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My Lazy Ass Guide To Urgot

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The entire team

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Hi guys. I'm bored, so I'm gonna make a guide about Urgot, which I main as one of my solotop champions. :3 So how about you get reading, please?

Urgot is:

- A ranged tanky AD champion
- Debilitates the damage from the enemy champions
- Great early-mid-game lane bully to a late-game anticarry
- A benefactor for cooldowns and attack damage
- A crab
- A debuffer and a game-changing ultimate
- A spamable damage ability, which makes him a great duelist\
- One of the best zoners in the game

Urgot is not:

- A ranged AD carry champion
- A beneficial choice for attack speed
- Squishy early game
- No early-game escape (except Flash, but everyone nowadays takes Flash)
- Mana-hungry until later in the game
- Can't apply on-hit affects
- Not the best attack range and hardest to use out of all the ranged AD champions (around the same as Vayne)
- Best at a solo-lane
- Underplayed, flamed on by other people and used wrongly (Berserker's Greaves on an Urgot? NOU!!)
- Strict build to follow

So "what is this" you may be thinking? A guide to Urgot, the Headsman's Pride, which I think is the champion that is built and played the worst. I see people in game playing Urgot as an autoattacking carry, with Berserker's Greaves and Youmuu's Ghostblade (maybe for kiting, but for only 4-8 seconds isn't worth much) or full-out tank items like Frozen Mallet and Ionic Spark (the slow on the mallet can't proc on Acid Hunter, and yes, I've seen a couple of Urgots build Ionic Spark -.-&quot.

Firstly, Urgot is a physical caster, not an autoattacker. Vayne, Ashe and especially Caitlyn can laugh at his pathethic range of 425, when the females hold 650 at most. Having this small range of attacking is the reason why Urgot needs a solo-lane.

Secondly, he can only do subpar in duo-bot lane, since he can land his Acid Hunters at the carry to prevent farming, but you'll have the support to deal with (especially when it's Soraka, goddang that armor boost and burst heal).

Thirdly, people build him as a true tank, because they're hoping for late-game anticarrying part of the game. But truth be told, early-mid game is where Urgot shines, so if you're wasting your time on just health, then you're gonna lose that damage potential and become dead weight. Urgot can get away from building slightly tanky, but never all-out tank.

And no, I don't wanna go to Leaguecraft and make the guide there, because I'm not so good with it. :P


Marks: Armor Penetration helps a lot early game, even if they build Cloth Armor. Solotop champions would prioritize armor and health first, so the marks are gonna be handy dandy. Once they start stacking though, a Last Whisper will help immensily.

Seals: Mana Regen is needed for early game, since it's Urgot's biggest problem. Late game isn't a big problem though, since a Manamune will wipe the problem off your chest mid-late game.

Glyphs: Cooldown Reduction can help your harassing power, but it will only help you land an extra Acid Hunter in your Corrisive Charge, which will backfire from early mana problems. Plus, you'll get CD reduction items later in the game, which will make the Glyphs useless. An alternate choice is Magic Resist, which can help if the solotop (or mid, which is the more reason to grab MR glyphs) deals magic damage more than physical damage, like Singed or Gragas.

Quints: More Armor Penetration. Why the hell not?


A traditional 21/0/7 build.

Offensive Tree:

Summoner's Wrath
Brute Force
Demolitionist OR Aclarity
Weapon Expertise
Havoc (only 2 points)

Again, why no crit chance or lifesteal? Urgot benefits from casting physical spells, which is Acid Hunter, not his autoattacks. He would make one of the worst carries I've seen. Acid Hunter will not grant on-hit effects or crits. If you want those on your attacks and abilities, go play Gangplank.

Utility Tree

Summoner's Insight
Expanded Mind

You need all the mana regen you can get for early game. Urgot will be a Acid Hunter firing beast (not really) with lesser worry about his mana. Why not the 10% death time reduction? Because the most amount of seconds you'll avert would be around 7 seconds, which isn't a lot.

Summoner Spells from Useful to Useless

Flash: Why not? Your insta-packaged, freshly prime-cut, get-out-of-jail free card. Your best escaping tool, chasing spell and even a good initiation that works well late game with your ultimate. Yeah yeah, it got nerfed by its distance but it just means you need more timing to get over walls and need to get in closer for the early kill.

