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Any new devellopements for TT

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Hi i have been gone for quit a while around 3 months now.
And currently i wonder if there's any news on the twisted treeline.
Anything planned or any new ideas.
The reason i am asking is because since its release date it hasn't seen any changes.
I think this community has been very generous with new ideas how to make twisted tree line better.
So i am asking Riot if they have anything planned.

When i left some of the leading ideas where.
Moving the spawn pool back to avoid turtling.
Making dragon stronger so that it will become more of an team effort.
Making dragon count for less.
Making the jungle more like on summoners rift so we can finally jungle form lvl 1.
And many more ideas ranging from added and removed items, special buffs and more.

Twisted treeline is my favorite game mode i don't like that all the focus is always on Dominion and on Summoners rift.
I would like to see something some change anything really too see that riot still cares about us TTers.

I have more then 2000 games played in the Twisted Treeline

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I agree completely