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Coming of the Void (Story)

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Hi all, got a great idea of a story for the void champions, (Kog’maw, Cho’gath, Malzahar, Kassadin) which people seem to be lacking love for them so why not write about them. Anyway there are only four and this story is about the possible coming of the fifth, hint hint riot, anyway hope you all like it.

Chapter 1: Shadows in the Night

In the far future, all I see is blackness and despair; there are no longer two worlds, but one. The merge occurred sometime in the past hidden from my vision. These visions have haunted my mind for the past month, even while on the plains of justice they have been insufferable and been costly to my performance. Meanwhile I see my fellow void touched champions happily going about their days unhindered, it seems that I am the only one touched by these images. I would have thought at some point the walker would have approached me, as he is in and out of the forbidden zone any time he wishes to be. For now, I keep these visions hidden within me, fearing when they may come true. My only hope is that there will be time to fight back, rather than the incident with the devourer, where a hole was simply torn through and he burst into this world.

Suddenly I burped and a voidling appeared from nearby, popping into existence. And just as soon as it appeared, the Mouth walked over and ate it up like any loyal dog would. I patted the large creature on the head as it munched away satisfied with the little creature, only a small amount of ooze dripping from its mouth this time. I wondered and cared for this creature, if it had an inclination of what was to become of the world, and what was to happened to it, a void creature brought into the higher world.
One last check, I thought to myself as the void dispersed from around me and I entered the higher world. Walking through the plane took more and more energy each time I walked into each world; soon I would need to take a break. The sights of what were in the void at this time were very odd indeed. There had been little to no activity in the lower world for the longest time, hence why I had remained available to be summoned many a time again but now, within the last week, there had been great disturbance in the void. A great many ghastly and evil creatures had been amassing, and not like normal instead of devouring themselves and fight to the death; they had been grouping up in some militarized fashion.

This was troublesome, void creatures were scary enough, but them working together, that was a nether plane of fear. I stepped through once more, feeling the massive tug on my energy reserves as the higher world vanished and darkness enveloped me. As I looked out into the void, the chaos that reigned over everything and everything I saw a malevolent cloud churning in the sky. I stared at it for a moment only to notice that a large chunk of it was heading towards me. Instead of jumping to the side I simply slashed through the cloud with the newly purchased Lich Bane that strengthened my void sword even more. At this point I heard a malevolent voice laugh which seemed to echo throughout the void.

“Fool,” it laughed, “You think you can stand up to me, Walker? You are nothing but an insect to me.”

“The last person that said that to me ended up dead,” I yelled back to the cloud, remembering the crystal scorpion. It laughed again, echoing even further this time,

“Be gone from my sight, Walker, I do not wish to chase you until your mana reserves are empty.” Little did it know that my mana reserves were pretty much dried up already, thankfully it could not see that far. “Unless they are already gone,” it continued as a deep laugh echoed through the void again. A chill ran down my spine and walked through the rift again, entering the higher world and contemplating the future. I floated slowly over towards the nearest town as quietly as I could, deactivating my blade to not alert anyone, after all, people were scared when they saw an assassin with a weapon drawn, let alone a magic assassin. In my ponderings I was not paying attention and bumped straight into a very large claw. I strained and looked as suddenly the devourer was standing above me as he moved to cover the sun and looked down.

“Greetings, Walker, I trust you’ve been well?” he asked in a very gentlemanly sort of tone.

“Fine, and yourself, Devourer?” I replied hoping he wasn’t that hungry.

“Very well, just enjoyed a large meal on the fields of battle and I was wandering to the shrinking pool, it is very hard to maneuver around these trees with six stacks at level sixteen you know,” he chuckled.

“Oh yes, yes indeed,” I replied relieved, he was in a good mood.

“Chow for now,” he said as his steps shook the earth as he disappeared from sight rather quickly, he must still have his items equipped from last battle, I thought. The thought of the other void creature came to mind again, it was haunting me, tearing away at my brain like some atrocious beast. I would need to investigate it further, but that would require it to be distracted, as it seems to notice my presence every time I enter the void, at least in the stabilized zone. As I floated in Demacia many people gave me a passing glance, not knowing what I was, but recognizing my calm contemplation and leaving me alone for the most part. An outcast I was, like all of us void beings, the Prophet and Mouth included. Our lives were about to get much more interesting as the creature grew in size within the void, I could already feel its tug on the realm, a small biting sensation barely permeating the barrier, yet it was there, and ready to strike.

Chapter 2: Whispering Advances

I awoke again in the night, the nightmares haunting me again. What was it that made me so susceptible to dreams in this area, I thought as I held my head between my hands to apply pressure. I looked over to the mouth curled up on the floor not too far from the edge of where I was sleeping. I half-smiled at the creature then turned and walked towards the balcony of my high estate in Demacia. The king was so kind as to give me an estate to stay in when I was not off wandering to explore some far reaches of the world when I preferred to stay nearby and not have any person bother me.

The city itself was very beautiful, especially from my vantage point. It was located on top of a hill overlooking the main residential area with the palace on top of a hill behind them. Suddenly a bright burst of light shot out of the palace, causing much uproar. It died down almost immediately though, someone had simply disturbed the princess Lux as she was sleeping, most likely it did not go over to well for them. The small lights below made the sky and the ground seem very similar with all the small dots of lights spread sporadically above and below, a fine canvas of calm.

My mind however was trapped, as more visions swooped in upon me, I was not in the mood so I simply drowned them out, a small purple wisp appearing next to me that slowly moved its way into my jacket for me to read later. I could hear laughing the distance, a small fire and party was happening down in the city. I had a brief moment of contentment with the world. Nothing bad was happening right now, nothing could come and ruin this tranquil landscape. Thusly, my mind was not scurrying about with multiple dimensions of thought echoing in my brain that rotated around and around into oblivion. No, today was peaceful. With this thought I sat back down on the bed matt and began to meditate with my legs crossed in front of me, calmly and slowly my eyes closed and pleasant dreams filled my mind.
My mana pool was nearly empty, my mind racing and I surged through another front of brush. I was in Summoner’s rift; a late night call had been laid upon me. My team had just been slaughtered by the angry one that does not die, I was the only left, and my health was wavering above low to none. I glanced quickly to the right as Ryze and his large scroll appeared out of a bush, his health bar was very low and he had a look on his face as if to curse the summoner controlling him. For as soon as he a appeared I jumped through and out of the void onto him and then shot a null sphere from the blade, which instantly silenced and killed him.

