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Good Mid/Solo Top for Ranked?

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Before the new patch I would say Cho'Gath but after this unreasoned indicator on Rupture I think he isn't the best top anymore, though still in the top of my list.
I guess Renekton, Garen and Olaf can be very destructive in the right hands.

About mid... I have no idea, I never go mid (random guy always call it).

The indicator on Cho'gath's Rupture means very little for his solo-top dominance because Rupture isn't what makes him a good solo-top... His passive combined with his harass from his silence is what makes him good. You should only be using rupture when they have no choice but to get hit by it.

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Soon I'll be playing ranked games and I was wondering what champion would be a good pick for solo top. I was thinking Vladimir but I'm not quite sure if he's the right choice. I want someone that's not easily countered and can sustain in the lane for a while. Please reply with your suggestions on who you think I should get.

Top lane especially but mid lane as well is almost purely based around counter picking. Large percentages of those lanes are won during champion selection.

As such it's very difficult to say "I'm going to play xxxx top lane!!" without knowing who the enemy is playing.

Sadly in solo Q it's often difficult to arrange roles and champion trades with strangers and as such you're best picking someone with fairly few counters. This is the reason why a small handful of champions are considered so strong and used in so many games.

Examples would be...

Top lane:
Yorick: played well he counters a huge pool of champions and is only shut down by a couple (EG: nasus feeding his Q off your pitiful harass and then 2 shotting you mid game)
Lee Sin: Played well you can just weave around a large portion of their harass and do very, very well.
Warwick: He got a nerf so I'm not sure he's quite as ideal anymore but he had just so much sustain that he was sort of an immovable object when played well then late game had VERY nice utility in teamfights between his ult and extreme sustain/tankyness

Mid Lane:
Ahri: Does well versus just about everyone
Galio: He counters AP... nuff said
Kassadin: he counters AP... nuff said (countered by talon as well as a number of others... DON"T FIRST PICK KASSADIN IF YOU HAVE UNBANNED COUNTERS SUCH AS TALON!)
Talon: He counters AP... nuff said

Small list really but those are some (generally) fairly safe and reasonably strong picks.

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Want the OP champion?
Top: Yorick
Mid: Fizz

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I love going solo top with Nasus. Keep farming that Q whenever you can, get a tanky setup and you can easily lead your team to victory, though I am not sure he is viable in ranked games. :/

He is, but only in certain match-ups. As the guy a few posts above mentioned, Nasus is a huge counterpick to Yorick. Another good match-up for Nasus is Cho'gath as it becomes a farm-fest between the two. Cho'gath doesn't do enough damage or harass to chase Nasus out of lane with his passive, so by mid-to-late game, Nasus ****s all over Cho.

That said, I would recommend learning as many champions as you can. I'm in elo hell and taking a break from rank until I've learned as many champs as I can. One of the biggest things in ranked (or draft in general) is counter picking. While being countered as certain champs isn't the biggest deal, having a hard-counter for a champion and being able to play it gives you an advantage (i.e as previously stated with Nasus vs Yorick).

Vlad is a great pick. He has great sustain and harasses like crazy. He's a little hard to play at first as he doesn't have the typical burst that most AP casters do. I wouldn't recommend Mord top. I just wouldn't. His pushing skills and harass almost work against him and most bruisers can begin to **** all over him once they build treads and their typical AD items. He's still good to learn for mid, I find him to be a great play against someone like Akali.

But yeah, learning as many as possible can help I think. I'll let you know if it actually does when I feel confident enough to step back into ranked with my new-found ability to play tons of champs. :P