where magic doesn't exist. The major city-states are constantly on the brink of war due to an eternal state of tension created by the need to control resources and land. In the neutral city of Kalamanda a school was built to create peace in Valoran by bringing together the youth of the world. Welcome to League High.

Fanfiction.net link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8157280/1/League_High

The following is a list of writers and what characters they are writing along with the character's grade.

Haruka Shinigami
Jarvan (12)
Shyvanna (10)
Fiora (11)
Orianna (10)
Ashe (9)
Tryndamere (11)
Galio (12)
Xin Zhao (12)
Cassiopeia (9)
Shaco (10)
Mordekaiser (12)
Pantheon (10)
Varus (9, attends a different school)
Leona (12, attends a different school)
Grand Viper:
Udyr (11)
Karma (10)
Irelia (9)
Lee Sin (11)
Swain (Teacher)
Silver of Souls
Vladimir (Teacher)
Malzahar (10)
Katarina (12)
Lulu (12)
Kog'maw (10)
Twisted Fate (11)
Jax (12)
Ahri (11)
Rumble (10)
Ezreal (11)
Graves (10)
Lux (9)
Riven (10)
LeBlanc (11)
Talon (11)
Sona (11, age of 9)
Singed (Teacher)
Mundo (Teacher)
Heimerdinger (Teacher)


The early morning sun glowed brightly over the large brick structure that was League High. It was here at this coveted establishment, located in the heart of Kalamanda, where the exceptionally skilled youth of Valorian society studied for their future work. Among the many exceptionally talented students, there were those who did not see studying to be worthwhile, and for them League High served only as a place to pull pranks and cause meaningless drama. For others, however, the school served as a meeting place for adolescent champions to get to know each other. With such a wide assortment of students, conflict was a common occurrence, but for the most part school life was normal, by their standards.

The hallways were empty, each door closed and locked. Among the winding halls of the school, every form of education could be found. Science Labs, Robotics Studios, Band Rooms, and training rooms for the multiple athletic clubs were clearly apparent. Just as with any school there was no exception to the rule, and although the staff did nothing to limit it, smaller private social groups still existed to torment those outside of their ranks.

A lone janitor by the name of Yorick approached the massive school, and looked up at the prestigeous academy. “Well ole girl, it’s about time. Another year together, let’s have a good one.” Yorick slung his mop over his shoulder pulling his cart of supplies and unlocked the building, preparing to make sure that all the classrooms were prepared for the year’s students.

As the clock at the center of the schools grounds ticked idly by 8 A.M. rushed around the corner and with it a flood of students. The scene was one of sheer chaos with everybody shoving their way through the doors. Seniors passed their time harassing the new first years as was customary. As the flood began to subside the loud ring of the morning bell was apparent and soon enough the halls had cleared with students entering their assigned classrooms.

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hi im haru

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Chapter One: The First Day

The bus rolled up to the school. The students left the bus in a rush, trying to get inside in order to make it to class on time. One girl elegantly stepped out of the bus. The school uniform was modest on her form, the knee length navy skirt barely moving with each dignified step she took. Her glistening onyx hair had streaks of burgundy highlighted throughout it and was pulled up into a tight bun. Her mascara was daintily applied, her lip gloss just enough to bring out a shine in her lips. She made her way towards the front doors of the school when she was promptly bowled over. Sputtering, she shook her head to clear it. The girl looked around for the perpetrator, she could smell him. The thick smell of tobacco trailed after a boy wearing a brown leather jacket with a large crimson bear claw emblem emblazoned across his back. He must be a new member of the Vandal gang. Karma sighed waving smoke out of her face, "Students breaking the rules on the first day..." before standing up and attempting to follow after him with the intent of informing him on the school's policy on smoking, when another student, this time a petite female, cut her off mid-stride. "K-Karma! Are you alright?"

Karma continued to look after the fleeing student with an unpleasant expression, before turning her focus to the girl in front of her. A strap hung off the small girl's back, leading to a sheath that was carrying a bountiful amount of wooden training swords. Shinai was the technical term for them. She carried a gym bag on the other shoulder, and kept her book bag tucked under her left arm. The fact that she greeted Karma here must have meant that while Karma was busy fuming at the gang member, she had wandered right up to the front doors of the building where the other girl must've been waiting for Karma. This young girl had long, dark blue tinted hair and not a lick of makeup upon her porcelain face. A pair of large red stereo headphones rested around her neck, its wire spiraled around her body and ending in her pocket. Her emerald eyes were wide with worry as she looked up at Karma's disgusted face. Karma shook her head and straightened her attire and posture before replying, "I am fine, Irelia. It is good to see you."

Irelia cast her glance at the fading figure, taking a step towards him when Karma shook her head, "Irelia, class will begin in about fifteen minutes. You do not want to be late for your first class, right?"

Irelia squeaked and bowed towards Karma in compliance, quickly making her way back towards the school. Karma smiled, it was good to see Irelia. Karma had gone an entire year without seeing her dear friend, and the stories she heard in her absence were disconcerting. But seeing her now, she was reassured that Irelia was in fact fine. She acted a bit odd, but she was always strange. Karma made her way to the school, still slightly annoyed at the boy whom had knocked her over. She would find him later, possibly at lunch or something. Right now she had a class to attend.

The sound of blaring Metal music from a vehicle pulling in announced the arrival of Mordekaiser. His enormous figure in the vehicle looked out at the students walking on the campus. His body was so large he appeared to be leaning over, to avoid his head pushing against the roof of the car. His hair was long and dark, almost black in shade. The brown eyes he owned seemed to glow crimson in the sunlight. The giant grabbed his black denim messenger bag which was dotted with names of famous metal bands. The bag itself looked ancient and worn, but it was brand new and styled that way.

As Mordekaiser walked out of his van, a scrawny, pale boy wearing almost no trace of the school uniform popped out of the passenger's window without even bothering to open the door. Shaco wormed onto the roof of the van and crawled over to the driver side of the roof. The jester leaned over the edge, and his upside down grin appeared in front of Mordekaiser. "What was that lovely sound?" Shaco sarcastically inquired.

"Metal, get used to it if you are riding with me," Mordekaiser responded as he shut off his vehicle, silencing the music, and began to stuff various supplies into his bag. On the back of Mordekaiser's ride were the words 'Thunderhorse' painted across it. The sides of the van had an ornate picture of a horseman at high gallop wielding a scythe. Under the picture the words 'You may be a king or a small street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the reaper' could be seen in small print.

"I guess" Shaco replied before shaking his head, a grin spreading across his face. "Alright! All better!" he said when he saw a muscular boy wearing a dark, navy blue hoody walking across the street into the school grounds. "I'm going to go say hi to Panty!"

"Do as you please," Mordekaiser responded after sticking a toothpick in his mouth to chew on. When he turned to look at Shaco, but the boy had already flipped off the roof of his vehicle and was already on the other end of the campus speaking to Pantheon. Even after years of knowing Shaco, Mordekaiser was still unaccustomed to the jester's mobility.

Mordekaiser finished stuffing his bag with supplies and walked over to the back of his van where Shaco had popped out of. He stepped inside the pitch black darkness. "Come here babe," Mordekaiser said, walking out with a guitar that looked like it had come from the void. The color was a deep grey that looked like metal with a faded purple outline. Horns protruded from the side of the guitar, making it look menacing. Before anyone could see the horrid thing, Mordekaiser slipped it into a case and locked his van. He casually placed his book bag on his shoulder and held his guitar case by the handle as he walked onto the campus.

Lulu and Kog'Maw strolled down the sidewalk watching the many students enter the building. Neither of them really cared. Lulu for the sole fact that she was...well never really with it. Her mind was always wandering and she seemed entirely unable to really focus on any single task. Things always became...unrealistic when she was around. It wasn't until they got near vehicles that their short stature became apparent. Lulu, wearing the standard school uniform in a size that had to be shrunk down in the wash before it could even fit her, had a massive witch hat from a halloween shop sitting atop her head, with the point tilted slightly to the left. At eye-level they could just barely peer into the car's windows.

Kog'Maw, who was only about two inches taller than Lulu, could be seen with both his hands twitching every so often, his fingers locking up. His tie was loose around his neck, and if he ever dropped anything and went to pick it up, there was no doubt it would easily slide off of his head. They were an odd pair, but they always seemed to be together. Kog'Maw didn't judge Lulu, due to a disorder that caused him to be socially awkward. Lulu didn't really mind Kog'Maw's social awkwardness, because he enjoyed to eating her cooking, and so they were together nearly all the time.

In Lulu's left hand she carried around a staff that was just as tall as her. Anyone that had been around the school and paid even a remote amount of attention to this year's senior class, was aware that Lulu truly believed that she was capable of performing magic. Even if nothing actually happened, Lulu would boast about the transformation of a particular student into a small furry critter, before walking away as if the incident had never happened. Most students avoided making eye-contact with the duo as everyone headed inside.

"Well Pix, looks like it's going to be a good day! You on my right, and my best buddy Koggie on the left!" Her eyes seemed to stare blankly forward as she headed towards the front doors. "I'm glad you two could be with me this year! Especially you Pix! You're the best." However, there was no Pix, so as she cheerfully greeted an imaginary person with Kog'Maw walking silently at her side, people could only stare as the pair entered the building.

The bell rang. Karma elegantly stepped out of the classroom and walked down the hallway. Scanning students in the hallway, she looked for uniform infractions. A firm voice spoke up from behind her, "No infractions of any sort yet, Karma. I'm making sure of it." Karma turned and respectfully bowed her head towards the owner of the voice. It was a girl with long, brown hair and a sash denoting her status as hall monitor. Karma politely replied, "Thank you, Caitlyn. It is force of habit. Do excuse me."

"I understand." Caitlyn gave Karma a half smile, "It makes my job all the more easier."

Karma nodded her head and walked down the hallway. She easily glided through the masses of students going out and to class as she made her way to one specific locker. He was there right on time, of course. Turning the corner of one of the school's many corridors, the Prince had arrived on campus. People turned and stared at his perfection, and he smiled at all his onlookers. Karma rolled her eyes while she waited for the showboating boy to turn from his fans and regard her.

"Good morning, Karma," he said while he began dialing his combination. "How was your summer?" He slid a book out of his bag and quickly replaced it with one from inside the locker.

Karma promptly responded, "It was pleasant. Ionia always has fair weather in the summer. How was yours, Jarvan?"

"Stressful," he sighed, shaking his head. "You know how my parents are. I had to attend a summer prep school for the majority of it and whenever I wasn't in class I had baseball practice. I think I had at most ten days out of the entire two months to relax and hang out with Galio and Xin."

Karma gave Jarvan the slightest smile, replying, "I am sure it was not all that bad. At least you are now prepared for the school year." Karma shifted her posture ever so slightly, "Jarvan, I do have an ulterior motive for speaking with you. I wish to bring someone into the student council this year. A freshman."

"Well, we'll have to interview them as standard procedure, but I'm quite sure that if you're recommending them then they'll be perfectly suited for the council," Jarvan smiled, gently closing his locker as to not cause a disturbance in the halls. "Now shouldn't we be getting off to class? Don't want to be late on the first day."

Karma nodded her head, "Yes, you're absolutely right. I will see you during lunch for assembly preparations." Karma spun on her heels and made her way towards her next class. She was sure that Irelia would benefit from joining the Student Council. As she walked towards her next class, her nose twitched ever so slightly. She could smell acrid tobacco smoke trailing up a nearby staircase. She frowned, she would have wandered after him but she had her next class to attend.