Exhaust: The reduction on attack damage, abilities and movement speed is downright crucial. When there is a fed Tryndamere, Master Yi, Fiora, etc. on the other team, Exhaust will pretty much decimate those pesky AD carries. Trust me, the 70% is not little!

Ghost: A great chasing tool for, again, the kiting and killing, even if you strictly use Flash as an escape. Urgot will start crawling faster than a speeding turtle, but get this spell only if your team already has Exhaust.

Teleport: If you need to get back into lane fast or if the enemy is backdooring hard (especially Master Yi)

Heal: For the new Urgots who are just getting used to him. Great as your last-minute "Help Me!" button. Useful in your procedure/role as anticarry with your ultimate. Be careful though, it has a long cooldown, despite it being an emergency. Quite good for duo-bot laning.

Ignite: If you're greedy for that early kill or annoyed by Dr. Mundos, Swains, or Volibears.

Clarity: Need to spam much? The runes, masteries and Manamune will help you immensily. It becomes useless mid-late game.

Surge: Urgot doesn't benefit from both attack speed and ability power.

Every other spell that isn't listed.


Q: Acid Hunter

It's what makes Urgot....well... Urgot! With a fantastic range of 1000, this is what makes Urgot an early game duelist, kiter and bully, especially with his passive. Land this with Corrisive Charge and the range drastically increases, to even the longest, non-ultimate range out there (on par with Varus's fully charged Q). It can hit people when you're blinded, or they are in the fog of war and even stealthed units hiding in the brush. But this skill alone can't get through minions, which can be a pain at level 1. This skill is maxed first.

W: Terror Capacitor:

Gives the soft, non-ultimate CC for Urgot, plus some great protection (320 isn't something to laugh at). The slow can only be accessed if the shield is still active, and it's harder to take out with defense and magic resist. Kiting will be a breeze with this skill (excluding Master Yi). Also, note that this skill is almost close to Ashe's permaslow. This skill is maxed along with Noxion Corrosive Charge.

E: Noxian Corrisive Charge:

Tagged along with Acid Hunter, this skill is downright essential. This skill blasts a target area with acid, which reduces armor by a percentage, deals damage over time, and your Acid Hunters will home in on the targets afflicted by the charge. Without this skill, you might as well cut your own head off, because this is the most important skill you need to land, because if not, well say goodbye to all your missiles trying to hit the target. This skill is maxed along with Terror Capacitor.

R: Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser:

What makes Urgot the fanciful anticarry he is but it requires timing. I mean, while in pre-teamfight skirmishes at middle lane, you wait for the correct moment to swap, while people are throwing their skills at their oppositions. And then suddenly, the glass-cannon carry pops out their head to fire their Q and BAM you flash in (don't flash, if you are already close enough) and swap with them. Your team has one second to get in position and they deals with the carry, while the team deals with you, a tanky anticarry damage dealer that's laughing at the AD carry's face/corpse. While the enemy deals with you, your team would already finish off the carry and come help you out, and whammo, you have won the teamfight. You may have not lived (or you would have), but what is more worth it? Their AD glass-cannon with abnormal amount of kills or you, a tanky crab with a tough shell to bust open? Not even oranges can save you now, GP!

But really, it's a game-changing ultimate and I certainly think it's one of the best ultimates in the game for an anticarry. It can save a teammate from certain death from a sword-smacking AD carry (Tryndamere) or to secure a kill or stop a channeling ultimate (Nunu) or more! But it's certainly the hardest to master.

Firstly, do NOT swap with champions that benefit from getting in the middle of your team, like Amumu, Galio or Alistar. They ulti (or Q for Alistar) and say your call for help would be delayed for another 3-4 seconds. Others would be fed beefy offtanks like Garen (spin-to-win) or AD carries like Tryndamere (you're just retarded if you did so...) or champions who can slip away easily with insta-blinks, stealths or untargetable abilities like Wukong and Shaco.

Secondly, do not swap with characters if you're absolutely sure you'll live long enough to help out with the 5v4 in the teamfight. I mean, if you die, then what's the point of swapping, you only made it a 4v4. So at mid-late game, tank items are necessary.

