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[Open RP] Rune War VI

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Rune War VI, chapter 2

Even after able men were recruited and military production was started, there were still people who could not believe that war was upon them, whatever city they were residents of. But after the first battle of this war (later dubbed as Defence of the Howling Marsh) announced its death toll, everyone's illusions were gone. The war machine was in motion without doubt.

But while Demacia and Noxus displayed the fact in a violent fashion, other city-states weren't so eager to throw their forces to the frey. Some looked to make new contacts; some looked to forge alliances; some looked to investigate. But while Bandle City was neither of those, war reached even there - a delegation from Piltover led by the former League Champions had arrived with a large military air vessel, the Sentinel. Its goal, however was not to intimidate, but to seek alliance with the small folk of the yordle land.

Ionia, as always, remained without decision, not making any move from their island chain and keeping their navy at the ready at all times. Not everyone agreed with such a stance - Irelia, a prominent figure among the Ionian military, ushered for immediate action, insisting on the need to define their strength with a preemptive strike against the potential threat of Noxus. However, the most she could get was the permission to perform intelligence on remote Noxian informants - her mission led her to Zaun, where she engaged in the info web of the dark city.

Meanwhile, in the Ironspike Mountains, the rebel forces grew by the day, as more and more joined up with the absolutist faction - the rebels had begun their first movements, making a base for their future goals through guerilla warfare and rare tests of strength. Not all among them were entirely human, and soon enough their zone of influence reached as far as the walls of Zaun, where much events occured. Not the least of those events was the reunion of a certain planeswalker with his long-lost friends.

But the true threat to the land of Valoran was, just as ever, in Icathia - as Runeterran powers clashed, the Void's entities have made their move as well. It was in their tradition to strike at the realm in times of its greatest unrest, during wars or other conflicts; and now, a time for new effort has come. Almost none had foresaw their coming, save for the few who remembered the Rune Wars of the past; and those few that did, stalled the Void from coming in force. However, as successful as they were, the Void made landfall on Valoran in hundreds of thousands. Their plague has begun to spread, ever so slowly.

Here begins the second chapter of the tale, its forces defined and storylines set.

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C's Hideout- Zaun

C laid back in a chair with her feet crossed atop a table with a small candle lighted to its side. Elegant pictures within gold and silver frames, suits of gold inlaid Demacian rune-armor and piles of gold coins and gems of all colors lay heaped in one corner like garbage. C flipped through some of the pictures she had stolen off of Irelia. Beside where she was sitting a wizard staff was propped leaning on the wall. Behind where she was sitting was a deep pit with its mouth grated with a thick mesh. A squeaky voice echoed up from its depths as she finished looking at the pictures. "Know that if the tables were turned I would show you no mercy!"The voice said."Shut up or I'll forget about our deal." C threatened to her captive. "DEAL!? What you ask for is impossible even for a great and powerful wizard such as myself. I would need to invoke magic that only exists in but a few remaining objects across the entire world! Even if you could I can't think of a vessel that would be able to hold such a fragment." "You let me worry about that." C said. "You just make sure to hold all that terrible magical energy in or you'll never escape here." C sits up and casually drops the photos down onto the wooden table. She walks over to a large human size container across from where she was sitting. Carefully she opened it, unlatching two bolts on both sides. Its lid sprung open and inside a metallic female form could be seen, separated in segments.The machine inside was deactivated and fully depleted of energy as C had made sure of before. C smiled before checking her watch. She had to get going.

The Sentinel-Above Bandle City

Rumble joined the rest of the Piltover military as the Delegates landed. The Revered Inventor stood at his side. Using an invention of his own Rumbles voice was amplified tenfold and echoed throughout the lobby. "Salute!" he said as all Copters landed.