Jarvan shook his head when he noticed Karma's sour expression, instantly able to tell what was bothering her. He turned on his heels and quickly headed in the opposite direction. He followed the hallway around a narrow turn, just barely knocking someone over as he rounded the corner.

"My apologies, I didn't see you there," Jarvan quickly said, checking to see if the person before him was hurt. Jarvan mentally rolled his eyes when he realized who it was he had bumped into. Shaco, the class clown, lay on the ground before him. Jarvan was particularly annoyed by Shaco's choice of attire. The clown chose to wear checkered pants and a neon shirt under his unbuttoned dress shirt and blazer. Jarvan would attempt to write him up for an infraction of the dress code but he knew it would be futile.

"Maybe if you did watch where you stepped you wouldn't have knocked my beautiful behind over," Shaco snapped back as he picked himself up.

"As I said before, my apologies. Now, kindly move for I must be on my way," Jarvan stepped to the side and out of the way of the Jester.

"Moving for the prince of the school? I could always do a disappearing act." Shaco turned and rushed down the hallway, laughing maniacally as if what Jarvan had requested was some sort of joke. "But for my next trick I'll make you disappear."

Shaco's run became a walk, and as Shaco's voice faded, Jarvan couldn't help but say to himself, "What a nuisance." Jarvan paused for a moment to remember what he'd been doing when the bell rings, and quickly dashes his way to class. Late on the first day because of the class clown. Of course.

After pulling his vanishing act and completely ignoring the bell, Shaco paced down the hallway after he was out of range of Jarvan's senses. "What to do, what to do? I could spill paint all over him! That would work miracles on his reputation," Shaco's grin widened until he realized that there was no way to get paint on campus during his passing period. "Ergh, no fun."

It was then that little idea popped inside Shaco's little mind, "Hmm there is an assembly today perhaps...curtains?" Shaco whispered to himself, "Yes, that could also work. Could give him a nice little bump on his head also. Oh I'm such a genius!" The jester rubbed his hands in evil glee upon entering his second classroom and seating himself next to Mordekaiser, paying no mind to the teacher telling him off for being late on the first day. It was odd how quiet Shaco was until a good bit into the class.

"SO! How has your morning been so far?" Shaco asked, sprawling himself onto Mordekaiser's desk while staring up at him. Mordekaiser's expression was grim at best as he looked down at the inverted jester.

"It's been good I suppose," Mordekaiser responded with a fully stoic expression. He didn't particularly like the jester, but could put up with Shaco much better than most of the students at the school. That and giving the jester a friend meant Mordekaiser was usually last on Shaco's prank list, which suited him just fine.

The jester's following frown was obviously faked. "Oh Mordekaiser, sometimes I wish I could find love in the world!" Shaco said, almost instantly switching from laying on Mordekaiser's desk to kneeling down on one knee in front of the giant. "I am jealous Mordekaiser to be horridly honest I want what you want...love! I want what you and Orianna have," Shaco's dramatization was amazing. During his act he had drawn the attention of the entire class. Even Professor Ryze had stopped teaching the class to watch Shaco's antic. "Teach me Mordekaiser! Teach me how to attract the eyes of a beautiful young woman such as Orianna! I want LOVE!" Shaco cheeks threatened to burst as his face turned bright red, and he nearly exploded into laughter at the end of his dramatization. "Oh I'm sorry Morde, I'm just pulling your leg."

Mordekaiser was nearly speechless at the end of Shaco's little show, "Shut up you fool!" Mordekaiser snarled before pinching the blabbermouth's nose, "That wasn't supposed to be a public announcement," the giant said almost apathetically.

Shaco's mouth became an open O and he spoke back with a nasally voice, unable to breathe through his nose, "I'm sorry Mordekaiser, I didn't know you didn't want anyone to know that ORIANNA IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Shaco shouted the end of it pulling himself free, obviously angering Mordekaiser. If he was a cartoon character, steam would be whistling out of his ears.

"You idiot!" Mordekaiser threw his fist forward towards Shaco's face, but simply struck air before realizing Shaco's cheek was now pressed against his own.

"You missed me," Shaco whispered before breaking out into a cackle. In pure anger, Mordekaiser stood up with enough force that his desk flipped over and he stormed out of the classroom, and as he slammed the door behind him not a single care was given. He could still hear the jester's laugh in his head long after he had left the room.

What class did Orianna have? Mordekaiser couldn't remember her schedule, it was a blur to him at the moment. The jester's laugh and jokes had buried their way into his mind, making his mind unclear. With a brisk pace, he walked through the hallways, looking for the woman he had met only last year. It had been love at first sight. Before that fateful day they had not known of each other's existence but within hours of their encounter they had become a couple.

He saw her sitting in her classroom, looking up as the teacher lectured on about whatever the subject was. He stopped, stared at Orianna from outside the classroom before continuing on his walk.

As Mordekaiser walked past the school's Home Economics class, coughing could be heard as the glass window to the classroom was suddenly blasted with white powder. A large, chitinous demonic creature from beyond the veil of normalcy walked out of the room, his Common clear and punctual amongst the cluttered yelling and chaos. Students rushed out as the creature led them to a safe-zone in an orderly manner. Inside of the room, Mordekaiser could see the shortest of this year's seniors covered in flour, with a baffled expression on her face.

"Hmm...that spell was supposed to open the bag of flour without much mess. It worked on the eggs..." Beside her was a bowl of egg yolks, whites, and several large pieces of egg shells, showing that whatever particular spell she had used obviously hadn't been as effective as she'd hoped. Dusting herself off, Lulu walked out of the classroom in an attempt to follow the other students. When she noticed that they had already disappeared, she turned her focus to Mordekaiser.

"Oh, hello there. Out of class early are we?" Lulu looked up at Mordekaiser, who towered over her tiny visage, but from his perspective she didn't really seem to be focused on him at all.

"Hmm...just taking a stroll through the school. The...clown has made himself unpleasant in my eyes at the moment," Mordekaiser waved his hands dismissively at the mention of the jester. "He's bothersome to be quite honest."

"I see..." Lulu licked her fingers of anything that had caked on them during her first day in Home Ec., before turning on her heels and walking down the hallway, almost as if she had forgotten the conversation had ever happened. The bell rang and Mordekaiser just shook his head. This school was filled with some odd characters...

Orianna stared out the window to the garden below. She had seen Mordekaiser walk past her classroom earlier and had wondered where he was headed. It wasn't an unusual thing for him to leave class during the day, but this was the first day of school. Orianna considered following him but there were only a few minutes left in the class period so she figured she'd wait and catch up to him later.

As the bell rang, Orianna quickly gathered her things and headed for the door. She had promised Shyvanna that she would meet up with her before their next class. She rushed down the hall, her floating camera ball following closely behind. When she rounded the corner and neared her locker she saw that her best friend was already there waiting for her.

"Beat you again," the redhead smiled.

"Every year," Orianna laughed. "You have to be cheating. Want to head to the library after school? I heard they added an entire new section over the summer since the school got a $5,000 grant."

Shyvanna nodded, her short hair falling over her eyes. "You have Advanced Biology next right?" As she turned around her long tail braid whipped the air behind her, nearly brushing Orianna.

"And you have Calculus AB," Orianna replied, rapidly opening her locker to retrieve a notebook before slamming it shut. "Shall we be on our way?" She snapped her fingers twice and her ball zoomed back to her from down the hall.

Shyvana looked at the hovering camera speed to Orianna and raised a curious eye-brow, "That's a nifty little device there, where'd you get it?"

Orianna turned to her new camera and her eyes got wide as she grinned, "Gift from my dad. He's on some technology tour with some other Piltover science guys. I guess it's some proto-type for something that he turned into a camera or something. I think it uses magnets and computer chips...I really only know how to work it, not how it works."

Laughing, Shyvana responded, "That sounds like you alright. I'm jealous...you should let me borrow it some time!"

"Sure, maybe after school. I'll find you before the assembly so we can sit together and I can explain a little about how it works," Orianna waved as she opened a classroom and disappeared inside.

Shyvanna wandered the hallways in attempts to remember where her classroom was. Even though she had attended this school for an entire year already, she still often got lost on its humongous campus. The only place she was able to consistently find was the library due to the amount of time she spent there. Shyvana sighed when she heard the bell rang, still unable to find her class, turned another corner, and decided to check the numbers on the classroom doors. The door directly to her left read A-13. I was close at least...She continued down the hall to find A-17, where her class was held. She opened the door and quickly apologized to Professor Viktor, explaining the situation before taking a seat in the back row. She opened a book from her bag, completely ignoring the lesson because math was never her forte.

Pantheon leaned backwards in his chair. Professor Viktor was listing in all the things they would learn over the course of the year. The muscular boy already knew how horribly he was going to fail this class and decided to give up on it before even attempting to learn anything. That's it: I'm failing. How do they expect me to do this when I barely could pass Geometry?Pantheon's mind began to drift during the teacher's introduction to the class.

His eyes found Irelia sitting not too far from him. He had never seen this girl before. She had to be a freshman for him not to recognize her. What a newbie like her was doing in a class like this was beyond him. Hmm...cutewere the words that passed through his mind as he stared at his classmate.

"Pantheon, I don't think your parents put you here to slack," The teacher broke Pantheon's trance, and he looked up at him. Viktor's accent had already buried itself into his mind and the boy could already tell that Viktor was not going to be his favorite teacher.

Pantheon merely shrugged his shoulders, "What can I say? They put me here against my will," the boy stated before turning his gaze back to Irelia.

Irelia flicked a quick glance at Pantheon, then back to the paper in front of her. She almost seemed like a doll. One could assume she was dead if she was not writing every single word Viktor wrote with erratically fast penmanship. Once Viktor was done with his explanation and had given them an assignment to work on for the remainder of the class, Irelia slipped her pair of large headphones on and nodded her head to whatever music she was listening to. She worked in utter silence.

After Viktor finished passing out their schoolwork, Pantheon slivered his way over to the cute girl's desk, lifting her headphones off. "Ooh baby. Why, aren't you one sexy lady," Pantheon said in a smooth tone; a devilish smile spread across his face. Irelia blinked her emerald eyes only once at Pantheon. She promptly placed her headphones back on her ears, turning the volume up. She bowed her head to her paper as she wrote out equation after equation, followed by messy eraser marks as she attempted to fix the mistakes she had made during Pantheon's horrific attempt to flirt with her.

Pantheon's shock was hidden by Irelia's lack of acknowledgement towards his presence. He pulled the headphones off of her head again. "I don't think you know who I am so I'm going to introduce myself," Pantheon stated before sitting down next to the girl, "I'm Pantheon. You've probably heard about me since I am kind of a big deal around here."

Irelia blinked once more at Pantheon. Affixing her headphones back in place she went back to ignoring the rude boy. She went back to scribbling out the answers to their assigned work. Pantheon was becoming impatient with the girl. No one had ever ignored him so successfully. The muscular boy tugged the headphones off of Irelia's head, letting them drop to the floor. "Alright girly, you're beginning to piss me off. You will answer me when I talk to you, you got that?" Pantheon was about to turn red with anger until he heard Viktor's voice.

