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duo lane Darius

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Try it.

The results are hilarious. Start with a pink ward to ensure you own the bushes. When some fool walks too close, stride out and whack them with an aa and a slow. They flash away? You just happen to have an undodgable, unblockable hookshot so pull that sucker back in and apply the beatdown. Once you're 6 use your ult to execute anyone that looks like they'll escape. Once you get your rythem down you can use it earlier to let your ranged ad get kills.

Your build is very similar to solo top darius. HoG into Randuin's is a priority and merc's help you stick to targets. Phage is a wonderful mix of hp, damage, and slows and brutalizer gives you even more armor pen and damage. If you need more gp/10 items a philo is always useful and avarice blade could turn into a ghostblade if you feel tanky enough.

This is a very agressive lane so pick your carry accordingly. High burst that isn't afraid to mix it up like Tristana and Graves work well. Ashe and Varus can also give you extra cc for more time to stack your passive and unload with a lethal ult.