Voodoo Lands- Petrified Forests

Tho’go ran across the barren wastes for the better part of two days and upon the coming of the second night he was nearing his destination. The petrified forests of the voodoo lands awaiting him. Undeterred by the forest Tho’go trudged on through mist that obscured much of what lay ahead. “Master” Tho’go said once, his voice still garbled and unused to speech. Tho’go went on like this for some time until a low grumbling sound surrounded him. Bracing himself for attack Tho’go scanned the mists for the source of the utterance but could find nothing. Then from behind him a great beast lunged at him with a mighty roar. The beast was atop of Tho’go before he could turn around and would have swiped at him if he did not void walk out of the beasts grasp at the last second. Tho’go did not know it but he was facing a wild shadow bear, infamous creatures native to the region. Tho’go hissed at the creature as it stood up on its hind legs making itself as large as possible. It roared at Tho’go expecting the bug creature to flee. Tho’go charged at the creature bearing his claws as he jumped for the bears face. The shadow bear brought its clawed paw down in an arch to swat at Tho’go. Just before the bear's paw impacted Tho'go void walked again appearing behind the shadow bears paw and landing on the side of its face between its shoulders. Tho’go lashed out clawing and biting at the thing’s face to draw blood. The shadow bear roared and grabbed at Tho’go, grasping one of Tho’go’s legs and tossing him away. Tho’go was in pain as he landed. His leg was crushed, bleeding thick purple blood. In a blaze of fury the shadow bear charged at Tho’go, pouncing on him. The shadow bear hit the ground with a thud, seemingly crushing Tho’go. It rose itself up thinking that it had slain the strange bug creature but it did not see its body. Then the shadow bear felt a sharp pain within itself. The bear clutched its stomach before collapsing to the ground, dead. Soon after, Tho’go burst out of the shadow bear’s back covered in gore. Tho’go posed itself over its slain enemy before proceeding to devour it.

((This last bit happens only if the person who controlled Kassadin wants back in.))
Meanwhile at the Gray Order Village…

Annie’s room was back in order thanks to her mother’s magic. She looked over Annie, who lay sleeping soundly. Silently she closed the door to her room. No sooner had the door closed Annie opened her eyes and fumbled for something hidden under her bed. With a silent giggle she brought out a small doll that looked oddly like Kassadin except that the doll was missing Kassadin’s iconic mask. She hugged it tightly and put the doll beside her bear Tibbers who watched over her dreams.

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Rebel Base: Audience Chamber.

Avengard sat at his desk, reports of a skirmish between Noxus and Demacia had jsut recently come in. Avengard smiled, as long as they keep fighting themselves then they will slowly kill each other. If needed the rebels would attack to finish off the weakest, make a pact with the survivor only to turn on them later on. The chances of that actually happening were slim.
He let out a sigh, he was curious as to how Shraidos mission was going on but didn't want to risk looking through the shadows incase it set off some sort of magical trip wire that could be traced back here. The blockade on the trade route had given the rebels armor and provisions. Avengard could tell Alexander was not pleased with this assignment but continued to do it out of simple loyalty.

He decided it would be time to partially make seige weapons for the next major part of his plan for Zaun.

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Ask Warwick

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Warwick stalked through the streets of Zaun, a dead deer carcass dragging along behind him leaving a trail of blood. The guards knew to stay away from him unless they wanted to become his next bloody meal. Mercs had invaded his home. As long as they stayed away from him, he would leave them be.

After the Institute fell Warwick was free from the shackles they had placed him in, restricting his hunting to just tiny animals. He growled at the memory. But now, now people knew to stay out of sight if they knew he was on the hunt. Anyone trespassing in his area was considered prey. He had once caught a few yordles hiding from a beast, he offered to help them hunt it. He succeded, he then turned on the yordles, oh how their screams pierced the night air... It was beautiful.

He approached his home, deer still following behind him leaving its bloody trail.

((If I'm doing anything wrong please tell me.))

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Sparky has found Azeal and brought him to their room in the Toxic Brew, where he treats him to make sure he survives. His recruitment has already caused a lot of people to leave Zaun and head for the mountains, seeking this new power that will bring them peace. Of course some probably plan to cause trouble, but the Rebels can probably deal with those easily. Shraido has completed his guard count and rotations, and is now busy with finding a weak entrance to the city in the sewers. No wonder Twitch is insane as hell. The sewers stink and most of the creatures inside have been affected by the environment. He fights off a couple of giant rats (probably relatives to Twitch), then heads for the the edge of the city in the hope that one of the opening ends outside of the walls. Sparky sits on a chair while Azeal lies on the bed.