"Pantheon, sit down. Do your work and leave Miss Irelia alone," Viktor commanded. Pantheon shot a sour look towards the professor and began to walk back to his seat. He plopped into his chair and started to scribble on his paper. Irelia leaned over and grabbed her fallen headphones. She yet again, placed them around her ears and ignored Pantheon's actions and words. The girl seemed enraptured in her work with little care for anything else. In the margin of every page she wrote in there were detailed sketches of sword swings, arcs, calculated trajectories with little stick figures and her own assortment of personal notes associated with each of these strikes.

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hi im haru

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In the desk diagonal to hers, Malzahar had assumed a similar position, hunched over his desk and scribbling frantically on his paper. If someone had thought to glance at his work at that moment, they would have found a neat line of perfect equations across the top of the page. Immediately following those were rows of numbers that lacked the perfection of the first. The next section saw the numbers completely lose their forms, degenerating into a series of complicated, abstract figures. The figures took on recognizable shapes further down the page; bizarre creatures with wide, inhuman eyes stared back at the boy as he continued to sketch.

The bell rang, and Malzahar jumped as his concentration was unexpectedly broken. Around him, the students began to rise and leave the room. He remained in his chair, a look of bewilderment on his face. As if being woken from a dream, he glanced down at his paper with fearful eyes.

"Malzahar," called Viktor from the front of the room, causing the boy to jump in surprise once again.

"Uhh...Sir?" he asked with concern, his hand unconsciously closing over his paper, crumpling it.

"Come here, please."

Malzahar complied, still feeling uncomfortable. When he reached the Professor's desk, then man held out a hand and motioned for his paper. After a second of hesitation, the boy handed it over.

"I see," was all Viktor said as he examined the contents, his face pleased at the equations. But the further down he got, the more displeased he appeared. Malzahar did not look at him.

"Are you enrolled in an art class this semester?" Vitkor gazed at the somewhat disturbing images, and would have admired them had they not been doing during his class time.

The question caught Malzahar off-guard, and he shook his head no.

"Hmm," mused Viktor as he handed the paper back to his student. "I urge you to consider one, if only to release these impulses before my class." The last words were spoken with firm emphasis, and Malzahar dropped his gaze, embarrassed. He figured that perhaps he should apologize, but the words would not come. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Viktor sighed and handed him a clean worksheet.

"Do the assignment at home. Properly this time." Malzahar took the paper with a shaking hand and nodded before turning towards the door and leaving, his eyes glued to his shoes the entire time.

As the halls once again filled with the rush of students, the sound of lockers opening and closing drowned out most conversation. In order to speak to anybody in the cramped hallways, one practically had to yell. As she stepped through the halls silently, expecting to be singled out, LeBlanc looked around her. Her classmates paid no mind to her presence, and so she moved like a wraith among her peers. It was not unusual for her, it had simply become a fact of life that people did not understand her. She was different than most in the school, and for that reason it was so easy to single her out. Each day, she would suffer the insults from the other girls in her class and the males alike. She stepped into her next class and saw the form of Kassadin standing directly in front of the chalk board. She had always found his History classes to be interesting, since classes were very rarely dry lectures about main events, but were instead first hand accounts of what had taken place. Where other teachers used textbooks and curriculums, Kassadin pushed the boundaries of teaching and instead left his students to learn for themselves. He would offer them the basic information and would leave them to solve the rest, as though history was a mystery.

She sat down in her desk as another student passed through the doorway. The student did not look familiar to LeBlanc in the very least, and it was uncommon for her to not recognize a face. Her hair was a soft blue color and it flowed elegantly over her shoulders and down her back. She wore the school's full uniform and as LeBlanc looked on, she found her eyes fixated on the girl before her. Having attended League High for 2 years already, she had begun to believe that she knew everyone at the school. She watched the girl intently as she entered the room and, with a variety of speedy hand motions, which LeBlanc could only assume was sign language, began to speak with Kassadin. Her body had a visible shake to it, and in the entire time that LeBlanc observed she never once opened her mouth. As the girl walked away slowly, she took her place standing next to the large podium that stood at the front of the room.

"Before we begin today's lesson I have been asked by the school board to introduce a new student among us. I would like you all to meet Sona." Kassadin's voice was kind and welcoming.

"Just how old is this chick? This is a class for upperclassmen, and she looks like nothing more than a runt," a sneer came from the back of the classroom as a group of young men in leather jackets sat together laughing loudly.

"Fortunately this school places some students according to intelligence, not age. Be that as it may, it confuses me as to why someone like yourself is in this class." Kassadin paused momentarily to give the individual's in the jacket's a chance to realize what he'd just said, and then whispered into Sona's ear. She nodded her head lightly and Kassadin continued, "Anyways...at least you caught onto one thing; Sona is not the same age as any of you. Due to her incredibly high test scores upon taking the mandatory entrance exams to this school, it was decided that instead of putting her into the Freshman class that she would be placed into the Junior class."

Her fellow students looked on in amazement at the prodigy that stood before them. LeBlanc smiled lightly as she continued to stare at the girl in front of her. She found herself following her soft blue hair as it fell down her back. There was a loud crash from the hallway that snapped her out of it, and as the rest of the class stood to look through the window LeBlanc stayed seated, unconcerned with whatever was taking place.

Rumble sat in a daze as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. All he did was open his locker, when a sudden series of explosions spooked him, and he stumbled back hitting his head against the lockers on the opposite side of the hall. The boy slowly got to his feet and upon closer examination of the locker, he found a note next to scraps of firecrackers. "Welcome to the school. -Shaco." Rumble could already tell this year was going to be a long one.

Rumble wasn't new to being bullied. Throughout his schooling at least one person found enjoyment in his torment every year. Why should this school be any different?He thought, gathering anything that didn't hold a scorch mark on it. He decided he would clean out the ash at a later date and began walking to the Library, the only place he knew how to get to. Being a last minute transfer to the school he didn't have a full day of classes set up yet, so he'd spend this free period in a safe place where he could work.

Upon entering the library he met the distant stare of Nasus, the school's librarian. The wise being walked towards him with a questioning glare. "Why aren't you in class?" Rumble rolled his eyes slightly as he explained his situation, a situation which he had to explain to every teacher he ran across. Once finished Rumble sat down and grabbed a gadget from his bag. Ever since he could remember he was always fascinated by robotics and technology. The little boy grabbed a screwdriver out of his bag and began tinkering with what would soon be a tape recorder. After a seemingly endless amount of modifications, the recorder finally took shape. Just in time too, as the bell rang. Gathering his things, he quickly walked out the door.

As Rumble walked to his next class, a huge arm shoved him into the wall. "Why hello Rumble. I haven't seen you in a few years. How have you been?" Pantheon asked, his body towering over the short little boy. The bully grabbed Rumble's bag and spilled its contents on the floor. "Hmmm...useless junk," Pantheon stated as he stepped on the tape recorded Rumble had just been working on. The loud cracks could barely be heard among the noise of the students transferring classes.

Rumble couldn't believe his luck. Out of all the schools, he had to transfer to the one Pantheon was at. Pantheon was one of the people who enjoyed seeing him struggle, and he would constantly bully him even outside of school. Rumble began picking up his notebooks, which Pantheon had knocked out of his hands.

"That's enough Pantheon." said a voice just loud enough to be heard over the other students. A small section of the crowd split to make way for the owner of the voice, and Pantheon turned around to see a well built older teen standing in the gap. Very few people towered over Pantheon, and this person was one of them. He wore the signature school uniform, though his tie was loosened. Most people didn't challenge Pantheon this openly, so he was intrigued if this kid had the bite to cover his bark.

Pantheon's hoody slowly turned around to see who had commanded him to stop. He instinctively flexed his biceps as a precaution. "And just who might you be?" Pantheon asked as he stared daggers towards the tall man. Probably just some 'white knight' who can't do much with his fists Pantheon thought.

"The name's Jax, and you should learn it well. I've seen a few people just like you, and let's just say it in all my years here, it didn't end well for them." Jax stared down at the hooded bully. He began sizing him up, just in case a brawl broke out. Pantheon looked like he could carry his own weight with ease, but his ego was certainly over inflated enough to be a hindrance. Jax concluded in his mind if it came to blows, he would easily beat this reckless youth.

Pantheon grunted in dissatisfaction at the intruding of his 'session' with Rumble. "Whatever. If you want to waste your time to protecting this little runt then so be it," Pantheon spat before walking away from Rumble and Jax.

Rumble watched as his tormentor walked away. He turned to thank the mysterious savior, but Jax disappeared into the sea of students as the gap that had opened just moments ago turned back into a rush hour of students getting to class. Rumble turned his attention back to his stuff. His newly built tape recorder sat in pieces across the hallway. Sighing, he thought, I'll make another one after school, trying to be optimistic. After picking his things up again he stuffed them into his bag and hurried to his next class.

Kog'Maw sat silently in his fifth period class, making no communication with anyone. He was waiting patiently for the class to end so he could spend the lunch period alongside Lulu, the only person who didn't seem to mind his social disorder. He smiled as he thought about the time they spent together when a hand waved a paper frantically at him. Looking up at Caitlyn, who was turned around in her desk passing back the assignment that had been given to them, he quickly pulled the stack away, set down one for himself, and basically threw the stack at the person behind him before changing his focus to this new sheet of paper that had been set before him.

Frowning at the assignment, which was just a review paper over last year's Biology class. His newest science teacher Nidalee, who all of the other guys seemed to gawk at, was making sure that they had covered all of the required material from last year before she started to move them forward this year. This being an advanced class however, Kog'Maw couldn't help but feel this assignment was a waste of time.

"HEY! Watch where you're throwing your papers spit face!" Shaco growled as he picked up the papers Kog'Maw had dropped. "No good, dirty, watery little monster," Shaco mumbled before grabbing his papers and throwing the rest of the papers behind him just as Kog'Maw had done.

Kog'Maw's hands shot down past his waist past his seat and his fingers started to spaz as the insults came at him, and unable to figure out a way to respond, he thought of how if he behaved and avoided conflict, then as soon as class was over he would be with Lulu, partaking in whatever creation she had made in her Home Economics class. His fingers slower calmed themselves and his arms brought themselves back up to the desk to begin his assignment.

The jester noticed the spasms in Kog'Maw's hands. They had started after he had insulted the poor boy. An evil grin opened up on his face as he began to compile a list of insults that could potentially upset Kog'Maw. He placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and patted it. "Hey hey, no hard feelings there spitwad," Shaco commented before smiling at his own joke. The jester took his hand off of Kog'Maw before leaning back on his chair, placing his hands behind his head and resting his feet on Kog'Maw's shoulder. "Don't mind me."

Kog'Maw's body froze up and he started to squeeze his pencil tightly as he felt Shaco's hand on his shoulder, and he started to shake unsure of how to react to being touched by someone he had already decided he wasn't particularly fond of. He relaxed briefly as Shaco's hand left his shoulder, but his whole body felt like it was going to crush itself when Shaco's feet found their way onto his shoulder. "S...ST...STOP" Kog'Maw stuttered the words as his pencil snapped in his hand and turned to Shaco with his eye twitching, breathing heavily and looking slightly crazed.

Shaco's eyes became wide with shock when Kog'Maw finally spoke before his grin widened, "Holy void, it speaks! I think we should kill it with fire before it tries to eat me," Shaco's laughed echoed loudly, stopping Nidalee mid lecture. The rest of the class turned to look at the scene unfolding and many eyes fell upon Kog'Maw and Shaco.

