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Broken MMR

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The mmr system seems to favor 'amount of time played' over skill and judgement.
Today I qued solo for a 5v5(level 17) and I came to find that the team I was playing against was 4 lvl 30 ranked players who apparently had full runes, that were not shy about sharing that information, and their level 2 friend. The teemo killed me with 3 auto attacks and poison damage. How is it that I came to be playing with these individuals who are much more experienced and outfitted to fit their roles than I? I learned that 2 of my team mates were also level 30's in the same range of over 1000 wins. Im working on 62.
This situation happens frequently and is pushing me towards other games, do any other summoners have the same issues? Coming into games to find that you're playing serious ranked competing teams with one level 1-2 friend in the same party?