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Pick order in ranked team???

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My ranked team has a problem with the pick order because our top is always 2nd or 3rd and our support is last pick. The problem is the top laner always gets counter picked and the bottem support player does not own many champions. I was wondering what determines the order of the team picks and what can we do to change it.
I do know that it is not solo queue elo, normal elo, ranked teams elo, dominon elo, or alphabetical.
host of the game=first pick he is also 1700 elo
2047 elo=second pick
2157 elo=third pick
2035 elo=fourth pick
1975 elo-fifth pick

if the 1700 is not the host then everyone but the 1975 goes up and the 1700 goes to fourth.
i just dont get it.
any ideas throw em out there