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Disconnecting Replacements

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Ryuu Wuffbutt

Junior Member


I think that there should be something in place where if someone disconnects for a certain amount of time, their game should show up on the Launcher as a joinable game. It would show current champions and highlight the champion that they would be taking over. Someone who joins that game wouldn't be picking their own champion, just their Masteries and Runes.
For instance, you have a team who goes into a match but right off the bat their mid Lux disconnects. Obviously, this happens from time to time, and they should be able to reconnect. However, if they are gone for 5 or so minutes (or longer, this is just an example), the game will show up on the front page. The player still has a chance to join the game, but other people would be able to see that match and jump in to play that Lux. This would help teams have a better shot when someone disconnects due to network or computer issues, and it would also give the Good Guy Gregs out there a chance to do some good. Of course, all IP gains would go towards the new player so that someone wouldn't disconnect, have someone else take over, and they still get rewarded for the team doing well.