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Jarvan IV - How to build?

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I don't think J4 is spammy enough to make good use of Triforce. .

You should take it for the pure amount of stats it gives over a sheen proc, since he is well rounded already it just makes him that much stronger as a late game item

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I build him with mercs or tabi, and in this order : Phage, Zeal, and finish Tri, Giants belt, build atmas, finish warmogs, and then build according to the other teams fed champions.

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I’ve just recently picked up Jarvan and have been playing him top. I tried the GP10 item build with heart of gold and philo stone but found that while his early game damage was very high I couldn’t push any advantage gained from winning the lane because I was buying GP10 items. Instead I began following one of the Solo mid Jarvan guides that played him very aggressively. Here are the basics of the build.

Doran's blade x2
Brutalizer or Hexdrinker (maybe wriggle's if you are really losing your lane)
Phage then Sheen into Trinity Force (don’t get Zeal by itself as its actually pretty terrible for Jarvan)
And finally defensive items as needed and upgrading you Brutalizer or Hexdrinker

The idea is to use Jarvan as a burst damage dealer. Flag and drag on to them to begin you combo auto attack until they are low and finally ult onto them to finish them off (most of the time it really is just that simple as a full combo will easily drop a hero down past half health or kill a low health hero).

A few quick tips are:
In the early game abuse your passive. Whenever you get a chance auto attack your opponent once and back off then wait for a few seconds before trying it again. You will deal a high amount of damage and probably force them to burn pots or back way off.

Don’t level your w (shield) until you are transitioning into the mid game. Early game you shield provides very little in the way of damage reduction and its slow isn’t great. Really all it ends up doing is costing you a lot of damage for leveling it and it burns through your mana quickly. You’re better off leveling your q and e.

Use your ult for damage. It does a moderate amount of damage for a cc ult and when in combination with your other skill you can easily burst down a champion from half health. As always try and bait out flashes or other escapes before you dive onto them with this but don’t be afraid to use it and have them escape. It’s cool down is about half that of flashes so you will get another chance to kill them.

Also, and this is more of a top lane thing rather than Jarvan specific, once you push your wave to the turret leave your lane! If you know the jungler is near bot go into their jungle and steal some creeps. If you don’t know where their jungler is head mid and try to pull off a gank. You have around 2 waves of minions to wait for before you can really begin to last hit so why not use that time to get something accomplished instead of hanging out over extended waiting to be ganked (I used to do this a lot but now I have learned).