Sparky: "So you encountered Irelia, who recognized the female prisoner. But before you could try to explain, some other female caused a lot of commotion, which caused Irelia to nearly kill you and take the prisoner."

Azeal: "Yes, talk about bad luck. What do we tell the guards that want me to report the situation of the prisoner tomorrow?"

Sparky: "We tell them she has been handed over to Irelia. Even after the fall of the Institute of War she should be an important enough person that they will accept that. And if they disbelief we'll just have to run. We're nearly done with out mission anyway."

Azeal nods and stares at the ceiling, while Sparky keeps watch.

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Ask the Janitor

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Cho'Gath - Institute of War - Caverns

Cho'Gath groaned as the battle above him ceased. Rocks have been collapsing on him all day, and it showed no sign of stopping...until now. He had to be impressed by the technology of this world, though. Judging by the muffed, delayed sounds of the explosives, the battle was far away from where he currently was...but close enough to cause the cave to partially collapse. Unfortunately, he still couldn't get out. This world had impressive technology to slaughter itself.

The Void did not need technology to murder, though.

Irelia - Zaun - Somewhere in the city

Irelia sped through the city, barely noticing her surroundings. Her heart pumped as she thought "How dare a lowly thief steal from me, of all people?" Under normal circumstances, she would have noticed the strange sight of a wolf dragging a deer through Zaun as it zipped past her, but her mind on the photos, she gave it no attention. She did notice that stupid janitor tagging after her, barely panting as her three guards, Mako, Sid, and Kressia, were groaning in pain and exhaustion. Hmph.

She stopped at the location of the door, which happened to be above the headquarters of some rebel agency.

"Kressia..?" she murmured. The Kinkou ninja nodded, sweat still gleaming on her brow, and chucked a ninja star at the door.

Annette the ex-Janitor - Zaun - Somewhere in the city

Annette bounded after Irelia, her steps barely echoing off of the dirty, icky, roads, when suddenly she came into a comical halt and stared at Warwick dragging his bloody deer carcass.

"Hey! Warwick~!" she called out. "You know that if you did that in the League, I'd kill you..! Man, did you let go of your manners as soon as you're out of my sight? C'mon man...er wolf! You gotta have at least some cleanliness, or else the ladies won't like you~! There's a reason why Ahri doesn't want to have se-...well, you get my point. Promise me you'll clean yourself better, mmmkay?" she winked, and bounded away, easily catching up to Irelia and her bodyguards without breaking a sweat.

Annette shook her head as she hopped onto the roof of the headquarters. She mused that while Warwick did not belong at all to her priority list, he could still make it to her regular list...

Kressia chucked a ninja star at the door. "Ah, checking for traps?" Annette beamed. "I don't think that's a great idea, since I am pretty near to the door...hey, is that why you chucked it right now?"

Irelia glared at Annette. "Like you need help trying to escape an explosion...I still don't get why you didn't easily escape from that yordle..."

Annette whined "The ropes were really tight...!"

She heared Sid whisper to Mako, "She's sooooooooo cute. Better butt than Kressia, you think?"

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Mogron Pass
The journey through the pass had taken longer than expected, as the road that cut through the mountain had partly collapsed. The rocks were coated in a thick layer of fog, inhibiting Valem's vision immensely. As he walked, he almost felt as though someone was watching him. He suddenly had a strong urge to duck, and as he did, a large sword cut through where his head had been just moments ago. He turned around to face his adversary. A large man in cloth armor with a small shield and a broadsword faced him. He recovered from his swing and struck at Valem again. Valem rolled to the side and pulled out his sword, countering his enemy with a poisonous blast. The man fell over, coughing loudly as he gasped for breath. More people appeared behind him. They were carrying weapons ranging from blunt maces, to crossbows, and they began to charge. Valem pulled himself off of the ground and began to run. He soon realized that the people behind him were gaining ground, so he turned around. Time seemed to slow as he saw bolts streaking towards him, when suddenly, they just stopped. He felt his body go limp, and his feet leave the ground. Energy swirled through him as the arrows evaporated into purple energy, and shot back at his assailants. The people holding the crossbows fell to the ground, screaming in agony as the life began to fade out of them. Valem looked up at the remaining foes who began to charge at him. Almost instinctively, he raised his hand in a defensive position. The air around Valem began to twist and swirl as a large shield appeared in front of him. Three of the men could not stop in time and ran into the abyss, becoming vapor. With only a few reinforcements left, Valem's enemies began to retreat.