"Shaco!" Nidalee set down the piece of chalk she'd been writing with and walked over to the pair looking between the fuming Kog'Maw and the laughing Shaco. "For your information, Kog'Maw is very intelligent, but has a social disorder. If he doesn't want to talk, you shouldn't harass him." She turned her attention to Kog'Maw and put a hand on his back rubbing it trying to calm him down. "And you...I know he can be a bit annoying at times, but this isn't how you should react."

"Oh what a party pooper," Shaco murmured after Nidalee had gone back up to her chalk board.

A girl sat in the corner, silently watching the action in the classroom with a bored expression. Her amber eyes glazed over as she wished she was somewhere else, away from this commotion. She turned to the window, her white bangs just barely scraping her vision. Why was she even here? Why was she forced to be here? She sighed heavily.

Shaco's eyes fell upon the 'albino' girl. Why was she unfamiliar to him? His eyes measured her up as he tried to recognize her. She had not been here before was his eventual conclusion. The girl was quiet and bored. Perhaps she could be a good target for his jokes, but then at the same time, he never really liked to mess with quiet people. They tended to be more...explosive. Even so, Shaco couldn't resist picking on the fresh meat. So he crumpled his paper and tossed it at the girl before turning his head towards the board in an attempt to hide his action.

Riven's gaze left the window after feeling the paper hit her right arm. However, she didn't spot who threw it at her. Instead, she calculated in her mind where the ball had hit her and which direction it would have come from. Her best guess was the scrawny kid who acted like the class clown. She glared at him for a moment, noticing he was probably ignoring her on purpose. As he continued to stare ahead, she lost interest and turned back to the window.

Annoyed by the girl's lack of a lasting response, Shaco lifted his pencil from his table and tossed it over to her. He threw it directly at her face and snickered when it struck. He turned forward again after hitting her with the pencil.

Riven flinched largely as the pencil hit her cheek. Luckily, it was the eraser end, and it bounced harmlessly to the floor. She reached down and picked it up, fuming. She snapped it in half in her clenched fist and looked directly at Shaco. The boy who she'd assumed threw the paper wad had coincidentally misplaced the pencil that had been on his desk only a second beforehand. Ignoring any classroom etiquette, she got up, walked over to the boy's desk and slammed the remnants of the pencil down in front of him. "Do you have a problem with me?" She spat viciously.

Shaco's eyes opened wide as he cocked his head to the side. He turned to his right and then his left before looking up at the girl. "Who? Me? I ain't doin' nothin!" Shaco barked in a southern accent. "By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how do you have my pencil?" Shaco asked in mocking confusion.

'He never knows when to quit' LeBlanc sat quietly in the back of the room, her eyes completely closed, but her ears catching all the sound in the room. Although she was not concerned with the matters unfolding in the classroom she couldn't help but turn her ear to the words being spoken. She heard the other females voice, but she did not recognize it. She sat up slightly and opened one of her eyes slightly to catch a glimpse of who it might be. As she looked forward she found the young woman standing over Shaco's desk with an infuriated look on her face. She closed her eye again as she saw Nidalee set down the piece of chalk, and moving towards Shaco a second time.

Just as Nidalee had reached Shaco's seat the loud tone of the bell could be heard clearly, and before she could say even a single word Shaco darted out of his seat laughing loudly as he ran. Nidalee stood motionless with Riven directly in front of her. As she began to open her mouth to speak Riven turned from the shoulder with a displeased look, and walked away before Nidalee could get out a word, exiting silently. Nidalee watched the girl walk away noting how silent the girl was before she returned to her desk frowning. First day of school, and I can tell that I'm going to love this class...She sighed to herself and began writing the next day's assignment.

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In the halls there were rushes of students throwing books in their lockers and slamming them loudly. Others stood in small groups speaking with one another about the events of their summer vacations. With the first 5 class periods over all of the students eventually made their way to the cafeteria. The room was filled with noise with nearly every single student having something to talk about. LeBlanc, on the other hand, sat alone at a small table in the corner of the large room, her eyes closed, but her ears once again listening intently. She'd always been the way she was. Shunned by her classmates for being different she simply sat and listened. Although she was not part of any social group in the school she still knew all of the gossip no matter how useless it was to her. She sat up and opened her eyes as Sona began to enter the cafeteria. As she watched Sona move slowly down the line of buffet like tables she noted the elegance with which she walked. She found herself once again lost in the intricate curves of the girl's body and the shimmer of her blue hair.

Sona was unsure of how well she would fare at League High. She'd been homeschooled for all of her life up till now, and she was not used to having so many people around. She looked at the food in front of her but her appetite was gone. She set the small metal tray back where she had gotten it and walked slowly towards the table with the fewest people at it. She looked towards the corner and noticed a girl that she had recognized from an earlier class period. As she began to make her way towards the table she felt her body begin to shake nervously not knowing how she would be treated by the girl. As she approached the table she waved softly at the girl sitting alone, but the girl did not wave back. Instead she simply closed her eyes once more and leaned back against the wall. Sona stopped mid step and bit her lip. Her first attempt at socializing had just ended in disaster, and she thought about looking for another table, but as she began to turn the girl opened one eye, sat up once more, and motioned for her to take a seat.

She was unaware of the reason why Sona had chosen this table to sit at. She felt sorry for the girl for having chosen it. Sitting here would only seal her fate as an outcast and she too would be shunned by the other students of the school. As Sona came ever closer to the table LeBlanc stood up silently and pulled a chair out for her. Sona sat down softly as LeBlanc looked at her. Under the female's gaze she began to feel the ever present nervousness creep further through her body and turned away, not wanting to be stared at. LeBlanc smiled softly at the other girl and closed her eyes once more, resuming her previous position leaning back against the wall. The two sat in silence, neither eating, nor socializing, while the rest of the students began to sit at the tables with plates full of food.

Lulu walked out of the restrooms closest to the Cafeteria having to clean herself off from her flour incident earlier. She'd spent so much time getting the dust off of her clothes that she had missed two whole periods. Luckily her fifth period before lunch was a free period, so she didn't miss to much. "Time flies when you're having fun!" She patted the remainder of the flour from her witch hat and placed it pointing straight up on top of her head. It remained straight until she took her first step, where the tip flattened and fell to the left. She turned away from the cafeteria and headed towards her locker, which had ended up in the back of the school building this year. A few of the Seniors had to have their lockers moved due to an unexpected number of transfer students whom the school had to make room for at the last second. A few of the other upperclassmen grumbled and complained at the thought of being placed in the forlorn location, but Lulu didn't seem to care.

"I have you to protect me Pix!" She giggled to herself as she walked past another individual in the back of the school she hadn't yet noticed.

Katarina leaned against the brick wall, clutching a cigarette in her left hand, deep in thought. It was fairly well known throughout the school that this particular hallway was her turf, mostly due to the simple fact that none of the faculty ever came back here, meaning she was free to do what she wanted, when she wanted. Most of the fluorescent lights had long since burned out, and a thin layer of garbage covered the tiled floor. The environment didn't exactly lend itself to visitors, which is why the girl was surprised to hear a voice in the nearby hall. She gave whoever it was a moment to realize that they were lost, but the voice continued to grow closer, which struck her as odd. Not only was there an unexpected visitor on her territory, but whoever they were, they seemed to be talking to themselves, as she could only hear one set of footsteps.

"Whoever you are, I'd advise you to turn back. Now," she growled dangerously, taking a drag from her cigarette.

"Why would I turn back, silly?" Lulu turned to the side talking to the open air, when the light of a cigarette burn caught her attention. "Oh, hello there..." She leaned in closer and closer trying to see who was talking to her, until the folded tip of her hat was in front of their nose. "Can you take another puff, it's too dark to see your face."

Katarina sneered at the girl as she passed into the hallway, able to see her face perfectly, as her eyes had already adjusted to the hall's darkness. Slowly, she reached into her pocket, fishing around for her lighter. With a 'click,' the flame lit up the area surrounding her face, casting shadows that gave her a menacing look. With her other hand, she lowered the cigarette. "Coulda sworn I just told you to scram."

Lulu frowned as she could see the outline of the face and scooted back a few feet. She cocked her head to the side still unable to get a clear picture and rubbed her eyes blinking, wondering if she still needed to adjust to the dark. She sighed, "You sound like you're grumpy. I have some squirrel shaped cookies in my locker! I know they make me cheer up when I'm a grumpy gus!" She jumped up in joy, thinking about the perfect treats she had made herself and spun around running to her locker. "Come on Pix! Let's get them! Zoom Zoom!"

Katarina raised an eyebrow at the girl's retreating form. After a moment of confusion, she took the last drag of her cigarette and tossed it aside starting her annual pile of cigarettes. "What the **** is a 'pix?'" she muttered to no one in particular, pulling out her cellphone to glance at the time. Lunch was just starting, and despite her aversion to squirrel shaped cookies, she was feeling hungry. With a flick of her left foot, she brushed aside the previous year's pile of cigarette butts and admired her work over the years. "Here's to one more year in this hellhole."

Spinning her locker combination wildly Lulu pulled out a small metal container with fairies covering the visible portions, and a tall wooden staff that was rounded at the top. She used the staff to slam the locker shut before rushing back over to the individual who had made the hall smell of smoke. "I have blue squirrels, and purple squirrels...even pink squirrels! Take your pick!" Lulu opened her container revealing a variety of cookies, decorated and iced to give the appearance of squirrels, and raised it to her new friend. "Just be quick, or they might scurry away!" Lulu giggled to herself as her eyes seemed to follow after an imaginary squirrel running through the halls.

Having frozen in her tracks, Katarina glared down at the small girl brandishing her cookie tin. Had her earlier warning not been clear enough? "Look...are you stupid, or something?" she asked bluntly, glancing around to see if anyone else was witnessing this idiot. "I don't want your **** cookies." She punctuated her words with a shove and continued walking.

Lulu frowned as she stumbled back from the shove, having to adjust her hat to keep it from falling off her head. She set down the staff in her other hand, made sure her hat was perfect, and then raised it again, "Grumpy Gus needs a cookie!" With a quick swing of her arm she bonked Katarina on the back of the head with the curved top of the staff. "Now take a cookie or I'll turn Grumpy Gussy into Surly Squirrely!"

Katarina was not known for having morals, but she did have one general rule: she did not attack anyone smaller than her unless they struck her first. When she felt the 'thunk' on the back of her head, she turned around and grabbed the tiny girl, pinning her against the nearest locker. She held her face inches away from hers, her eyes flashing angrily. "Wrong move." She tightened her grip on the other girl's throat, not enough to cause any real damage, but enough to make breathing a rather uncomfortable task.

Taking light breathes Lulu dropped her cookie tin and a few of them spilled out. "Pix...help...me!" Lulu's eyes seemed to be going past Katarina's shoulder, and for a brief moment Katarina thought the small girl may not have been alone after all, and looked behind her without releasing her grip. Lulu wiggled low enough in her hand and took a bite of her captor's fingers. Katarina was caught off guard and dropped Lulu to the floor, when Lulu grabbed her tin and jabbed Katarina in the gut with her staff. "Transmogulate!" Unexpectedly losing her breath from the cheap shot to her gut, Katarina leaned against the locker to catch her breath as the tiny girl ran away holding her hat atop her head. "Vroom Vroom! Bye-bye Surly Squirrely!" Lulu turned a corner and disappeared, presumably headed to the lunch room.

