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Why aren't lobby chat logs sent to the game client?

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Whenever this is mentioned, someone like Pendragon usually says its because the logs are in different locations yadayadayada. However, there is obviously communication between pvp.net and the game client when you're making a game, which makes that statement confusing to me.

I'm assuming you have either one big array or an array for each team. and each row of the array contains all the information about a particular player such as champion and skin selected, summoners, runes and masteries etc. I am also assuming each player in the game are assigned some form of id so if they disconnect, when they log back in the system checks if their last known gameid is still active, and if so provide them a link to the game, else they go to the main screen. The id presumably would also be used in the tribunal to call up the right chatlogs and scores and what not.

Even if i'm totally off, there has to be some communication between pvp.net and the game client.

So what i'm wondering is why isn't the chat in that lobby messagebox's contents sent along as well? Store each teams in a variable and then either keep it as a hidden variable for the entire game, or paste it into the actual in game chat at the very beginning of the game.

Now maybe i'm over simplifying your system or something, but that sounds simple enough to do. Then those chatlogs would be in the same location as the in game ones and the tribunal should have access to them?