"Fall back!" He could faintly hear. With his remaining energy, he descended to the ground, causing large ripples of energy to tear through the rock towards the bandits. As his vision began to fail him, he heard screams of terror. Then, nothing.

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The Sentinel, above Bandle City

Poppy hops out of the copter, looking around the large ship from the place she is at. Turning to face Rumble and Heimerdinger, Poppy bows towards them. "Inventors. What brings you back home to Bandle City?" She continues looking around, admiring the quality of the work.

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Ask Vayne

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Chaos and order stand opposite each other, yet exist side by side. Where one cannot exist without the other, both manifest as a revolving cycle. As one dies off, the other takes over and holds the world in its clasps. The battle between Demacia and Noxus signalled the end of the ever fragile peace that had existed and would only serve to further fuel the flames of hatred. Though this battle had just ended, the war was far from over...and my fight had just begun.

Eastern Ridge, Sablestone Mountains - 500 Miles West of Bandle City

A cool mountain breeze caused strands of purple and black to dance wildly, landing momentarily to brush against Fiora's cheeks before lifting again as a second gust caught them in its grasps. The armored girl stared off into the distance towards the eastern flat lands ahead of her. Though Bandle City was far out of view, she felt the presence of a Piltover airship landing in the Yordle city.

The gears of war are beginning to turn. This peace will be but a temporary calm in the storm. She thought to herself as she began to kneel to the ground, giving off the sound of metallic plates shifting as she bent her armored knees.

Her eyes swung open to reveal swirls of blue energy imposted on icy blue orbs. Holding out her right hand, she channeled energy thorugh it, surrounding it in an aqua blue aura. Narrowing her eyelids slightly, she pressed the outstretched hand onto the ground, causing a white rune circle to form in front of her.

The ground around her rumbled as dirt began to rise before flowing downwards from a central point. As the dirt cleared, an onyx pillar emerged covered in glowing green rune symbols. The rising pillar rose above the purple haired girl's level, towering over her before halting its ascent. As the dust cleared, she looked up at the tower and sighed in relief.

She took a few steps forward to stop in front of the pillar before holding out her left hand to touch the smooth onyx surface of the pillar. A wave of energy resonated throughout the pillar as her fingers made contact before a small star shaped light appeared on its surface.

Holding up her armored right hand a green colored crystal embedded into the gauntlet began to glow brightly. She reached over to touch the crystal with her exposed left hand before pulling back with a sweeping motion, causing a wave of green energy to follow the path of her exposed hand. A star colored crystal glowed brightly in the palm of her left hand as she held it up to her face to examine it with a look of sorrow.

"I'm sorry, Selendis. But you'll have to stay here for a while. Please, heed my call and aid me when the time comes." She said bitterly in a low voice.

As she pushed her hand towards the pillar, the crystal glowed brightly before launching forward through the air, entering the star-shaped light that had appeared on its surface. A second wave of green energy now resonated through the pillar, surrounding it in a brightly glowing aura. As the brilliant light began to fade from the pillar, a second rumble filled the air as the onyx pillar began to descend into the ground. Seconds later, silence filled the air again, save for the howling of the mountain wind, and the ground returned to its original form, appearing as though nothing had touched these hills in years.

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Bandle City

Heimerdinger stood stroking his moustache idly, perking up as Poppy landed aboard the flying fortress. His good spirits were cut short as Rumbles latest invention managed to surpass the auditory capacity of his eardrums, and he turned to the fellow inventor for a moment. "I implore that you turn that infernal contraption down, Rumble!" He said sternly, before turning back to Poppy and smiling again. "Salutations, Ambassador Poppy! As you can no doubt discern, we at the Yordle Academy of Science have recently shipped our greatest triumph, the Sentinel. It makes Zaun's outdated Lead Zeppelin look like a pile of dispensable waste, don't you agree?" He gave a satisfied mumble of "brilliant" and turned to his colleague.

"I am positive you are able to inform her of the gravitas of our visit?" He questioned.