Katarina glared after her, breathing heavily. She hadn't taken that **** staff into account. Still, no one had seen that little...incident. "You little freak!" she spat just before Lulu had gotten out of earshot. The girl's half-second of hesitation was the only indication that she had heard, before she dissolved into giggles. The sound only fueled Katarina's anger. She would get revenge on the little runt. It took a measure of self-control not to chase her down this instant, but Katarina wasn't in the mood for inciting a cafeteria brawl. Again. It was only the first day, after all. There was always next week.

Her appetite suddenly lost, she pushed herself off of the lockers and followed the hall down to the old emergency exit door - the only one that didn't set off an alarm when opened - and stomped outside.

Lulu turned around to see that her spell must have worked, because nobody that infuriated would simply walk away, unless they had suddenly become a harmless squirrel. Smiling to herself she stopped running and took a few minutes to take in some breathes, before looking around the cafeteria for Kog'maw, already having missed half of lunch.

On the other half of the Cafeteria, Kog'Maw was sitting nervously twiddling his thumbs looking for Lulu. She'd promised to bring in some of his favorite cookies, even if they were shaped like squirrels, for them to share at lunch today, but she was nowhere to be seen. He frowned but didn't give up hope, still turning his head at every passerby hoping to spot her. Lulu had instead headed down the halls to head outside into the school courtyard to look for squirrels.

Karma saw the line at the cafeteria. She could see how long it stretched, and she sighed, really not in the mood to stand there when she had more important things on her mind. She forgot to make lunch though, and she knew better than not to eat. Karma shifted her gaze to her right to see Irelia inexplicably standing next to her with a tray. The tray held two bowls of rice as well as two salads. The short girl timidly spoke, "H-hi Karma." Irelia smiled at her friend. Karma smiled back, "Hello Irelia. I did not expect you to be here so soon."

Irelia's smile did not peter but her voice strengthened, "I made sure I was early. I got through the line quickly and got you some rice." Irelia motioned to a nearby table, "If you want, we can sit together and talk for a bit and maybe...catch up?"

Karma sighed, "I only have time to eat before I have to prepare for the assembly.. I want to introduce you to Jarvan so you can make a good impression for the student council, and then I have to go set up…"

Irelia became visibly downcast for a moment before perking back up, "It's alright. I understand."

They sat at the table Irelia had motioned to and took their respective bowls. Karma was about to start eating when Irelia reached into her bag and drew out a glass Tupperware container that appeared to contain chicken in some sort of sauce to go with the rice. Irelia offered some to Karma. Karma started to reach for it when she stopped, quickly questioning, "Did Zelos make this, or did…?"

"I made it." Irelia squeaked out.

Karma's eyes grew wide with terror as she realized the true identity of the sauce. She politely declined, "No thanks...I think I will be fine with just the rice."

Irelia nodded and slowly opened it. An insanely spicy smell instantly hit their nostrils. It smelt like death incarnate. Irelia drew out a few pieces and mixed it into her rice, promptly gulping it down at inhuman speed. Before Karma could even fathom to start eating, Irelia was already done her portion and reaching for the salad. Karma frowned, "Irelia, you should not eat so fast. It is not polite or healthy to do so." Irelia visibly stiffened and bowed her head apologetically, "Sorry, Karma!" Irelia mumbled out with food in her cheeks before smacking both hands over her mouth and swallowed any food still remained. "Sorry...again."

Karma smirked and nodded her head in approval. Karma delicately ate her food and gathered her cutlery and bowls onto it the moment she was done. Irelia was already on her feet and shifting back and forth, wanting to get going. Karma gave Irelia a stern stare, waiting for the girl to realize she had forgotten her tray, used utensils and dirtied plates. Irelia quickly realized and gathered them, making Karma smile once more. Once they placed their respective trays away Karma began to lead Irelia to Jarvan.

Rumble, getting lost on the way to the cafeteria, was the last student to enter. He luckily brought his own lunch, so the only thing left to do was to find a place to sit. The small boy looked around, seeing that most of the tables were full. The only table left was one in the far corner, at which two unfamiliar girls sat at. Remembering his luck, Rumble sighed as he walked to the vacant seat. As he neared, one of the two girls looked in his direction. She had long, flowing blue hair, and Rumble could tell from her posture that she felt uncomfortable. Sitting down, neither of the two talked. Sighing again, Rumble turned his attention to his food. He noticed the blue haired girl looking at him out of the corner of his eye, but everytime direct eye contact was made, she quickly turned away.

Throwing caution into the wind, Rumble threw a quiet hello towards either of the two. The girl leaning against the wall opened her eyes for a second, before closing them again. The blue haired girl stuck her hand out before nervously wondering if the greeting was too formal, so she snapped it away from Rumble, who gave her a confused look. Quickly trying to fix the situation she gave him a small wave before signing in hopes he spoke sign language.

The girl put two fingers to her mouth, then began moving her hands rapidly in front of her. At first, Rumble didn't know what to make of it. Then, he recognized exactly what she was doing. "Oh." He muttered softly. Rumble tried to remember what he had read about the subject. He then began moving his hands in a similar fashion. [Hello.] Rumble said with his hands.
[You know sign language?] Sona motioned in front of her. The boy then moved his hands, answering her question. [I read it long time ago. Sorry if I mess up few words.]

[Don't worry, it's just nice to have someone to talk to. What's your name?] The boy placed his hand to his mouth, attempting to think, then spells out his name. Sona went over each letter in her head as he formed them. [R-u-m-b-l-e, that's a nice name.] Sona began spelling out her own name.

[Nice to kick you, Sona.] Sona convulsed in silent laughter. Rumble looked at her confused, but smiled as she returned the gesture. Sona and Rumble began talking to each other in silence as the rest of the lunchroom bustled with noise.

Jarvan smiled when he noticed Karma approaching his table. "Good afternoon Karma, enjoying your classes so far?"

Karma waved at Jarvan, "Yes Jarvan. Thank you for asking. I assume you have been as well, or else you would not be in such a cheery mood." Irelia trailed behind Karma, peeking out from behind her. Karma stepped to the side, "Jarvan, I would like you to meet Irelia. She is the one who I wish to join the Student Council." Irelia gave Jarvan a very quick bow, "Hello, sir."

"No need for such formalities, please. Just call me Jarvan," he laughed, reaching his arm out for her to shake. "And it's nice to meet you. Any friend of Karma's is a friend of mine."

Irelia slowly reached out and took Jarvan's hand. Despite her small size, she had a surprisingly firm handshake. "Thank you, s...Jarvan." Irelia promptly released his hand and relaxed her posture ever so slightly. Karma smiled, glad that Irelia had made a proper impression. She regarded Jarvan, "Do you have your speech lined up? Is there any more work that needs to be done for the assembly?"

"I have a copy of my speech in my locker. I'll be making a quick trip there before I head off to the auditorium," Jarvan rested his head on his hand as he began to think of anything that might still need to be checked up on. "Other than that I think everything is set. I'll be seeing you guys. Once your sixth period classes are over, head over to the assembly." He smiled and got up from his seat, grabbing his tray and dropping it off at the trash can to his right just as the bell rang.

Karma gave Jarvan a polite bow and walked away with Irelia at her side. She looked at Irelia, beaming a smile at her, "That went well." Irelia smiled back at Karma. Suddenly Karma moved towards a different exit, making Irelia's demeanor shift back to its doll-like status. It was time for their next class and for them to part ways.

As she walked silently from the cafeteria to her next class LeBlanc was deep in thought. She'd never imagined that the girl was actually incapable of speaking, rather she had assumed that she was simply shy. With her head in a haze she walked aimlessly through the halls, with nothing more than the soft delicate flow of Sona's blue hair on her mind. The bell rang and abruptly pulled her out of her trance. She looked around realizing she'd missed her classroom completely and promptly turned around. As she hurried down the hallway she thought of how she would possibly explain this to her next teacher. As she silently opened the door she stepped inside. Viktor simply nodded his head at the girl not concerned with her tardiness. In her entire time in the school she'd never gotten even a single B in any of her classes, and so the teachers were often times lenient towards any of her tardiness. She sat silently at a seat in the back and leaned back, assuming her most natural position in any class. She closed her eyes and began listening to Viktor.

"Due to an assembly that will be taking place this hour I will not bother beginning any sort of teaching but will simply outline the main subjects of this class." Viktor started, "Now on each of your desks you'll find a syllabus with the general curriculum outlined. I'd invite each of you to look it over briefly."

The room turned silent once more, the only sound papers shuffling. LeBlanc opened her eyes and picked up the sheet of paper that lay in front of her. At the top it read "Advanced Physics II" and following were multiple bullet points outlining the key subjects to be covered over the course of the year. Quantum Physics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics. As the list trailed on LeBlanc found herself bored by the course work that would be involved, as she looked over the list she failed to see a single point that she would struggle in, but as she made her way further down the page she stumbled across something that did not look familiar in the least. The bullet point simply said "The Akashic Field" as LeBlanc read over the small synapse of the unit she smiled. 'Sounds interesting enough' Viktor noticed her smiling and stepped in her direction, kneeling softly beside her seat.

"Find something that interests you?" he spoke the words softly trying to see if she was paying attention.

"Nothing at all." LeBlanc's response was cold and harsh demonstrating her desire to be left alone.

Viktor stood quickly and walked back to the front of the room and began addressing the entire class once more.

"Now that you all have an idea of the material that will be covered over the course of the year I welcome you to ask any questions that you may have now. Be warned that this class is not for people of average intelligence, the material to be covered is very complex, if you find yourself wishing to switch class remember that you have till the end of the day tomorrow to do so. I'd hope that none of you will do so, but the decision is left to you."

Looking around LeBlanc found a couple of faces that she knew she would not see the following day. She did notice that Rumble was sitting in the corner of class though. She wondered how the sophomore got into the class, but she figured it was some transfer error and he would be gone the next day. She smirked at her silent superiority. Weak mindedthe only thought that crossed through her head before the loud tone of the intercom system pierced the silence of the room.

"Welcome students of Valoran's renowned League High!"Principal Kayle's voice boomed out through the school and out of the front doors, which had remained open for any and all late comers. The first day of school being more relaxed about attendance, however the rest of the year wouldn't be so lax. "First I'd like to welcome our new Freshman students, and would like to explain some school rules now that you've all woken up during lunch.

First, we are a private academy, and as such behavior is expected to be perfect. Students will sit quietly in class, answer questions when asked, and complete all assignments. Outside of school, students shall keep proper attitudes when interacting with others, and be role models to anyone they come across. Finally, the student dress code is to be followed to the smallest detail. Uniforms are to be worn at all times on campus and are to remain in perfect condition at all times. For the boys: Tan slacks with a white dress shirt, a blue jacket or blazer, and a red tie. For the girls: blue skirts or shorts, a white dress shirt with a blue jacket or tan sweater, and a red ribbon. Girls especially should avoid anything revealing or too short. If your apparel is decidedly inappropriate, you will either be given a spare uniform or sent home to change, being marked for any classes you miss during your absence.

Now, I believe that's all I have to cover for now. In a few minutes you will be dismissed by grade starting with the freshman, and head down the halls to the auditorium for a school assembly where any questions that were not answered will be. Let's have a good day, and an ever better year."

