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Default normal mode [Draft] or [Blind]

Draft 6 75%
Blind 2 25%
I don't care 0 0%
Voters 8 .

Default normal mode draft or blind [Poll inside]

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What would we (TT players) prefer for normal mode games?

There have been people asking for draft mode and Riot told us that queue times would increase "too much".

So how about to see what we would like the most?

Going for blind pick:
- No need to counterpick / counterbalance your team, you are carefree
- Pick the champion you feel like playing, no worries about being counterpicked / weak pick.

Going for draft pick:
- Counterpicking / counterbalance strategy
- Closer experience to ranked

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Senior Member


Draft pls

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Junior Member


Honestly, I don't think a draft mode would increase the wait time in order to get a match because I already wait five minutes just for a regular 5vs5 game or dominion game. If they were so concerned with the time that it takes to be able to join a regular game, they would've paid more attention to it and tried to fix the issues rather then ignore it. I want to be able to have a draft mode, I love with SR and I wish Riot would add it to Twisted Treeline, but I don't see it happening any time soon.