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[Ideas] Reporting and Ingame system

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I'd like if reporting players became more efficient so the first thing is
LOL save chat log for 24h and if player used improper word in game or trolling when we report we say at 10:38 he said blah blah blah and that flaming or whatever then we get auto respond if this player got banned or no evidence enough to ban him.
what i want to say if only one player sent report he has evidence he and everyone will know that one report can get troller banned even if his team didn't support i think this will stop many trollers on this game because in some teams that troller is friend of them so they wont report their friend

To stop too many ppl who ks and love it and make game more fair
first condition
if our champion alive and he dealt the most damage on enemy champion . the champion who dealt the most damage gets the kill regardless who got the last hit
second if anyone got high damage on enemy champ then he died or the enemy champion run away from him and one of his team got him he gets assist on that kill because hedid huge support
sorry for my English