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Need tips on CS

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I didn't read what everyone else wrote sorry.

I can only tell you that I aim for 100 in 15 mins, that's usually good. My cs use to fall off late game, you learn from experience when to roam in mid game to farm and push.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to look at your runes. Having extra physical damage early helps with farming.

Also learning to farm under your turret helps. I usually get 80% of the creeps under turret by eyeing it all out and auto attacking down alongside turret hits.

Also, if you have 200+ 30 mins in, at the elo we are at, that's usually solid.

But I can tell you a lot of people have problems with farming. Look me up at lolking.net, my past 3 games I've had more farm then most lanes combined, and tbh, my farm wasn't the greatest. A couple 20-25 min surrenders. BUt one game as vlad, I had about 148 cs by the time we surrendered which was as much as top and bot combined.

When I was making the turn to being a solid consistent player, the first thing I did was focus on farming. I wouldnt bother poking, just farm, I would even tell my supports not to over extend cuz I'm not saving you. I still do, but having a bad support screws up farm and positioning and timing because farming is a rhythm.

Other thing is you might want to change to champs who farm easily like annie, corki, brand/morg, etc to get back into a rhythm. Corki and annie especially!