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New in-game skill select animation idea

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When we have a skill pending, the game places a blue glowing border around applicable skills. This is a nice new feature, but, I think we can use this new feature to help people who view streams.

Streamers often quick select skills, meaning they don't manually select the skill box. This might confuse people, when we want to know what skill they are leveling up. So, instead of the blue glow around the skill boxes going away, the blue glow could gain a different particle effect, signifying that that specific skill was selected.

To clarify; the summoner has leveled up and a point to spend, each skill has the glow, a skill is selected, that skills box now gains a new particle effect (such as a stronger glow, or a pulsating glow animation), which signifies it's selection, while all the other applicable skill selections simply lose their blue glow particle effect as normal.

I hope this makes sense.. The wording is a bit strange I admit, but I think I got my idea across.