The bell rings for the first time as students begin to file towards the auditorium.

A tall, slim girl walked into the school just as the bell rings. To anyone who upheld the school's dress code, she was a uniform nightmare. She wore a skirt that was only half the length of the school's dress code. Her shirt was halfway unbuttoned down the center, showing just enough to turn heads, but not too revealing. Black hair flowed down across her back with a bell tying the hair in a low ponytail. A set of cat ears adorned her head while a pin-on tail poked out of her back.

Ahri swore under her breath when she realized just how close she had cut it. She was hoping to find some early gossip before the assembly. Being the self proclaimed 'Gossip Queen' of the school, she made it her job to find out every little bit of information she could about the other students. People began filtering out of every classroom as groups formed up to head to the school's stage. Ahri caught a glimpse of Shaco as he snuck his way through the crowd. She was often in cahoots with Shaco on a lot of his high jinks, so she could tell that he was heading towards his next prank.

Weaving through the crowd of students with an almost inhuman grace, she followed Shaco to a small hallway. At the end of the hallway sat the school's janitor, Yorick, guarding the backstage door. Shaco paced just around the corner, probably concocting a way of getting the big lump to leave. He was too deep in thought to notice Ahri walking up. "Need to get backstage?" Ahri asked, making Shaco jump slightly.

Shaco's mouth opened into a grin upon seeing Ahri, with surprise on his face at the perfect timing of her arrival. "Hmmm...I guess I could use a distraction. I don't want to kill the surprise, but I need to get backstage for a certain...joke," Shaco placed his hand on Ahri's shoulder. "Get him away from the door if you could please?" Shaco's eyes widened into large circles, giving him a look of pleading. Of course it was all fake. Shaco never pleaded for anything.

"I'll see what I can do." Shaco's puppy-dog eyes always got to her, regardless if they were fake or not. Ahri pondered for a second until an answer came to mind. "One sec, you may want to hide yourself, he will be coming this way." Ahri walked away towards the girl's bathroom. Once inside, she grabbed out her powder cover up from her purse. "A little cover can do wonders." She whispered just before she blew the powder all over the sinks. Satisfied that it was a formidable mess, she casually walked out and headed for Yorick.

"You're not supposed to be back here." Grunted the old man.

"I know, but I just wanted to tell you someone spilt a powdery mess in the girl's bathroom." Yorick paused considering that he'd had to leave his post unguarded. Even so, the scheme seemed to work as he left his post. He motioned for Ahri to follow him as he hobbled down the hallway towards the bathroom. There you go Shaco. She thought in her head. Just make it funny, okay?

Shaco emerged from his hiding place and silently snuck into the backstage. It was almost too easy to climb up to the catwalk on top of the stage.

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hi im haru

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Talon's silent eyes watched the jester's movements as he crossed through the door into the backstage. As the figure walked off silently he thought about the business of his own he had to attend to. That clown better not mess up what I have planned.He walked slowly to the hallway just outside the auditorium and stood next to the wall. If it was the way it had always been his man would show up late, and that would be his chance. He stood for minutes that seemed like hours as his patience wore thin. He remembered the words that he'd been told and scoffed at them now 'Patience is a virtue'. 'Patience is for those too weak to confront danger head on' his thoughts portrayed his own anger. As he waited silently he watched each direction diligently but his target never appeared. He heard the talking of the assembly begin and smiled slightly. 'Wouldn't go too far with your little assembly, it's about to be interrupted' he laughed slightly as the figure of his target came creeping down the hallway.

"Always cursed to walk in the shadows of a prince. How does it feel to know that you're meaningless Xin Zhao?" his words cut like razors as the other boy approached him slowly.

As their eyes made contact there was no sound. The auditorium held silent as if anticipating what was to come. Xin's eyes were ice cold and piercing, searching for any sign of doubt in his opponent's eyes, but there was none to be seen. As the other boy stood leaned against the wall he looked back with eyes just as cold, but they did not search for weakness. He sized Xin up seeing that his opponent was larger, but it made no difference, he looked at what the other was wearing, searching for anything he could use to take an advantage. He saw that Xin had his bag hung loosely around his shoulder and smiled as he looked intently at the small leather strap.

"Picking a fight on the first day isn't the smartest of ideas, especially when you're out classed," Xin made his remark snidely but the other boy said nothing, "how did a street urchin like yourself ever get into this school? Why don't you go cry to your mommy Talon, oh wait, you don't have one."

Talon stood still, watching his opponent, as the last remark left his lips Talon smiled. 'I'll make you eat those words' he thought before he rushed forward seizing the strap of Xin's bag. He pulled it hard as he vaulted into the air placing his left hand on Xin's shoulder and dragging him down onto the ground hard. As Xin fell the ground the sound of his head smashing into the tiled floor was apparent and the people in the assembly turned their attention to the hallway. It became silent once more as Talon leapt onto his opponent throwing punch after punch directly at his opponent's head. As blood began to cover his hands Talon smiled. Xin regaining his composure caught one of Talons arms and brought his legs up quickly kicking the other boy off of him strongly. Talon's small figure was launched low into the air and came crashing through the doors into the auditorium. He stood solemnly examining the scene around him.

The students in the assembly looked at him bewildered, but just as they had realized what was happening Xin came bursting through the doors and delivered a solid right hook into the boy's jaw. The sound of bones cracking was apparent as Talon gripped his jaw painfully. He looked at his opponent once more and smiled.

"Is that the best you've got?" Talon laughed as he rushed forward once more.

Xin raised his arms to protect his own battered face but Talon had no intention of going for it. Seeing his opening he lowered his shoulder and slammed into him hard sending him violently onto the ground. Although he was small Talon had an immense amount of control over his momentum and as the two came to a halt, Talon rolled on the floor once and jumped back to his feet. Standing over top of his classmate he spoke.

"Get up! This is not over yet!" Talon screamed as the auditorium looked on in shock.

Talon knelt down lifting the other boy effortlessly off the ground and standing him on his feet. He grabbed Xin's arm with his right hand and pulled him quickly toward him, as the other boy's body drew ever closer Talon moved his left arm into position placing it on his stomach and converting his momentum against him. As Xin's feet lifted quickly off the ground Talon threw him like a paperweight sending him violently into the seats. His head smashed down on one of the seats painfully and an audible scream was heard. Talon entered the stands silently and found his opponent once more.

"You're right about one thing. Don't pick a fight on the first day if you're out classed. This would've gone better for you, had you not made mention of my not having parents. I'll make you regret those words." Talon said the words sternly as his eyes erupted into flames.

He seized Xin by the neck and lifted him into the air. Now standing at the top of the stands Xin struggled to breathe with the tight grip around his throat. Talon slammed him backward into the stone wall and landed a punch directly into the boy's stomach. Xin coughed loudly as the air was forced out of his lungs. His face was battered and bruised, blood ran smoothly from his nose and mouth. Talon brought him to eye level and stared directly at him.

"This ends now." Talon's words were calm and solemn.

He brought his other arm heavily down on the other students shoulder lifting the boy over his head. He tossed him once more off the stands to the ground that rested 5ft below. As Xin's body made contact he coughed once more as his body bounced violently into the air, his back arching from the pain. Talon leapt down from the bleachers bringing a foot down hard on the boy's hand.

"Where are your friends now? In previous years they would have so amply taken part in bullying a street urchin like me. Where are they when you need them the most?" Talon laughed at the other boy as he scanned the crowd.

As he looked across the seats the same look of horror covered everyone's face. He looked to the stage to see Jarvan jumping down from his position and moving towards him.

"Spare yourself the humiliation 'Prince' take your place. This conflict has finished." Talon spoke his words loud so the whole audience would hear.

"You just signed yourself a death sentence orphan. The year is young and don't think that this is over yet." Xin managed to speak the words slowly through his heavy breathing.

"If it's a death sentence I've signed then it's death that I'll look forward too. You name the time and the place, bring your friends if you wish, it will make no difference." Talon laughed at the boys remark before kneeling low and punching Xin hard in his head.

As his opponents eyes shut tight his breathing steadied.

"Not dead, merely unconscious. Take this as a warning as to what will happen to those who seek to ridicule, bully, or fight me. Next time I won't be so kind." Talon removed his knees from Xin's chest and walked out of the auditorium leaving the crowd speechless.

"Stop him!" the angry voice erupted from on the stage as several teachers rushed through to doors after Talon, "What is the cause of all of this commotion?"

Kayle's voice boomed through the auditorium as the students were drawn out of their trance. A couple of students got down from the stands and lifted Xin and rested him over their shoulders and slowly left on their way to the nurses office. The auditorium remained silent despite the loud question that had been presented by their Principal.

"Speak up! What has caused this violence on the first day?" her voice once again roared through the auditorium but nobody spoke. "Very well. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Those caught engaging in any violent behavior on or off school grounds will be dealt with harshly."

The student body shifted their attention now focusing on the podium which Kayle stood in front of. "I was hoping that we would start this year with minimal commotion. If all has settled I would like to get back to my original purpose. This year has already seen enough violence and on the first day. This school is prestigious and I would expect better from its students. This type of barbarism is not acceptable of students of such exceptional talents.: Kayle, settling down from the conflict the best she could, began to speak with less angry tone. "I welcome all of you to this school with a hope that you will embrace it as a prime opportunity to further your own lives educationally. I look around this crowd and I see many familiar faces, and I see new faces of transfer students and new freshmen. I assure you of this, any fighting that takes place on these school grounds will be dealt with harshly and swiftly, if you find yourself in a conflict do not be headstrong. Victim or not the consequences will be enforced without question. I had prepared a speech to welcome you all more cordially and kindly, but given the circumstances I have no desire to continue with it. I will allow the senior representative of the student council take the stand now."

Whispers began cycling through the students. Jax, seeing the fight up close, found it more intriguing than anything else. Jax had studied the mystery fighter's moves and style while the brawl took place. Thinking back on that, it just intrigued him more. This person was someone who knew how to fight and was very harsh when doing so. Jax, determined to find out more about this mystery fighter, swiftly looked around the auditorium. All the eyes turned to the front as Jarvan walked out on stage. Taking his chance, he slipped out of the place unnoticed.

"Good afternoon fellow students," Jarvan smiled as he took the stand. "The year has come to quite a hectic start already, but I hope this will be the last time any such antics happen within the school year. I would like to welcome this year's freshman class and wish them all luck throughout their time here. And as for the seniors, I'd like to say congratulations in making it this far, you only have one more year to go and I hope we can make our final year here a time to cherish and remember." Jarvan was about to begin his next sentence when he heard the crash. As he turned to look upwards to the source of the noise, the red curtains that were used to cover the stage fell on him. Everyone looked up at the catwalk above the stage, but only saw Shaco's signature puff of orange smoke.

It took Jarvan a few seconds to finally free himself of the curtain. Jarvan quickly became infuriated with the whole incident. "That f...that...clown." The audience had broken into chaos as Jarvan walked off the stage in fury, quickly making his way towards the row of seats where Karma and Caitlyn sat. "I swear if he doesn't get suspended for that I'm going to-"

Karma quickly cut him off, "You know what would happen if we even tried to write him up."

"His father will just donate another couple grand to the school and his records will be wiped clean again," Jarvan rolled his eyes."I'm completely sick of the way he acts. He acts as though he owns the place and treats the rest of us like complete ****." Caitlyn glared at Jarvan, instantly reminding him that he still had an audience watching him.