As he fell I continued to run, I had very little time left as Warwick was close on my heels, he could smell my blood. Suddenly a massive titan appeared in front of me, it was Nautilus. I knew if the summoner was good I had no chance of escape. However the massive hulk of a man threw his anchor towards me too soon. I jumped through the void as the anchor shot past me, dragging the behemoth to the terrain behind me. I could hear the Warwick’s frantic steps behind me now as I was approaching my base. Just as he appeared I jumped through the void again and into my base and into safety, or so I thought. For as I jumped through the void the malevolent force saw me and closed off the gap to the higher world, disconnecting me from the summoner.

“A foolish mistake insect,” said the voice, “You seem to be spent of mana and health.”

“Why do you trap me here under these conditions,” I asked as I breathed heavily, my wounds beginning to take their toll.

“To kill you of course,” laughed the voice, “Why else not.”

“Maybe you would want to shut up for a second,” I yelled as I shot a null sphere at the cloud in a feeble attempt to stall to regain enough mana to rip through the void again.

“Foolish mortal,” replied the cloud as it simply tore the null sphere to pieces and laughed, “Those foolish tricks won’t work on me.”
My mana was full enough now, if I could time it right I could go back to the rift without being in enemy danger and return to the fountain to heal.

“Now, remove this insect from my sight,” echoed the voice as a pair of massive beasts descended upon me from above. I surged all my remaining mana into what I could muster and tore through the void fabric and back onto the rift. I had timed it right and landed back onto my team’s fountain, slowly repairing my wounds and filling my mana pool again. However I was too later for the battle, as our nexus was torn apart in about three seconds on my return, someone had fed Tryndamere again.
After the battle and during the disarmament of items Warwick walked up to me, here comes the gloating, I thought.
“Where did you go after that last rift walk, I lost my scent and smelled something completely awful,” he asked.

“I was trapped in the void and disconnected for a few seconds,” I replied surprised as there was no gloating.

“I didn’t know you could be trapped in there,” he said puzzled.

“It wasn’t me who trapped myself there,” I replied as he walked off. I turned my blade off and stretched my arms as I removed the Summoner’s items and replaced them with my own, woe the day a Summoner bought a sunfire cape as Kassadin of all things.
As I left the rift I walked slowly and alone, again, as I pondered what had happened. The cloud was more than just a simple void beast, that much was true, it was actually able to control the void and manipulate it, similar to myself, yet more powerful. I was beginning to get worried with its intentions.

Suddenly a wild yordle popped out of a bush and rolled on the ground for a few seconds in front of me. I stared at it for a few seconds confused, as it looked like a gigantic hat. Suddenly the hat shrunk and it fit promptly onto Lulu, a rather new yordle to the rift.
“Hi!” she piped up as she looked up at me with a rather happy smile.

“Hello there,” I replied back. This was a mistake. As I spoke my usual strange tone of voice became apparent to her and she became scared and twirled her wand in the air. A sudden feeling of shrinking came over me and I was looking up at her as she ran away, a small pixie following her. I lifted one of my arms up and saw that I was in fact, a squirrel. I sighed and I popped back up to my usual self a couple second later. I slowly floated alone in the bright sunny day into a large field of flowers. As I passed by one of the flowers it suddenly turned purple and died. I stared at it intently and worried as this was not a natural occurrence.

I looked around the prairie for a few moments and noticed a pattern. The plants were not very healthy looking, the trees especially. The flowers on the ground were discolored and bent over at the stalks but the trees themselves were disfigured and discolored, some of them simply falling over and breaking to pieces. I spied in amongst them a face and a moving tree, Maokai, I could only imagine what he was feeling. I floated over towards him and looked up at him for a second.
“Greeting sir,” I said after a moment.

“Ah! What!” shrieked the tree, very unusual behavior for him; he even swept his branches away from me as I spoke.

“Easy there big guy,” I said as I backed up a little, “What’s the matter?”

“This feeling, darkness, pain, suffering, death, destroy the higher world,” he said as a mysterious voice took control of him. I backed off a little as the tree was frantically moving about in erratic motions. I pulled out a sensory crystal I keep on my person for the Demcian medical team, and I placed it in a small hole of his bark as I swept my clothed finger across it, making it glow.

I walked off from the ailing tree and heading back towards Demacia with worry on my disfigured heart. The extent of the creature was beginning to show now, as a walked through a couple more blighted areas on my return journey. It was starting, the destruction of the higher world.

Chapter 3: Rising Darkness

I awoke to light of day streaming to the windows, the heat had awoken me from my sleep, and not my visions for once. The Mouth was already wandering around at other places as he was missing. I burped as I stood up and a voidling popped up from the bed matt. It squeaked and waddled around for a few seconds. I stretched as I stood up and the voidling follow me towards the balcony. I looked out over the city in the bright light and noticed that all was not well.

There was an aching feeling in my gut. I pulled out the prophecy that had appeared yesterday and gazed into it. The purple haze enveloped me and I gazed into it. I saw the Walker running from a malevolent force, an evil black cloud floating in the void high in the sky, growing in power. I then saw the Walker, in the higher world, and his encounter with the evil treant. I immediately pulled myself from the cursed haze and was breathing deeply and quickly at the horror. The Mouth was standing next to me again munching on the voidling which had spawned recently. I patted the Mouth on the head and said to it,

“The time to meet with the Walker has come.”

“Time to feed?” asked the Mouth as it wagged its tail.

“Not yet,” I replied as I turned away from the balcony, clutching my lucky dagger.
“You’re sure this is how you found him Kassadin,” asked one of the Medics as Maokai was restrained by chains on the ground, he had been yelling and screeching for the past hour, trying to break free.

