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Darius Tank build

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So when Darius builds tanky, (frozen mallet, maw, frozen heart) he seems pretty scary...
ur never suppose to target the tank first but with darius it seems the longer hes alive the worse cuz hes just getting those stacks on you and waiting to 1 shot ult the entire team.

what are you supposed to do? go for darius first and let the ad carry rip you apart or target the rest of the team and then let darius pentakill clean up?

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well, actually, there is no point, I made my Darius tank build (Original -.-) today:

Mercury tread (MR)
Heart of Gold (farm gold) (Omen later)
Sun fire cape (HP and armor, sweet, more farming)
Frozen mallet (HP and slow, sweet some more)
Omen (Armor, HP)
Adam (with all that HP, you get around 55 bonus attack damage O_o OMG)
Maw (If it goes quite a late game, round things up with this MR attack damage item)

Over 260 armor, over 120 MR, 3.7k-4k HP, 1k ulty true damage -.- Not to mention the 110 damage from Adam and Maw loads up on Q and W.

Mastery just go Tank, Rune I went for armor penetration mark, armor seal, MR glyh. HP Ques.

It's basically combining Shen and Garen.

You can't decide if u met a Darius tank, at least 1 person die or will retreat. If a tryn or something with high ad comes, screw it, 260 armor and 3.7k HP will kill them, AP mages or carries? Haha, most likely squishy, and with that much HP and 120 MR, bye bye. Gank? I take ghost and ignite, and u can drag 1 or 2 person to u to kill so that mess up their team too. U gank? oh well, no escape unless they exhaust or freeze u or something, or teemo. Drag, ghost, W slow, Q GG ulty.

Someone should spread the word of Tank Darius, there is no point of adding in AD to this guy if he is gonna die easily (OP champ gets focus), and his main damage comes from his Ult, so ya.