ProfileExit not called

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Description: The profile window did not close when a match was found. All UI save the profile window UI also vanished.

Logged into PvP.Net
Client opened and functioned perfectly.
Went through matchmaking and actual games for approx 1 hour.
Used the runebook UI.
Left runebook before saving to check store.
Returned to runebook and was immediately prompted to save changes anyways (not sure if working as intended, I received no prompt to save as I quit the runebook for the store.)
Matchmaking Q found a match just as I clicked "profile" in the profile sub-set of tabs (leaving runebook again).

The profile never closed to allow matchmaking to take place. As far as I could tell it was happening behind the profile screen. All the options on the profile screen still worked, such as checking various season results. I did however see the pop-up for blind pick help pop up over the profile screen. I was also put back into the matchmaking Q, and found another game (again tooltip), all while stuck on the profile screen. UI elements that were not a part of the profile screen along the top of the client (such as IP/RP/Boost window) also disappeared after the first game was found.

Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate this bug. It seems heavily reliant on precise timings of screens being switched around. Maybe the profile screen got mistaken for being the champ select screen? Not sure how things get prioritized when matchmaking occurs.