“I came across a blighted land and saw him in a small batch of trees,” I replied, “I did nothing else since.”

“Very well,” replied the Demacian, he turned away and went back towards the screaming treant.

“Foul beasts! Release me! You know nothing of the torment that awaits you! Oh please don’t hurt me,” yelling Maokai, his voice and emotions shifting into many different tones and voices.

“He seems to be possessed by some ancient spirit,” said one of the wizards nearby consulting with the rest, although doing nothing other than talking.

“We possibly remove it using a powder of some sort,” replied another who was looking over a very old looking book. I was getting very annoyed very quickly as the amount of solutions being said and the amount of solutions being used were very different. No one was doing anything other than talking about how to fix him, and not doing anything. The crowd was reaching and uproar and my anger was building very rapidly. My blade turned on and it began to tremble from my rage of the ever increasing noise. Suddenly my anger bubbled over and I yelled out,

“SILENCE!” I threw a null sphere onto the ground and crowd became instantly quiet as the void’s energy silenced their voices. The talking ceased thereafter and everyone gazed at me in disbelief.

“This is not an old enemy of yours,” I said aloud, “This is a brand new foe, from the void.”

“From the void,” replied and old man holding one of the books, he then closed it and looked back at me, “How would you know.”

“I am called the void walker for a reason, sir,” I replied.

“Then how are we to know you aren’t part of this foe,” replied the wizard, I was taken aback, “How are we to know that you aren’t helping it, scouting the higher world for it.”

“You would think that I would help an enemy from the VOID?” I yelled in reply, my anger building again, “I would never even THINK of helping anything from that ghastly place.”

“How do we know you’re not lying? We live in dangerous times filled with many dangerous characters, you could be lying for all we know.”

“Preposterous!” I yelled as I threw a force pulse in anger indirectly spraying it onto the ailing treant. However something marvelous occurred. As the crowd backed up in fear the tree quieted down. They all suddenly looked at him as did, my chest still pounding from my anger of accusations. The tree slowly stood up and scratched his head; he then looked at the chains binding him.

“What lunacy is this touching me,” he said as he snapped the chains without a heed of effort as he stood up. A small sapling suddenly screeched from under a small tree and everyone dispersed. The tree simply lowered his arm and the sapling ran up and jumped onto his shoulder contently.

The crowd began clapping as I calmed down and my blade retracted. The tree then laughed and walked off slowly, crunching his way along and disappearing back into the forest. As I began to leave the wizard who accused me gave me a distrustful look as I passed him. I looked forward and saw the shiny city of Demacia ahead of me. Suddenly however there were two champions in front of me, blocking my path. It was the Prophet and the Mouth, two other void sufferers. I slowly floated towards them, I saw the Prophet burp all of the sudden and a voidling appeared from nowhere, giving me a slight twitch in the head. I chuckled as I saw the Mouth quickly eat the voidling almost as soon as it spawned, the creature seemed content as it sat there wagging its tail.

“Walker,” said Malzahar in greeting tone, no other voice fluctuations present, odd for him.

“Prophet, Mouth,” I replied as I nodded my head to them, “What brings you here.”

“I saw what you have seen many a time this morning, the time for conversion is now.”

Oh god here he goes again about the void team unite, I thought as I walked past them, pushing my way through the middle.

“Walker you can’t ignore it this time,” he said again, “It’s been in your dreams hasn’t it.” I stopped when he said that. “Eating away at your soul, evil thoughts lurking in the back of your head, darkness, emptiness, loneliness, fear, hatred, destruction, all of these thoughts; haven’t you ever thought why?”

I stopped and pondered for a second. What he was saying was true. All of it. The presence in the void must be affecting us all. I waited for him to speak again, as I knew he would.

“Why must you ignore these things,” he continued, “You can’t hold them in forever.”

“Maybe I can! Maybe I stronger than you want to believe I am!” I yelled back, all the years of him bashing me beginning to build rage.

“Are you really bringing this up right now? There is an enemy out there, and he is constant gaining strength, it is leeching into the higher world more and more every day!” he yelled back at me.

“Maybe you should go fix it then since you are obviously the best void…thing!”

“You assume I’m trying to argue you here, I am asking for your help,” he replied lowering his voice a little. He seemed earnest this time, he hadn’t ever been on that well of terms with me, but now, he seemed to believe what he was saying for once.

“What do we need,” I replied, cooling off, trying to be on his side for once.

“Consultation and exploration of the extent of the damage and how to fix it,” he said as he walked a little closer to me, the Mouth following obediently behind him.

“I assume I am to explore the source of the damage,” I sighed, the memories of the voice coming back to me.

“That would be most appreciated, although this time I can tell you what to look for, and talk about,” he replied as he glanced around, the sun was beginning to set.

“Very well,” I replied, the sun was rather dark today, it was not even partially set and it seemed like it was night already, the void break was beginning to grab more of a hold, the non-void denizens of the world would soon begin to notice more and more of the torment to come.
“I am darkness and death,” said the voice from the void, “When I achieve full power the higher world will know nothing but darkness and torment. The bringer of the void has come to this plane of existence. What little time it has left. Hahahahaaa…”

Chapter 4: The Burning

It was night time in Demacia now, and there was much disturbance unlike yesterday. There were furnaces churning and fires burning all over the town, a scene not seen since the wars. I as down in the commotion however, for some odd reason I had decided to go see the city, someone said it would be good for me. Of course the Mouth came along with me, voidlings were popping up out of nowhere a lot more often now, as the void began to have a much bigger influence. As I lifted my hand I felt my lucky dagger again, Kage’s Lucky Pick was the name.

It certainly was lucky. A summoner, a pretty bad one at that, bought this item in a game for me at five minutes in for some reason, I was quite scared of what was to become of me. For some reason that game however, I seemed to live through the most hilarious scenarios. Therefore I kept it on me, as a token of good luck, even though I must remove it when I enter Summoner’s rift or anything of the sort.