And finally, if you swap and the carry Flashes out, then be careful. Your priority is to take out the carry (or any other squishy) with Acid Hunters and Corrosive Charges if that situation takes place. Doesn't matter if you die after that, just take the carry out and your team will be smooth sailing for the rest of the teamfight.

Passive: Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter

Reduces 15%, which is really good if you ask me. It's what makes Urgot a good anticarry/ duelist is the ability to reduce ALL damage done by the enemy champions. The enemy carry will have a tough time dealing damage, while your carry will melt the enemies' faces on the floor. Your passive applies with your Acid Hunter as well.

Sample Urgot Build:

1. Meki Pendant + 2 Health Pots is basically your best bet on solo-laning. But there are other options, such as Cloth Armor, Boots of Speed, and even Doran's Blade (if you can sustain your mana). Use the rest of your starter money to buy pots. Try using the other builds for countering other solo-tops.

2. Build your Tear of the Goddess once you b'd first time and into a Manamune, which will solve EVERY SINGLE mana problem at late-game, plus giving a great amount of attack damage based on your mana. For a Q spammer like Urgot, it's perfect. Also, get Boots of Speed and if you can, the Ionian Boots of Lucidity which will have you fire your Q 3 times other than 2 (if you got the MR glyphs). Mercury Treads can work too, if you got the cooldown reduction glyphs.

3. Next, get the Brutalizer, a cheap, cost-efficient item benefiting Urgot, but you won't keep it for long. Grants nice armor penetration and CD reduction. Also, it's 1337 (fear the 1337-ness). Now here is the end of your core build, and here is where you should choose your path.

4. Now sell that Brutalizer of yours. the attack boost isn't that great anymore, since Last Whisper is the better armor piercing item. If the enemy is not stacking armor (like morons they are, or if they don't bother having you falling off late-game as a lane bully), get a B.F. Sword and into a Bloodthirster, which will be your biggest DPS item for all game. If the enemy is building armor, trying to counter you, get Last Whisper, which will prevent most of your "falling off late game" bullcrap ending with a pile of corpses.

5. If you haven't done so, get the other DPS item (Last Whisper if you got BT, vice versa).

6. Mid-late game has arrived and your anticarryingness will determine it all, which means you must start building tanky items to live while getting hammered. I would admit, you don't have much item slots to fill in, so you better start farming and killing to get the money. Frozen Heart and Bnshee's Veil will benefit yourself (the veil blocking Alistar's Pulverize) and cripple the opponents (reduced attack speed makes Vayne cry herself to sleep). Not only that, but the mana gained from both items will benefit your Manamune (a small 17.5 attack boost) by a little bit. It will take longer for the enemies to kill you, while your team pulverizes the enemy carry.

But it's not always the Frozen Heart and Banshee's, since they are just a choice of preference. You can always choose some other items, though I think the heart and veil is best.

Optional Items

Warmog's Armor is the third component of surviving an onslaught of focused attacks (Defense and Magic resist are the other two components). But with this current build, you can only get 2 of the 3 components of being tanky. So decide who's your enemy and what they specialize in. If they have more autoattackers than burst mages or hard CCers, get the Warmogs and Frozen Heart. Get Banshee's if there is more CC and magic damage. But if they have a mix of the two, you're beter off shrugging off the Warmogs.

Guardian Angel is pretty good, if you wanna save your Bloodthirster Stacks. Also gives pretty good armor and magic resist.and it saves you after you swapped with the enemy. Nifty.

Atma's Impaler is useless unless you have a Frozen Mallet or Warmog's. But since the nerf, it'lll probably give you, at most, 60 AD. Also the crit chance is useless.

Frozen Mallet isn't going to do much, since its passive slow doesn't apply on Acid Hunters. If you are truly desperate to chase and kite, use your Terror Capacitor. The health is okay, but the AD amount is just worthless.

That's all I'm gonna put in right now ;-) I'll update it whenever I can. Until then, comment and rate~

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The entire team

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Bump for knowledge, good sir

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I see a double negative there my good sir

Urgot is Not Not the best attack range and hardest to use out of all the ranged AD champions (around the same as Vayne)