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AP Kogmaw or AD Kogmaw?

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TTT Jibca

Senior Member


AP is outshined by real aps that can do more damage without going oom in like 7 ultis that can miss easily without cc

AD>onhit since you are missing out on so much basic attack damage
he has a free madreds so you dont need madreds itself when you can also auto attack for like 400 a hit plus 6% hp on top of that

Have you seen a properly built ap kog? That poke can destroy teams.

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Mohegun Son



its actually as/onhit kog, ad kog, and ap kog.

Ap kog is mostly relying on his ult to deal heavy harassment and artillery damage. He would go mid. Since his ult doesnt scale super well, he will likely be more focused on cooldown, tons of mana, and magic penetration. Rank 3 ult deals 400 champ dmg which is pretty good when firing once per second (with no cd)!

As/onhit used to be stronger, but with the new metagame ad kog now rules. Ad works beter with offensive masteries, runes, lifesteal, and crits later on. So ad gives a much better early game, despite as/onhit techinically being better dps midgame.


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TFA CaptainAsia

Junior Member


ap kog allows you to spam ulti with large mana reserve and ad kog is a lategame beast. imo on-hit kog is better mid game than pure ad kog but late game ad kog tears through everyone with a long ranged auto attack. also you need to realise that his w also scales with ap so by building ap you can actually imrpove his autoattack. at a decent amount of ap you can hit people and turrets for 10% or more of their max health. This allows for decent backdooring. also his void ooze can one shot an entire minion wave. i find that ad kog contributes a lot more damage than ap kog but ap kog has better poke.