Anyway, my mind drifted a lot that night. I seemed to aimlessly walk through the town seeing the happenings of the people and the preparation for something I didn’t know what, but people kept looking at me and koggy, as if we were outsiders. We were, don’t get me wrong, more than normal however, no one even talked to us.

I came across an interesting part of town when I suddenly stumbled upon an oddities shop, containing many oddly shaped items and trinkets, most strange shaped. I found one in particularly interesting and picked it up. It was a small snow globe; on the inside was a hilltop with a small pillar on it. However on this pillar was some strange writing. I held it close to my eye to try and read some of the letter when suddenly the shop keeper walked up, it was a very disfigured looking being, looking to be half a man on four mechanical legs, it was Urgot in fact, an interesting place for him be, originally coming from Noxus but seeming to get some business in the enemies town.

“What can I help you with,” he said in his brusque and hollow voice.

“Nothing in particular just browsing,” I replied kindly and returning to the writing.

“That snow globe you’re looking at has quite a history of owners,” he said as if he knew I wished to know more. As if abiding by his wish I lowered to the ground and crossed my legs prepared to listen.

“The first owner of this was actually a high wizard back in the rune war days, a long time ago,” he said proudly, “He was a practice of dark magic and things of the like. He actually came from Icathia originally, or that is the story.”

“Excuse me, Icathia,” I asked as I urgently stood up and nabbed the globe from his mechanical hand looking at it very closely.

“That is what I am told,” he replied taken aback, “Apparently there is some magical force locked in the globe itself.”

“Time to feed!” Kog’maw piped up as he wagged his tail looking at the globe intently.

“Interesting,” I replied, “What does it say, the writing I mean, do you know?”

“Yes of course,” he replied as he grabbed the globe gingerly, surprising for such a fierce champion on the battle, he was quite refined, “It says, darkness covers the light, when fear covers the land, and when hatred fills the weak.”

“Interesting,” I puzzled, “How much will you sell it for?”

“For such an interested customer and to someone who listened to me for once, I’ll give it to you for free,” said the mechanical man.

“Thank you very much,” I replied, still gazing into the globe and wondering of its powers.

“Be careful with that sort of magic, it can end a man,” he said as I walked off, the mechanical legs clinking away at the ground as he retreated back into his store.

An excellent find, I thought, but what does it mean. I was now content with seeing the city and was walking back towards my estate. Suddenly there became a lot of commotion however and I noticed a large amount of fire in front of us, and it was growing. I looked down at koggy and he nodded and we began walking at a quicker pace. As we approached the flames we noticed that the fire was spreading to other buildings. Koggy took quick action and shot some artillery into the air which splatted onto the roof of one of the houses, putting out the fire. The rest of the people sitting around had finally taken action and the fire had been contained rather quickly.

That was not the end however. The furnace had been doused and the street had been quiet for a few seconds but suddenly the furnace lit back up without anyone controlling and it exploded into flame. The fire actually had a purplish glow to it and as I looked I noticed the rest of the furnaces in town acting the same way. The fire stabilized and suddenly a figure became visible. A prophecy suddenly blasted into my head and I saw burning everywhere, all over the city of Demacia, everything burning. As I came back to there was a figure in the fire speaking, it was one from Noxus, but the face kept fading in and out of something strange, I felt a strong presence of the void.

“Foolish Demacians, for too long have you remained the height of civilization, for too long the world has seen you being the glorious one,” said the voice, it resembled the voice from the void almost exactly, but the general populace did not know this, they thought it was someone from Noxus. “In order to establish our dominance over you, allow us to show you the power of fire, the healing power of cleansing the ruling class, to make room for the underdog. Make way for Noxus, and embrace us, for you shall all BURN!”

The figure suddenly exploded and the furnace burst into pieces, spraying flames everywhere. I patted koggy and the head and we simply ran for it, buildings were collapsing all around us, and flame burning everything apart. Everyone was heading for the sea, wading into the shallows in order to be safe. I instead ran up the hill to my estate, koggy did not follow; he could not keep up with me. As I reached my estate it was already aflame on the lower floor. I summoned a null zone and put out the part of the fire by the stairs and ran up them. I grabbed the important documents on ancient void creatures and demons and ran back out the door right as the null zone closed, fire engulfing it yet again.

I made sure the globe was still in my pocket and I ran up to the top of the hill where no buildings were burning. I overlooked the catastrophe. Everything was burning just like in my vision, even the castle. There was nothing anyone could do; only the palace could be put out, it had the most important objects in the city anyway.

I felt a deep sadness as the fires begin to die down; a sight not even a dragon would love remained. Ashes. Ashes everywhere. Everything was burned, everything fallen over, embers were spread in every corner imaginable. Things were still crumbling as the heat burned the very core of the wood and brick buildings, the stone ones were simply burned out leaving only the walls, the rest was blown out and fried, scarring the stones black.

I remembered what Urgot had said about the snowglobe, “Darkness covers the light, when fear covers the land, and when hatred fills the weak.” I fear for the coming days of plotting revenge of the Demacians plans for revenge on Noxus and the hatred involved. I saw koggy slowly walking up the hill slowly towards me. He was fine but was covered in soot. I brushed a little of the top of him and pat him on the head a couple times. He curled up and sat there quiet for the longest time as we over looked what had become of the city, in shock of the power of this creature of the void.

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Its is interesting. Different than what i would have thought i am interested to see what happens.

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Chapter 5: Suffering Fury

I ripped through the void again just in time to escape the scouts inside the void searching for me. However I came out of the void and into the higher world I was mystified. I had found a very ancient civilization. All of the buildings were burned to ashes and there were scattered remains everywhere as well as a heavy fog in the area. This was confusing, as I exited the void where Demacia should have been.

I disregarded this and hovered my way along through the devastation wondering what horrible nightmare had befallen these people. Suddenly however the fog cleared and I saw the palace and I froze. It was the Demacian palace, no mistaking it, and this was Demacia, in all its ashen glory. I stood thunderstruck as I looked around again, all of the fine buildings that stood not too long ago, I was here I yesterday, and now, it’s all gone, it’s all gone.