"Principal Kayle, send the students back to class," Jarvan quickly announced over the roar of the auditorium. "Can you get Karma and I excused for the rest of the day? We have some business to take care of."

Kayle's authoritative voice easily overpowered the assembly without the help of a microphone, "Enough!" The woman made her way to the podium and grabbed the microphone, "That will be all. You have a few minutes early leave, prepare yourselves for your final class if you have one!" Kayle glared at the audience, "Starting from the back, file yourselves out the door quietly and politely. Is that understood?" Her last sentence dripped with venom. She was not in the mood for any more nonsense. As the students walked out of the gymnasium, Mundo slurped his tongue up and down his lips, "That go much better than last year. No fire this time!"

As he walked out of the school Talon's mind was zoned out. He let his guard down as he walked slowly towards his small dorm. He was unaware of the shadow that followed him. As he walked he thought about his own life and the events that had led to his admission into the school. He was not of extraordinary intelligence, but he was a fast learner, he strived to become the best person that he could be whether intellectually, emotionally, or physically. He'd always been alone, and he had made a name for himself on the streets of Noxus where he grew up. He was angry, and violent, not by nature but because it was what he had to be in order to survive. 'Survival' this was the singular word that explained Talon's entire life in Noxus.

He'd resorted to thievery and deception to keep himself alive, and if it was required he resorted to violence. He'd taken lives in Noxus for the sole purpose of survival, and now as he thought the guilt weighed down on his mind. The shadow watched him as he walked, never giving any hint that he was there.


Talon spun around quickly on his heels to come face to face with the tall teen that stood in front of him. His black jacket, his long wild hair, the cigarette in his mouth, Talon immediately recognized him and smiled.

"Udyr, isn't it? Have you been following me for a reason?"

The student stood in front of Talon not speaking, his blue eyes scanning the smaller boy.

"Not going to speak then I assume you want a fight?"

Talon's eyes turned ice cold as he scanned the other boy that stood still. He was much larger than Talon was, and as Talon looked at him he found no weakness. His attire was minimalistic and there was nothing that would lend him any advantage in this fight. As he looked he knew he had no chance of winning through strength alone, but there was no turning back.

"You're no different from the others who seek to harm me. So I have no reason to treat you any different. I'll humor you though, go ahead. Come at me. If you slip even once...Well, you may find yourself a little short of breath." Talon grinned as he made his statement.

Udyr grunted. Spitting the cigarette at Talon's face, he glided forward. Talon barely flinched as the burning ash touched his cheek, not expecting for such a big guy to move nearly as fast as he did. Easily closing the distance between them, Udyr gripped the boy's frame with his massive hands and lifted him into the air effortlessly. A sharp exhalation and Udyr slammed Talon downward. As Talon made contact with the ground he rebounded slightly and Udyr brought his foot down heavily on his stomach, pinning him down.

Talon coughed heavily as blood shot from his mouth. He brought his arms around the large boy's leg and began moving heavily from side to side. Udyr snorted, shaking his head. He looked disappointed. Talon gritted his teeth and struck the back of Udyr's knee, making him buckle forward. Using the lost balance to his advantage, Talon threw Udyr's leg off of him and spun the large youth around. Talon rolled to a crouching position and pounced. Leaping high into the air he landed directly on Udyr's back. The large youth was able to easily carry Talon's weight, but raining blow after blow in the back of Udyr's head the youth had to force Talon to release him. Udyr fell to one knee, slightly dazed, giving Talon enough space and time to land a vicious knee to his chin. Instead of collapsing to the ground, Udyr took the full force of the blow to his chin. Spitting up some of his own blood, he got back to his feet. Talon suspiciously eyed Udyr, not sure if his opponent was running on the last bits of adrenaline, if he was still conscious, or if, heavens forbid, he was still able to fight.

Udyr rose to his feet silently, no look of pain was present on his face. He turned around and looked at Talon calmly with piercing eyes. He once again lowered himself and charged. Talon anticipated this. He chuckled to himself, Guy's a broken record, just repeats the same thing.Dashing forward he placed a hand on the back of Udyr's head in an attempt to vault over him. Shockingly to Talon, Udyr anticipated this. He grabbed Talon's wrist and tugged him back forward. Udyr gave Talon the grimmest smirk as he wrenched Talon's arm away from him, leaving his body exposed for a solid strike to the stomach. If Talon did not know how to take a punch and to relax his body, he would have certainly suffered internal damage. Instead, only the wind was knocked out of him. Udyr stepped forward, placing his leg behind Talon's, and harshly threw him to the ground. With Udyr still tightly grasping Talon's wrist, the impact on the ground and the weird positioning popped his left shoulder out of place. Talon did not scream as the pain shot through his body.

Udyr weirdly enough released Talon. He took several steps back and waited. Talon slowly stood up, his arm dangling from the shoulder. He raised his right arm, and taking hold of his left, raised it slowly over his head. As his left arm moved there was another loud pop as the shoulder once again assumed its natural position. Agony covered Talon's face as his shoulder was set in place. He lowered himself knowing he was at a disadvantage.

Udyr grinned slightly before rushing towards him once more. Talon stood his ground this time, locking his legs into position as he brought his body lower and lower to the ground. As Udyr's massive form came upon him the massive hands once again reached for his body, Talon brought his arms outward knocking Udyr's out of place and grabbing onto the boy's chest. With all of his strength Talon brought his legs out of their crouched position, causing Udyr to fly low through the air and crash down a few feet away. Talon leapt at the opportunity landing directly on top of him and delivering punches to the boy's face, all the while Udyr smiled.

Moving his arms slowly Udyr seized Talon by his sides and brought his head in fast making contact with Talon's. Talon's body went limp and he fell backward heavily onto the ground. Udyr picked the boy up and began punching him heavily in the stomach and ribs. With each punch the sounds of bones cracking was apparent.

Talon regained his composure once more bringing his legs up and kicking Udyr in the stomach. The giant's grip loosened and Talon fell backward out of his clutch. He knelt on the ground coughing, with each cough more and more blood came out of his mouth.

"You are done." Udyr's words were blunt with no emotion

Talon looked at the figure in front of him as his sight began to go blurry. 'Last chance' he raised himself up once more waiting for his opponent to make the first move. With unwavering speed Udyr once again rushed towards him throwing him easily to the side. As Talon was sent flying he made contact with a stone wall, his head crashing through a small exterior window. Sliding to the ground he knew he'd been defeated, but he couldn't accept it.

Udyr walked closer to the boy lifting him off the ground and seizing his arm heavily. He bent the arm backward in place as Talon's eyes widened. The sound of his elbow cracking was unnerving and with each passing second it drew closer and closer to breaking. 'There it is' Talon smiled weakly bringing his arm up quickly. In his hand he brought up a large shard of the shattered window to Udyr's throat and waited on him to make his next move.

"Break my arm if you wish, but I'll be the one to walk away from this." Talon grinned as the pressure on his arm slowly faded away. Udyr's laughter was perhaps the most unsettling aspect of this entire fight as it rang out clearly. Talon could feel a grip on his groin while Udyr's smile widened, "Our neck, your manhood. A fair trade in our opinion."

Just as quickly as he grabbed him, Udyr released Talon. Raising a finger up he wagged it at Talon, smiling and nodding. He reached into his jacket pocket and drew out a metal tin. A tiger roaring emblazoned the front of the container. He flipped it open and revealed rows of hand rolled cigarettes. Udyr held the metal tin out to Talon, motioning for him to take one.

Talon extended his arm slowly clutching one of the cigarettes and bringing it closer to his lips. He reached into his pocket withdrawing a small plain lighter. Flicking the flint he brought the flame closer to the cigarette and took a small drag. The tip lit up bright and he lowered the lighter placing it back into his pocket.

"What was the point in you fighting, if you knew that you would win?" Talon's eyes were unsteady as he spat once more, staining the ground red. Udyr grinned, showing the crimson spilling over his teeth. He flipped a cigarette into his mouth, catching it with his lips. Reaching into his pocket he withdrew a metal zippo, a phoenix with its wings outstretched was engraved in it. Lighting his cigarette up, Udyr drew a deep breath of nicotine and smoke in, "Because of conviction."

Straining his neck to one side, Udyr tapped at the little drop of blood that wormed down his neck. "You wish to throw punches? You wish to fight? Then go ahead. But what if you fight someone who is better, faster, stronger? Will you ***** out?" He exhaled his breath, "Or will you face them head on?" Bringing his hands to his head Talon rubbed his eyes softly, the pain gripping his shoulder was immense and tears began to form in his eyes. "I'll do whatever it takes to ensure my own survival. No fight is just a fight, everything has a purpose. If someone stronger than me shows up then so be it, but I won't stop until I take my last breath." He exhaled slowly and a mushroom of smoke clouded around his face.

Udyr nodded, pointing at Talon, "Exactly." Taking a puff of the cigarette, he blew out a small wisp of smoke, "Conviction." The sound of people coming towards them could be heard. A female voice could be heard calling out about what was going on. Udyr chuckled, looking at Talon. He pointed at the window and motioned for him to get going.

He turned slowly and began to run off, he looked back to see Udyr still in the same spot. He grinned 'A worthwhile opponent, but perhaps a more worthwhile ally' he turned and continued running, the cigarette still burning between his lips. He was unsure of where he was going, but he continued to run.

Jax watched the fight from the shadows. He wanted to talk to Talon himself, but the surprise visitor got to him first. Either way, he found out some of the information he was looking for, the reason Talon fought. These reasons were indeed primal, fighting for survival and honor, but they were also unexpectedly noble. I'll have to have my little chat with him later. He thought to himself, knowing that after a fight isn't the best time to talk, let alone after two fights. Jumping out of a nearby tree, Jax left the area before he was convicted of the broken window.

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Karma walked down the hallways, leading a small train of people behind her. She was not happy with how the assembly went. She shoved her key into a door knob and unlocked the door. She was about to open it when she heard a commotion. Looking at the other students behind her, she spoke, "I am going to be right back, I want to see if they caught Talon." Karma made her way towards the noise of the crowd. Irelia started to follow but a sharp glare from Karma kept her frozen.

As Karma got closer, she could discern voices. Kayle's voice rang out, "You must have seen him, it's impossible for you not to."

No response was given. Karma raised an eyebrow, surprised at the silence. Karma quickened her step. She turned around a corner and saw a couple of students, Professor Mundo, Professor Heimerdinger and a absolutely seething Kayle. Kayle pointed at the youth wearing a leather jacket, "You are bleeding! You were fighting, specifically after I-"

"Can you prove it?" The youth shrugged, "We admit, we were practicing. Training." Kayle glared at the youth, "This is grounds for expulsion."

The youth shrugged, "Based on what? We trained. How we trained is not of your concern." Kayle was about to yell more when a wizened hand stopped her. A cane tapped forth. A older man with a mohawk and a covered face spoke, "He said he was practicing. We would know if Udyr had gotten into a fight." The man shuffled his body, "We would have to call the ambulance. Again." Kayle glared at him, "Swain, I don't care, he said We. He admitted-" Swain stopped her, "You know Udyr always refers to himself as we when he speaks. According to our esteemed...colleagues, he is simply a little eccentric. And as for the proof you speak of, where is it? He said he was training. Mundo, was he with anyone?"

