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Need help building my champion pool help with picks and counter pick

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I have a small pool of champions I am good at for each role in league. They are:

Ryze mid
Sivir AD carry
soraka support
udyr jungle
udyr top

I have been told many times that before going into ranked it is a good idea to have two or three champions for each role. Ideally, I want to have a champion pool that is versatile, so I can do a little bit of counter picking and try and play the strengths of my team comp.

Of the champions I play, which champions would counter them in lane? Of these champions that counter me, what are the best champions to pick up to counter them?

For instance (and I just made this up, don't take this seriously), lets say evelyn countered sejuani in mid, and karma countered sejuani. If I had evelyn I would want to pick up karma so I don't get f'ed over every time I play against a sejuani. Stuff like that.

I would much prefer to use the cheap chamions, so anything 3150ip cost or below is much preferred. I like champions that are easy (ryze and udyr <3). So someone that take a lot of finesse would be less attractive. If anyone can provide some suggestions that would be great.

Edit: More specifically

Soraka is a good sustain support. I know there are kill team comps in bottom lane too. I already own nunu so I would like to use him, but I don't really understand how nunu as a support differs (in terms of goals for the lane ie max farm or early kills).

I have no idea how one AD carry might counter another. I have ashe and sivir, they both seem to play pretty much the same role in lane.

I understand udyr to be an AD bruiser champ. I don't really know what counters that except kennen, who counters everything.

If I an double dip for top lane and jungle that would be cool. A lot of top lanes can be jungle and jungle top lanes.

Thank you.

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Nunu can be pretty good for top laning as it has self healing ability and harassing ice crystal ability,and its ulti is also strong enough to take out enemies in case of a gank.

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nunu is a better support or jungle imo since his damage is too low to push people out of top.

Jarvan is a great top solo and a jungle
Soraka is a good support and a great mid to counter a lot champs
Galio is a very strong mid pick(but often requires another ap top) and a decent top also

ADs really don't counter each other as much as other roles since they all lack something early, although cait counters every ad bot early because of her range except a kog who has 3 points in his w

for ap's good ones to own are kennen vlad fizz and swain since they can also go top need be(fizz can also jungle although hes not the best at it compared to people like udyr and lee)

top: grab riven and yorick they are hard to beat
supports: you should grab janna and ali, both are strong if you know how to use them

it is really hard to counter that small of a pool of champs since you have well rounded champs actually udyr jungle is almost impossible to counter since he clears so quick in phoenix, soraka support is amazing early-mid game but falls off somewhat lategame unless you get a ton of ap,

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One thing about ryze is that he isn't that strong early and he can't really push the lane very well if he wants to. Somebody like morg or mord might be a good pickup they are both cheap and easy to learn. (even though morg is often banned in draft) Although fizz is kind of expensive he does really well against people that counter most APs like Kassadin and he does pretty well top lane also. I'm starting to think he might be secret op so shhhh.