I saw some people searching through the ashes, their faces sullen and dreary and tired. With no home to go to there was little hope left inside anyone, and in a time when people needed hope, this was a killing blow. My mind now shifted to who could have done such an atrocious act. I floated towards the palace; surely there would be some answers there.
“No!” yelled Garen, the might of Demacia, “I am sure of it, the voice specifically said Noxus!”

“But it wasn’t any voice from Noxus! It was the same evil that corrupted Maokai a few days ago!” I pleaded, trying to make the council understand.

“You have little word here, Prophet,” said Jarvan IV, “Even though your visions allow you to see into the future and know many things, I will take Garen’s word over yours any day of any month.”

“Don’t you see though,” I pleaded again, “This is what it wants, it wants war between the higher world peoples as to weaken them and strike when they are at their weakest.”

“Are we even sure that this void creature exists,” piped up Lux from one of the corners.

“I have seen it many times, felt its presence in the flames that engulfed the city yesterday, and seen its face through the shadows of fear that now flow through this city, it is waiting for us,” I replied maliciously, “It is waiting for us.”

“If you can see into the future, then why didn’t you tell us of the coming flames that would be set upon our city,” asked Jarvan IV, as he gestured to the palace, the black scars of heat had reached even the inner most chamber where they were at, marking the bright white walls.

“I received the visions as it occurred, no sooner, no later. There simply was no time,” I replied sadly.

“Hmm,” he replied resting his chin on his hand in contemplation, “I still don’t buy it; I just don’t have enough proof for my own gut to be swayed.” He seemed serious enough to me, Jarvan was not an arrogant leader, he was a wise man even of his age, and I submitted, as I knew he had thought it threw.

“Very well then, I have done all I can,” I replied as I began to turn away when suddenly I saw a void rip by the door as the Walker appeared and floated towards me.

“Be not too hasty,” he yelled into the room, his voice echoing, “For there are dire things occurring in the void.”

“Kassadin, what brings you to us on this horrid day,” replied Jarvan.

“I exited the void this morning after a night of exploration of the evil,” said Kassadin as he began floating towards the main council, “As I exited I thought I had befallen across an ancient fallen civilization. The flames themselves are not of this world, take a look at your city, it looks not of this millennium.”

“What do you mean,” replied the man as he sat up.

“Go look; the remains are much older than they seem to be.” The whole of the council chamber stood up and ran outside at this point, the bright sunlight piercing through the fog and parting as they did. I myself was stunned. The burnt buildings looked ancient and the remaining stone buildings had all but fallen to rubble, leaving very little remnants of what had been there the night before.

“Noxian magic! Curses to the enemy! Behead them all! We have found one among us let him be the first!” yelled an angry citizen. A crowd of people had gathered around the palace toting Urgot along with them, holding him in chains, the scapegoat of a crime he had nothing to do with.

“Death to Noxus! Avenge us mylord! For Demacian Honor!” the crowd continued to rant as the angry cried echoed across the barren valley as the whole of the city began to poor in from every direction demanding revenge.

“My hands are tied here, I have not enough evidence to sway the mass of my people Walker,” said Jarvan IV as he gazed into the bright sunlight, “There must be war.”

“But you must listen to…” I started, stopping as he held his hand up.

“There is nothing I can do now,” he replied, “Come my friends,” he said as he turned to the council, “We have work to do.” The council dispersed and the crowds cheered as the Demacian warriors brandished their weapons towards the crowd as a sign of war. Me and Walker were the only ones left on the hilltop, staring at the mass confusion and anger in front of us, the only voices of reason in the darkness.

“It would seem that this voice is stronger than we thought,” he said after a little bit. “I think it is time to summon the devourer, he may know what to do even more than us, and after all, he is a void ancient.”

“May we hope that this war can be sated before it starts, as the people of this world do not annihilate themselves to oblivion, before a true oblivion comes,” I replied, staring into the bright sun. A vision flashed into my head, I did not look, as I knew what it was, and I destroyed it without a second guess.

Chapter 6: Monstrous Insight

The thundering outside had not stopped for a couple days now. The intense construction and forging of weapons and explosions of magic had not ceased since the rage-induced war chant. Walker had told me of the information that he had gathered the day before the burning, creating even more worry.

“This voice is more than a voice,” he had said, “It is a being in itself. It lives and breathes in the void, it is the void, and it controls the void. However it has an ability to disconnect itself from the void at any time it pleases, phasing in and out of worlds. The only thing crutching it right now is its energy, it does not have enough to open a portal large enough to get to our world, let alone open one. I would give a fortnight at the most.”

“Leaving us with very little time to stop before it comes into our world,” I had replied, “If we contain it inside the very place it is from, it can be easier to contain it.”

“The only problem is that I am the only one who can do anything at this point,” he replied, “The rest of you may only watch while I am the only one who can physically enter the void.”

“If you could be armed well enough,” I said thinking it over, “Do you think you could slow it down a bit by fighting it inside the void?”

“By the void no,” he replied, “I could delay a couple days at the most if I could destroy a couple of its energy crystals,” he continued thinking it over.

“Let us gather all the information we can before you risk yourself before it even comes through the gate,” I said, “We will need you on this side as well.”

“Has the devourer arrived yet,” he asked as he disregarded my complements.

“I believe he is waiting outside the town,” I said as I looked up, another magical explosion outside.

“Let us go to him, perhaps there can be some insight to be had.”

“Very well,” I replied walking out of the makeshift cottage we had constructed. I was afraid if the devourer was in a bad mood, I did not feel like losing any limbs today. I patted koggy on the head, he seemed to flinch for a second, he then relaxed and began to walk with me; he had not been behaving his normal self, acting almost how he did in battle on the fields of justice.
Now he needs me, I thought to myself as I floated towards the devourer. After all this time and disregarding me as a void creature, my ‘accident’ was not a complete incident, not including me in the group. Bah, his was an accident as well, although far more serious than mine, but nevertheless, the same thing in theory. I sighed, hoping the devourer is in a good mood.

