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Will of Ionia ( Irelia <3 )

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Hello! I’m Summoner Swaggernautz and I have posted one attempt of a story before this (It crashed and burned in my opinion). So, I am here to take a swing at it again, hoping for better results this time around. If you have any critiques or constructive criticism you can throw at me I will be so thankful for it. Anyways, I will leave you to your reading for now! Thanks for stopping by!


Chapter 1: For Ionia!
Ionia and Noxus have one of the most renowned rivalries within Valoran; aside from Demacia and Noxus. And at last, the long awaited match between the city states was taking place on live television. Everyone in Valoran would be watching; everyone in Valoran would be laughing at them: The Ionians.

The direness of the situation didn’t set in until Irelia could fully take in the Ionian base. A horde of purple minions swarmed upon the southern tower and left it in ruins within a matter of seconds. The pack of Noxian dogs stormed through the middle path, the tower lying in ruins from their earlier assaults. And to the north lay the only intact inhibitor, the final bits of light glittering softly into the open skies. Irelia bit her lip in frustration, strong enough to draw slight amounts of blood and let it drop to her chin. Practically dazed, Irelia stumbled off the steps of the summoning pool before she was caught off guard.

“Ionian Inhibitor has been destroyed!” The female announcer’s voice boomed over the Fields of Justice like the roar of a plane’s engine.

Slowly yet surely, Irelia was rocked back into focus and narrowed her eyes upon the remaining turrets rooted in front of the nexus of power. Irelia took flight towards the northern tower, standing faithfully beside it as the first wave of minions took charge towards her. Irelia glided forth with the elegance of her people, her famed blades slicing and dicing the heads off of the purple fiends until piles of riches remained at her feet. Irelia cringed at the sharp, sudden, stinging pain in her shoulder, a stiletto-like throwing knife lodged firmly into her. Irelia tugged it from her shoulders, covering the fresh wound with her hand. She glanced up quickly, eyes locking onto a fleeing Katarina as she gave a rude gesture to the defender.

The turrets made a constant ‘whoosh’ so loud it muted the world around her every time it occurred. Minutes passed of this constant rhythm of minions and turret attacks until her team mates slowly began to accumulate. Irelia furrowed her brows, jerking her head to Karma and barking a question to her. “Where are they?”

Karma kept an emotionless face, slicing through the endless sea of minions that stood at their doorsteps. “Not a clue! Perhaps they backed off?”

Irelia gave a disapproving nod, looking out over the horizon. “They’re too vicious to step down from this! I’m sure they’re waiting for us to step out of line! Then they’ll pounce!”

Varus dropped to a knee, quickly taking down many minions, his arrows slicing through several at once to save himself ammunition. “Lady Irelia is correct! They’re far too savage to resist their need for blood!”

Minutes continued to pass by, the Ionians scurried between the summoning pool and the turrets to play their defensive game. Irelia could feel the presence of her summoner surround her, his power seemed to heighten the longer he remained dormant. It was when the endless stream of purple began to subside when she saw the Noxians stroll up the middle lane, exuding swagger as several runes swirled around them, all differing in colours.

“To arms brothers and sisters! Let our strength never fail us!” Irelia roared confidently, lifting her sacred blades into the air as the Noxians stood by, over watching them struggle against the waves of minions.

“What’s wrong Ionians?” Cassiopeia said in her most seductive tone, coiling her body to allow her to perk up in the air to appear much larger. “Having troubles?” She giggled quietly, lowering herself to throw a poison onto the Wuju bladesman.
Master Yi groaned in agony, the poison seeping into a small cut on his exposed neck. “We must deal with them! They’ll slowly eat away at us.”

Irelia glanced at the mob of Noxians, watching from the distance at the team of mighty warriors struggled to keep in this matchup. Irelia knew that they needed to succeed today; a northern province depended on it. “On my go.” She said calmly, taking less interest in the growing waves of minions.

The Noxians seemed to intent on having a good time with this advantage, not realizing the opportunity they were given when the Serpent’s Embrace left to finish off the bottom inhibitor as it regenerated. Irelia gave a hearty chuckle, her blades flourishing into a golden aura with the tips becoming serrated. “Ionia! Shall not fall!” Irelia weaved through the minions with incredible speed, a dim blue trail falling from her feet as she lurched towards the serpent with a ferocious battle cry.

The Ionians took the woman down before she could unleash a single deadly poison into their ranks, leaving the odds in their favour. “Strike now!” She ordered the deadly speed still evident by the time it took her to get to their ranks. With a flurry of speed and precision, the Ionians took down the elite Noxians consisting of Swain, Katarina, Urgot and Sion. With the five for two exchanges in favour of the Ionians, they began their rush of the centre lane. “Karma! Ensure that our minions remain healthy! Varus! I want to see some heads flying!” She chuckled as the trio made their way to the river within the middle of the arena.

“Lady Irelia! We’ve gotten word that the champion Cassiopeia has been brought back into the fight! Remain vigilant.” The summoner’s voice cut off as soon as it had began, the bond severed as quickly as it was formed. Irelia never seemed comfortable with her current summoner, surely he was abundant with power, though, he was less than encouraging and supportive.

It was when the trio arrived to the inhibitor turret that they noticed her sultry smile and gemmed helmet off in the fog of war. “Careful, Ionians. Enemy at 3 o’clock.” A few seconds passed by of them hacked and slashing at the enchanted stone until it crumbled around them, leaving ruined gems and brittle stone in their wake. “Inhibitor! Let’s wrap this up!”

Irelia couldn’t help but keep an eye on the lurking seductress, something seemed to passive about her decisions. Irelia considered the thought of her being scared into passive play. But that didn’t seem the Noxian way to fight. It took a few seconds before Irelia realized the horrible reality of the situation they were in. “Ionians! Out! Out!” Irelia stumbled backwards, the seductress finally lurched out towards them and throwing out cadences and vipers to harm the champions. Irelia drudged through the pain, although, she listened to the Duchess collapse as a blade struck her shoulder. Irelia instantly knew the entire team had been waiting for a chance to strike at them, and they had finally got it. Within a matter of minutes, Irelia found herself losing touch with her physical body. A few moments of separation between her physical and spiritual forms, then finally, she was gently released onto the summoning platform to a horrific sight.

The Ionian base lay in waste; turrets shattered, minions murdered, team mates within pools of blood and finally, the nexus crystal shattered beneath the foot of Katarina. She cackled manically, dusting her gloves off of Ionian blood. “Blood for Noxus! Victory for Noxus!” She cackled, striking a nerve within Irelia. The bodies of champions began to dissipate around her, each disconnecting from the field and moving back into the summoning room. There were a few moments of what could be assumed lag between the bond before the remaining champions were lifted into the sky and the arena faded to a black haze.

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Shoulder be throwing up chapter two and three sometime tommorow. Let me know what y'all think! ^^

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New chapter now!

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new chapter plz