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how to kill fiddlesticks and warwick in the jungle pre level 4

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You don't need to kill them - taking their jungle is just as effective as it makes them underleveled.

Warwick is a relatively slow jungler, so pick a fast one (e.g. you mentioned you play Mundo) and counterjungle the hell out of him. Take his red, big wraith, big golem, etc. If you delay his level 6, you give your team a huge advantage.

Fiddle is very similar, he's also kinda slow (compared to Mundo) and requires level 6.

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Killerb0y is right, both those junglers are slow at clearing creeps when compared to someone like doctor mundo which makes stealing their camps ideal.

Its also worth mentioning that both warwick and fiddle are very good at standing their ground. Their damage and healing is very high when you try to fight them head on. However warwick and fiddle pre level 4 are pretty terrible at counter jungling meaning they're not about to invade your jungle and kill you. Since they're both slow clearing and there's not a threat of them coming after to you, their is no pressing reason for you to "need" to kill them in their own jungle other than "I feel like killing them". Which is why taking their creep camps is easiest and most ideal way to go, they will be behind in level making their ganks less potent and it will postpone their lv 6. Also because their counter jungling is poor you don't really need to worry about them returning the favor.

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You dont need to kill them. It isnt worth the risk. Instead, they both start at blue, so you can easily grab their RED before they can even get there. This hozes them pretty handily, especially warwick.

Just make sure after taking their red and ganking that you go B and go right to your red. When they get to their missing red, they will likely try to take yours. So if you linger up top and then leisurely go back bottom after wolves, wraiths, your red will be gone.