As we approached his resting spot we came upon him from uphill, seeing his entire figure, he was massive, and he was sleeping. The gigantic figure encompassed an entire valley as his head lay on his second limbs, sleeping contently. His tail however was quite adventurous as it had leveled whole rows of trees behind him as it moved in his sleep.

“Do we wake him or wait,” I asked worriedly as he stopped near the top of the hill.

“We need to speak to him as soon as possible but waiting would be a better option, knowing his…appetite when angry,” replied Malzahar as he nestled himself in a meditation pose on the ground. Signifying he did not wish to speak anymore and wished to wait for the devourer.

But he’s nocturnal, I thought to myself as I looked up at the morning sun. I sighed as I leaned against a tree for a few minutes. Thoughts of the voice and all of those void crystals came back to my mind. It was something resembling the scorpion of crystal which moved them. The giant cloud was merely a mass of tentacles stemming from one beast; I had still not seen the beast inside, yet I knew there was one, vastly intelligent as well as deadly.

Suddenly the gigantic beast stirred and I moved back a half a foot and stared it the giant limb it was stretching into the sky about 500 feet into the air. It then lowered it back down and continued its rest, looking quite satisfied. I sighed and leaned back against another tree, I could still hear the sound of construction in the background, the army was almost ready as I began to hear chanting.
Hours later I awoke and stumbled off of the tree suddenly. This sudden movement woke everyone up as the tree fell over from my blade cutting through it and making a loud cracking and crashing sound.

“Did you just…” started the Prophet.

“Yes,” I answered as I stared at the beast that was now awake, and very angry looking. Both of its eyes opened slowly and its multiple arms spread out from underneath it and it slowly raised itself into the air. It towered above us, the shadow engulfing the valley as well as the hilltop we were on. It inhaled heavily then let out a mighty screech which caused me to hear or say nothing for a good two seconds. We cowered in fear as I raised a foot up a little as if to rupture us. It then began to laugh however, and continue as we still cowered in fear.

“You two look like ants from up here,” it chuckled, slowly it began to shrink. We looked at each other than back at him as his head hovered above us. “I’m not hungry this morning,” he continued with an assuring tone. We relaxed instantly and waited for him to shrink down to size.

“Can’t you only shrink when near the fountain or something?” I asked.

“I figured out how to control it, as well as the void presence, it gives me greater control, reminds me of home,” he replied.
“That is actually why we are here,” said the Prophet, yelling up to him.

“I can hear you just fine when you talk normally,” said Cho’gath as he was now shrunken to size and about our height.

“Oh, my apologies,” he replied, “So you have noticed the presence, do you have any idea what it is?”

“Ah, you mean the Plane Shifter?” replied the now small monster.

“Is that what it is called,” I asked mystified.

“Yes,” he replied and inhaled, “Back when I was a ferocious beast without any class in the void I knew of this creature, one of the most powerful beings within the void, besides others of my kind.”

“Others…” I said trialing off.

“Oh yes, we are one of the most common species, if he plans to bring an army, there will be many of my kind here, I was simply able to be the largest of them.”

“Hehehe,” laughed the Mouth as it giggled on the ground.

“You’re so funny,” Cho’gath directed at him, “Anyway, the Plane Shifter is a being of many realities, it but in this plane it took the form of some unknown entity surrounded by a cloud of energy and things of the like, nothing has seen its true inner form.”

“So how would it make a portal to the higher world,” I asked quickly.

“By using its energy of course,” it replied.

“The amount of energy required for that portal though…” said Malzahar quickly.

“Is the equivalent of 9001 tears of the goddess maxed out and then destroyed to harness the pure energy of them," he said exaggerating, waving his arms in the air.

“It’s over 9000!” yelled the Mouth as he laughed on the ground rolling around as well.

“F****** summoners and their jokes, he takes them so seriously, but destroying a few of his energy crystals would delay him greatly,” continued Cho’gath.

“I guess that’s what I shall do,” I replied absent mindedly.

“The problem is this war,” replied Malzahar, “We need a deterrent.” He looked over at the devourer, “Or a very large mountain.”

“Now that is an idea I like,” laughed the beast, “I will go see where they plan to battle and position myself accordingly."

All was in motion, for now. If the two armies fought the beast would surely open a portal during the battle and wipe the armies without a notion, but if I could delay him a little, and the beast could delay them, then perhaps there was a chance for peace. Silence fell over the valley and I looked back to the palace, they were ready.

Chapter 7: Piercing the Void

I was in Demacia's largest weapons cache, all of the weapons used in the fields of justice were gathered there, and I had a crating bench to…enhance some of them. For starters I grabber two Lich Banes, powerful magical swords, I then thought they would not be strong enough, so I grabbed a Rod of Ages as well, and went to the worth bench and hastily crafted them together, created an absolute monster of a weapon. I turned my void blade on and put the two Lich Bane’s around it using the rod to stabilize it on the blade.

I was not even supposed to be in the armory but at this point I heard a group of soldiers coming down the staircase. I had already equipped some other weapons so I rifted away and out of the castle. I then prepared myself for the battle ahead, drinking a couple elixirs and a barrel of Gragas’ best ale for damage and…to lessen the nerves. I then dived into the void.

It had vastly changed since I last came here; there was a lot more activity, as the creature was moving its forces. Luckily it had not seen me yet so I ducked down and slowly hovered along.

If I could get underneath it I can teleport up to its crystals easily, I thought. That plan didn’t work out too well. For as I began to move close to it a pair of Cho’gath like monsters saw me and roared furiously. I teleported past them and began a mad dash away. The ground rumbled beneath me as they chased me like a pair of gigantic wolves, their arms grabbing at the air trying to reach me.

One slammed its foot into the ground and right as I teleported a mass of spikes erupted from the earth. Luckily I missed them as the creatures tore through them and continued chasing me without a heed of pain. My teleport cost was beginning to stack up, so I waited a few seconds for the void crystal to settle. When the stack went away I summoned all my strength and teleported to the top of one of the creatures, shot a null sphere into the back of its head and then cut its head through the hole I had just made. As the creature fell I teleported to the next one and unfortunately it was ready.

