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1500 player looking for dual Q's and/or team

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Play alot with 1800/1900 friends, in house games.

Looking for more duo partners to play with, and/or a team

I main support and AD bot

I also play jungle and top secondary.

Add me for games

IGN: Lanolaven

Current elo: 1530
Elo high: 1569

Top 3 champs:
Alistar (100games played) 51%
Ashe (80 games played) 69%
Caitlyn (60 games played) 58%

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Junior Member


hey i dont play super often, usually a few games each night and the odd day off work that i play a ton. i been sitting around 1480-1520 the past few weeks .
i usualyl jungle but can top and support(and ad carry but my ap and ad carries are meh)
top rating: 1570

top 3 champs:
soraka played in 106: 64 won(60%)
mundo played 69: won 40(58%)
skarner played 59: won 36(61)

just posting here because im not sure if you'd be up with playing with me since i have such a random schedule. im on for most of the night tonight, add me if you wish.