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Ciderhelm's impressions on Darius

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This tread seems to be dead but I figured after reading a good majority of it I would chime in anyways. Darius is the only champ I really have had a complete hatred for since his release. The only way to play any type of team ranked matches is to either ban him or have someone on your team play him.

That being said one of my regular teammates recently picked him up and I have been playing WITH him quite a bit as ADC, APC, and Jung. The idea of Darius making it un-fun for the team is very true when he just ult's and "steals" 2-3 kills at a time. As ADC, as everyone has stated, it can make life very, very hard.

However, in a pre-made team game it is not so bad and with or against Darius because a lot more managable. The Darius player must understand the individual team goal and like any decent team certain players need feeding, and at times you have to give up a kill. What we have basically concluded is that if we find a single or two, outside of top lane, Darius doesn't take the kill. He basically just plays the utility/tank role of damage/pull and follows just in case the kill can get away.

I would say that this is the maturing that CertainlyT was referring to in the community. While this may not be the way things work out when a selfish player grabs Darius, which happens very often it seems like, or when you have a player who does not understand the underlying team dynamics of the game does this, it does work with "Good Guy Darius" players.

I think anyone who has ever played jungle or support and have taken it seriously in a team comp game would understand the role and play-style that must go along with Darius. In team fights go off and let havoc wreck. But outside of team fights look at your ADC and APC and if they need a kill or 2 to get back into the game then as Darius you have to let them get an easy kill. This is the same for a WW, Noct, or Ez that becomes super-fed early game. One person super-fed does not usually win a game but a decently fed team can win one rather easily.

Long story short: Darius in blind pick sucks (with: if selfish or against: if your jungle sucks). Darius in team comp not so bad (with: just communicate or against: early ganks and don't let him snowball).

Is he a bad addition overall? No, but he could be better like any other champ.

If they would give his ult a reduced cool-down on a kill instead of an instant cool-down (maybe 30 secs) I think he would be a phenomenal addition on either side. Another suggestion would be to give his ult an insanely high cool-down when it does not kill his target making it counter-able by a simple summoner heal or Soraka heal. It would still do the true damage and most likely net a kill but not be refreshed by the time one got back to lane.

That was a lot longer than I expected, I apologize.

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No one would talk !@#$ about Ciderhelm if

1. His fans didn't white knight him without genuine evidence of his credentials

2. Stopped using dumb claims like

3. Learn to lay out his credentials on a factual basis. Knowing exactly how many hits a minion needs to take before it reaches a tower to ensure you get the last hit is a VERY easy way to get rep, especially if you can explain in detail when the numbers change according to items/level ups and support assist hits.

But most importantly hypocritical statements like is probably the biggest thing that makes people want to tell him to stfu.

Seriously, do you realize how arrogant this sounds? Not even Morello can claim to know this game inside and out and get off unscathed, and more importantly he probably wouldn't dare claim it because he knows he relies on his staff/team to keep him updated and work together to form a greater understanding. On what grounds does an outsider with only one mind and perspective and some bronze rating get to start making claims about knowing how this game works?

If you were so credible to begin with you would have predicted Riot's responses because a lot of Certaintlyt's points are **** obvious as plausible 'excuses', specially the first one. To not even hint at this shows you lack the ability to look at it from the perspective of the game designers themselves, yet you claim you know game design inside and out.

In fact, addressing Certaintlyt's first point was exactly what made or broke my decision to criticize Ciderhelm, because ALL you had to do was go something along the lines of "Well, at my elo, which is the MAJORITY elo, Darius is anti-fun, and from MY 1K+ games experience, the community at my range has not matured much over the life time of LoL and I do not believe they will be able to adapt to Darius over time without nerfs." Add your blah blah blah explanations and show off your game insight as you please.

But fact is, you lack a winning argument. If you had one, you would garner a positive up vote to begin with, because that's the power of writing.

Although if you did this on purpose to act as the 'bad guy' for Darius, then props to you and you owe me $100 in RP if you want your secret kept. Otherwise, you need to level up your writing past bronze level.

downvoted to hell but he's actually right

the only thing cinderhelm is a expert on is how to look like a fat version of mister clean and still secure a 6/10 wife