As I teleported it dived towards the ground with me on its back. I quickly shot a force pulse at it, slowing it down and then sliced straight through it using my upgraded sword and cutting my way through the body as it landed heavily on the ground. I then teleported away from the bodies and continues towards the massive beast in the sky. For some reason it still hadn’t seen me so I went back into a slow hover, avoiding the other beasts walking around now.

I charged up my sword as I prepared to jump up to the creature, a very long range jump as it was floating high in the void sky. I turned on my Banshee’s Veil and focused the power at the bottom of it. I then charged up a large null sphere and rested it on the end of sword, the whole mass of energy spinning around rapidly.

Then I sprung, shooting the sphere into the ground which blasted me into the sky. As I reached the height of my jump I teleported the furthest distance I could imagine, draining half of my mana, but reaching the back of the creature. I caught my breath for a few seconds then looked around. There was what looked like electrical lines surging everywhere, all coming from the crystals to the beast I assumed. I followed them towards the direction they were pulsing away from.

I then came upon a massive spike shell of crystals, they seemed to be connected to its back and the lines shot energy up to its head. I walked over to one of them and examined it. It was a large purple crystal, it looked normal other than the fact that it had a whirling purple mass trapped inside of it. I looked around for a few seconds, thinking someone would be guarding them, but there was not.

I stared at the crystal for a few seconds, suddenly an emotion over took me and I saw something in the mass. I continued to stare at it, the void ooze inside swirling to make some kind of picture. It was me, when I was a lot younger and…human. I was happy, jumping around for no apparent reason. Such ridiculous behavior, I thought, but then I kept watching. It jumped ahead in years and I was a young man working at my laboratory, I pour some chemicals into a vial and they suddenly exploded, blowing my hair back like many scientists have. It then jumped forward again, to my transformation. I looked away now, feeling regret.

“Such a nice story,” said the creature, I could feel the rumble in the air of the skin below me. “To have everything given to you, have all that you ever wanted, and then have it all dashed from you.” I remembered the wife I had back when I was human before I changed.

“I need none of that now, I don’t need anyone anymore, I am the Void Walker, I am alone,” I replied to him confidently.

“You fool,” he laughed, “You would think that I care about your pride of who you are? You will die with all the rest, but sooner, and a lot sooner since you are here.” The beast laughed and I noticed some small creatures climbing out of small pores in the back, they were voidlings. I smiled, I’ve always wanted to slaughter thousands of Malzahar’s little guys, but this works just as fine, I thought.

“Dispatch of him,” said the creature dismissively.

“I don’t go down that easy,” I said as I charged up my sword. These voidlings were fastet and stronger than normal as a couple jumped into the air at me. I sliced through them barely before they reached my face. I then looked at the crystal again. I shot a null sphere at a stray voidling, disintegrating it and then fired a force pull around me to spray the strays now both Lich Banes were charged, I charge my sword and then cut straight through the crystal.

It shattered, spraying void ooze and crystalized rock everywhere. The creature roared in what seemed like pain as the back of it shook tremendously, I could see the angry vibrations.

“You dare harm me insect,” yelled the creature.

“Yes,” I replied as I charged up my Lich Banes and blade and dashed through five crystals, spraying their contents everywhere. The creatures roared extremely loud this time, the very air seemed to shake. Just then two flying monsters dropped down onto its back, they appeared to be more Cho’gath like creatures but with wings. I teleported back to the ground at this point, costing a lot less mana for reasons I am unsure of, some call it gravity. At this point I focused and teleported to the higher world, leaving the portal open just long enough to hear the creatures rants.

“Void Walker Kassadin, when I find you in the higher world, you will nothing but pain for an eternity!” I laughed as I closed the portal and returned to the higher world. My mana pool caught up to me and I collapsed on the ground spent of energy. I turned my blade off and threw the Lich Banes away; they had shattered in the process of breaking the crystals regardless. I caught my breath for a few minutes as I law on the ground, gazing up at the blue sky. Knowing that I had done enough damage to anger it, and most likely delay the beast, for the little while longer we had.

Chapter 8: Visions of the Void

I was sitting atop a mountainside, one of the few places away from the madness of the newly found war spirit and the noise of everyday life. I had been meditating for most of the day, although I had not received any visions for some strange reason. It seemed as though the void did not wish to reveal anything to me today. Koggy was standing guard as he does normal when I am meditating, he seems to serve the purpose of the animal that normal humans called a dog.

Regardless, my thoughts drifted to the past, and of me and Kassadins confrontations. As leader of a small cult, especially one involving where he came from, he never did like me. I’m not sure why 100% though, I have only asked him to join when I see him up until I gave up a while ago. It would seem that he would distance himself from everyone and everything, trying to be the ‘lone ranger’ of us void creatures.

It’s almost like he has a personal mission to not follow the norm of what is expected. Beside the fact that his accident of transformation came at one of the worst times imaginable, he still seems to resent me. I have only been kind to him, offering friendly criticism of him every now and then, he just doesn’t seem to want to take them in. I should venture from these thoughts, lest they linger during this new plague upon these lands.

Suddenly a vision popped into my head, and I received it graciously, I had received none for the entire day and was bored being measure. It was Kassadin, fighting the great creature in the void, he had broken some of the crystals and escaped. The vision ended there; a rather short one but good news indeed. I opened my eyes and slowly stood up at this point. I took a deep breath of the mountain air and began my walk downwards, koggy followed close behind me.
I was in the middle of the uproar of the civilians. Jarvan IV had called for a show of all the hard work they had done and the army ready to defeat Noxus. I had given up trying to discourage the idea, as the devourer seemed to have the problem handled at this point.

I was merely here for the special surprise they had.

Another vision popped into my head before Jarvan began to speak, I saw a large mechanical monster, armed with rockets and poison, I couldn’t make out exactly what it was, but it didn’t seem right.