Mundo looked absent mindedly at Swain and Kayle, his tongue letting down a long drizzle of drool. Swain looked at Kayle, "And there is our star witness."

Karma stood in view, looking at Udyr. He wore a leather jacket half zipped, he smelled of acrid smoke, his long pants were scuffed and beaten, but worst of all, he wore no shoes. His bare feet cracked against one another as he impatiently shifted his weight about. Not only was this the same boy who knocked her over in the morning, he was not wearing the proper uniform. Karma stepped forward, pointing at Udyr, "You are in violation of the school's dress code. You need to put some shoes on."

Udyr lazily looked at Karma, promptly responding, "No." Looking back at Kayle he grunted, "Are we done here?"

Kayle let out an exasperated sigh before waving him off, "Fine. Whatever. Go." She glared at Swain who nodded his head, his cane tapping as he shuffled away. Kayle was not happy, she let this fact be known by smacking Mundo's face. His chin slightly moved from the force as he happily stood there, unaware he was ever needed.

Udyr nodded and marched away from the crowd. Blood trickled down his face still, but he seemed not to notice or care. Karma watched him walk past her without so much as regarding her. She quickly walked after him, she called out in an effort to stop him, "Hey. Hey!" Udyr kept walking, infuriating Karma more.

He pushed open the school doors. The moment he was outside, Udyr flicked out his tin case of cigarettes and plopped one into his mouth. Karma followed him outside, "Hey! You're not allowed to do that!"

Udyr looked back at Karma, not stopping his walk, "So? Stop us." Karma screeched to a halt. He was openly defying her, and going against school rules. She wrinkled her nose, "What is wrong with you? You...You brute!"

Udyr waved back a one finger salute to her, still walking. Karma finally snapped. She rushed down the steps and after him, cutting off his path. Udyr raised an eyebrow, "Hm? You want something?" He drew a deep breath of smoke in and breathed it on her. She coughed from the smoke, glaring at him, "Who do you think you are?"

"Who do you think you are?" Udyr rolled his eyes, "You are no one important." Karma nearly screamed back, "I am a part of the student council! I am part of the honor roll, I participate in several clubs and I have one of the highest grade point averages in school!"

Udyr blinked at her once, "...We repeat again: Who do you think you are?" Karma's jaw nearly fell. She attempted to compose herself, "Who are you? Hm?"

"We are Udyr," he flatly stated. "And you? You are in our way." Udyr walked around the frozen Karma. She turned around and looked at his fleeting back. She had never been so insulted in her life. She stormed and cut his path off again, this time before he could ask she slapped the cigarette out of his mouth. Udyr snarled at her, "Do you have a death wish?"

"Not as much as you do, apparently," Karma retorted back. Udyr cracked his knuckles, his teeth bared. However, instead of bashing her face in, he actually stayed his hand. "Why would you do something so stupid as-"

Karma interrupted him, "You're smoking." Udyr blinked a few times, giving her ample time to continue, "Smoking kills. I do not know if you ever learned that, but it is a dangerous thing. And it is illegal on school grounds, and you are underaged. Stop. Smoking."

Udyr grunted at her, "And you care because why, student council whatever?"

"Karma. My name is Karma!" She yelled back, "I care because you are in violation of the rules!" Udyr looked at her with something other than disdain. He nodded his head, "Hrm. Karma? Now that is someone."

He walked past her again, flicking out another cigarette from his case into his mouth. Karma moved to follow him once more when her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller id and realized the time. She looked up to the sky, letting out an exasperated yell. She had never been so infuriated in her life. Why could he do what he did? How did he get away with it? Karma was fuming as she made her way back into school. This was the first time she would ever be late for something, the first time in a very long time.

"I understand...yeah...alright bye." Jarvan closed his phone after calling Karma to figure out the reason for her absence. "Karma just finished dealing with some...minor problem, she'll be here shortly."

"If it's so minor why is she late to the first meeting of the year?" Tryndamere questioned Jarvan who gave him a cold look, before Ashe swatted him over the back of his head.

"Behave yourself, I'm sure it was nothing. Just be patient. I know I'm new and all but I'm pretty sure these things work best when everyone's here, so just...wait." Ashe put her raised hand back on the table and looked calmly at the door as Karma walked in looking irritated.

Irelia perked up at the sight of her best friend, feeling a little awkward not yet knowing anyone besides her in the Student Council. Her mood lessened once more as she saw the grim expression set upon Karma's face."Is everything alright?" Irelia quietly asked as Karma took the seat beside her.

Breathing deeply to calm herself, Karma turned to Irelia, "It's nothing I haven't had to deal with before. I'll make sure it gets straightened out before the school year is over, so don't worry yourself about me." Karma flashed a smile and turned to Jarvan. "So, what's on today's agenda?"

"Besides the amount of trash making its way into the school this year...not much," Jarvan shared the grim look on her face as he replied, flipping through a binder. "On a serious note, we have new member orientation," He looked towards Irelia and Ashe, "And considering the disaster that was today's assembly, I think we should make plans to have another less...disastrous one and make sure we actually get their attention."

"If we want their attention, perhaps Shaco? He certainly got the crowd up and going." Ashe smacked Tryndamere again. "What...I'm being honest," he mumbled. Ashe continued to glare at him.

Jarvan glared and Tryndamere once more and shook his head. "I still don't know how that..." he paused to think for the right word, "filth...got into this school, nonetheless backstage."

"How he got into this school is simple," Karma replied, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. "His father donated enough money that the school couldn't reject him. To tell you the truth, we can't touch him."

Jarvan paused as he soaked in this news before he sighed and looked down at the folder, flipping through the pages. "Alright, you know what I won't worry about it, he's not worth getting worked up over. So what was it...ah yes, Irelia and Ashe." He looked up from the binder greeting the two newest members to the student council. "Irelia, you're here due to a referral by Karma, who believes you'll fit in perfectly. Ashe, I believe you're here due to recommendation by Tryndamere correct?"

"So it was this fool who recommended me," Ashe rolled her eyes at Tryndamere.

"Yeah, and judging by how sore my neck is ten minutes into your first meeting, I'm starting to wonder if it was a good idea." Tryndamere protectively raised his hand to his neck in case she smacked him again. She raised an eyebrow and laughed at his cowardice."Is the mighty barbarian kingTryndamere afraid of his own fiancée?" She mocked him with a slightly disgusted expression plastered across her face.

"You swore...never..." Tryndamere's eyes widened as Ashe spoke the words 'barbarian king.' She snickered to herself as everyone glanced around in confusion.

"Save it you two." Jarvan closed the binder and looked towards the clock. "We've wasted enough time as it is starting late and all. Can we please remain calm long enough to have a full meeting?" Ashe turned her attention back to Jarvan. Tryndamere's face was still red from embarrassment but he too turned his gaze towards their leader. "Now then...I'd like to welcome Ashe and Irelia to the student council. Firstly, let it be known that not all meetings will be as relaxed as this one, and in the future there will be times when we won't have even a minute to goof around. We're responsible for making sure that the things that need to get done, get done perfectly and on time. Can both of you commit yourselves to the student council when we need you, be it before, during, or after school, at any time of day?"

"He doesn't mean any time. You'll certainly get time away from school don't worry." Karma looked at Irelia and Ashe, who appeared almost overwhelmed by the commitment Jarvan was asking them to make. "Jarvan here just likes things to sound...prestigious."

"Prestigious or not, it's still helpful if people would show up on time," Jarvan shot Karma a dirty look before turning his attention back to Irelia and Ashe. Karma got frustrated thinking of the boy who'd made her late, but remained silent. Like Shaco to Jarvan, Udyr wasn't worth her time getting worked up over. Taking deep breaths she calmed herself back down. "So ladies, can I count on you?"

Irelia and Ashe looked at each other briefly with determined looks in their eyes, and then turned to Jarvan. "Yes Sir!" Jarvan raised an eyebrow towards Irelia. "I mean...Yes Jarvan?" She tilted her head as she said his name slowly, scanning his face hoping it would register her correct response.

"Good. Now I think introductions are in order. Everyone introduce themselves when we get to you. As you should all know, I am the head of the Student Council, Jarvan Lightshield. This is my fourth and final year at League High, and I hope that, after today of course, it goes off without a hitch." Jarvan nodded to his left at Karma.

"Um yes, my name is Karma. This is only my second year but League High feels like a home away from home for me. I love being on the Student Council because I can make sure that my time here, as well as the rest of the students, is spent in a clean and organized fashion, and that every second will be well spent." Karma smiled as she turned her attention to Irelia, who stood up nervously and bowed her head speaking quickly.

"Umm...my name is Irelia...I'm new here." She shot back into her seat as fast as she'd gotten out of it and stared at the table before her the entire time. Tryndamere gave her a weird look before standing opposite Jarvan to speak.

"I am Tryndamere, Junior year. Only two years under my belt though, had a bit of a rough start my freshman year, but Jarvan somehow talked me into this Student Council stuff, so here I am." He sat his muscled figure back into his chair and turned to Ashe.

"Bravo Mr. Barbarian King." Ashe giggled as she took her own bow. "My name is Ashe Avarosa, this is my first year here. I hadn't really thought about Student Council until Tryndamere mentioned it to me. Even after that I didn't truly expect him to recommend me, but at least that gives me some more chances to annoy him. I hope to have a lot of fun and I promise to work hard." She sat down and turned to Caitlyn, who had been sitting silently in her seat the entire time.

Eye twitching as she stared through the glass window, muttering about dress code infractions, Caitlyn rose and turned her attention to the other students at the table. "My name is Caitlyn, this is my Junior year, and I've been here all three years. I'm also the school's Hall Monitor during lunch, passing periods, and my own free period." Her gaze immediately jumped to all of their attire, looking for even the slightest inappropriate piece of attire. Finding none she shook her head and looked back out the window taking her seat.

"Ahem...well yes, I believe that takes care of that." Jarvan clapped his hands together with a grin and looked at them each individually before the bell rang. As everyone headed out the door Jarvan shouted after them all, "Let's make sure that we have a great school year everybody! Meeting adjourned."

As the school emptied out the lone janitor Yorick walked into the auditorium, having spent the last periods of the day cleaning up a mess in the girl's bathroom. He looked at the crashed down curtain and rubbed his forehead. "**** kids...every year..." With that, he got to work and the first day of school came to an end.

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As the students walked out of the gymnasium, Mundo slurped his tongue up and down his lips, "That go much better than last year. No fire this time!" | favorite part. made me laugh so hard.

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More humor to come in future releases lol. I want to take this time to personally thank everyone who helped make this story possible publicly. All of us have put an amazing amount of work into writing this, and I'm really happy with the first chapter and can't wait to get back to work with all of you.

To all the readers I personally thank you for the patience that you've given us, and also all of the support that you've shown us throughout all of the planning, and I hope that our work is what you would expect from us. I know that I myself have had an amazing time getting to know all of the writers and working alongside them. In the few weeks that it took us to write this single chapter I feel like I've grown greatly as a person, and I can honestly say that it's times like these that i'll look back on one day and smile.

So Thank You everyone once again. I posted up a simple idea on here, expecting not to get many replies back, and you've all shown me just how much of a family this forum can offer to eachother, this has become so much more than I had originally expected it to, and I can never thank you guys enough for all the help that you've given me.


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lol....Next chapter, this one too short even with 19k words....

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hi im haru

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Bsmaster you are so lucky schools out or else i would slap you for that