“My friends, my friends calm thyself,” Jarvan yelled to the crowd as the excitement slowly calmed down. “Our day of reckoning is near, as our army is ready and able for battle. The hard work you have done arming and volunteering yourselves will pay off in our outstanding victory. Rejoice, justice is near!” The crowd cheered at the thought of immense bloodshed. I regretted hearing these words.

“We have a special surprise for the enemy, one of their own has decided to be in town for a long time, and we shall take advantage of this,” Jarvan said laughing, “Bring him forth Garen!” I stood in shock as Garen walked up with a fully mechanized Urgot, armed with poison canisters and new rockets, he was Battlecast, and ready. Something was amiss though, as Urgot was from Noxus, I looked closer into his soul and saw a sad expression with pale pupils, he was under a spell.

“We have used the magic of our wizards to use their own butcher against them,” yelled Jarvan again, “Behold Battlecast Urgot, under our control!” The crowd cheered again for a weapon that would slaughter hundreds of warriors easily. I was about to speak up when the crowd began to chant, “Death to Noxus.” I knew at this point there was nothing I could do. I lowered my head and began to walk away; a vision popped into my head and slowly looked at it.

A death covered battlefield, bodies everywhere, and swords laying every direction as the dead and dying covered miles of land, not an overwhelming victory, but a deadly stalemate where everyone evened each other out. As the last man standing stood triumphant, a giant portal opened in the sky, and all became black. I closed the vision and walked away from the commotion back to where I had left koggy. I patted him and he slowly followed me as I hovered towards the army. Giving up on walking, I had tried it for a short while; I found that using the void to hover was a lot easier.

I heard a great yelling over a hill not too far from where the crowd was gathered and floated to a hilltop overlooking a great valley. The Demacian army was gathered here. All the many thousands of them, all cheering for battle, and all na├»ve as a yordle, only one hope remained. If Cho’gath could stall them long enough to talk peace, then there was a chance, otherwise, the void creature was going to come into this world at some time during the battle whether they fought or not. As all the armies of the most powerful nations were gathered in one spot, the entire resistance could be wiped in one blow.

Luckily Kassadin had broken some his energy crystals, whether or not he had enough energy to come through, I knew he had already achieved this, he was simply waiting for the right time. Breaking the crystals was a foolish attempt of slowing him down; they would only reduce his power once in this world by a little. A vision came to me again and I looked.

A dark figure approached with void portal open behind him beast from every direction followed his rule and will. He was veiled in a dark robe, his face barely visible. The figure did not resemble anything human or anything of the void, but something different altogether. Moreover surrounding him was an aura of purple flame, even more emphasize on his hands. He pulled a large staff form his back and slammed into it the ground, spreading darkness everywhere, the vision faded after that. The battle for the survival of the higher world was to begin soon, as the forces of Demacia had begun the many day march to Noxus. The end was beginning.

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Chapter 9: Forces of Doom

I had been trailing the army for some time now, their pace was grueling. Their plan from what I gathered was for them to command Noxus to fight them at their front gate. Noxus already knew they were coming, I guessed, as a random crow had appeared overhead and had disappeared now. I was interested in seeing Cho’gath’s idea of stalling as we quickly approached the battleground. The forces had been relatively quiet as they were stepping over root-ridden terrain and small rocks dotted the landscape as well,

I couldn’t help but feel a strong void presence. I looked to the left and saw a small batch of dead grass that was black and withered, the fabric was beginning to break. We were climbing a short incline towards the plains that surrounded the city of Noxus, the head of the army had still not reached the top. I continued to follow alone, I hadn’t found koggy anywhere for the longest time, I looked around the landscape again, more and more patched of dead grass and a couple trees were present, seeming to have life drained completely out of them.

The army began to slow down and spread out now as it reached the top of the hill, an all stop was called as the army formed up on the hill. As I reached the crest of the hill I saw why, the Noxian army was already prepared. There was a huge span in between them as they stared each other down for the longest time, neither moving or reacting. Jarvan signaled Xin Zhao and Garen to follow, Xin grabbed a flag banner and proceeded to follow them towards the Noxian force.

I saw a small batch of Noxian troops move forward as well, I could not make out who they were from here. A vision popped into my head and looked into it, the purple mist enveloping me. It was a group of six people talking; it was the leaders actually, Swain, Katarina, and some fellow I did not recognize speaking in between both of the armies, talking about the sudden aggression, of the Noxians were confused.

The anger in the Demacians began to mount as the Noxians knew nothing of what he talked about. Garen called them all liars and drew his sword his anger, while Katarina responded violently of course. Xin was the word of wisdom of the group who separated the two; he spoke words of wisdom I longed to hear. His voice was drowned out by Swain, who was dying to get a piece of Jarvan during the battle so of course he spoke aggressively, even though he knew nothing of the incident, the leaders departed angrily knowing exactly what this meant.

I came back to and saw the leaders circle separate, both walking back towards their selected sides. Cho’gath now would be the opportune time, I thought to myself. He was nowhere to be seen however. I noticed Swain make a twirling hand motion and he approached his forces, they all began to maneuver themselves and form ranks, as the Demacian leaders returned, their forces remained intact in one large entity. I floated myself away from the forces and saw a nice hill to watch the battle commence and hope that casualties would be light before either side surrendered, knowing that wasn’t the case, I uttered a small prayer for the world.
The wind was hard on my face as I raced along the march path of the Demacian army towards the battlefield. I hoped that I would make it in time to convince the leaders of otherwise fighting. I saw the back end of the Demacian army and I sped up a little, floating as quickly as I could. I rift walked to the front and side of the forces and saw I was too late; the battle was about to commence as the leaders were giving their speeches.

“Where the f*** is everyone else,” I said under my breath, as I looked around the windswept plain. The air was crisp and a slight breeze blew across it, just enough to make the flags wave in the air. I saw Malzahar sitting on a hill not doing anything useful as usual and I floated that way, he seemed to be out of the way of the battle, as I had no side in this battle as well. Both of the armies were beginning to yell and get rallied for battle as the uproar of noise began to rise as I approached him.

“Where have you been,” said Malzahar in a demanding tone as I approached him.

“I’ve been busy,” I replied disgusted with his tone, “I am your slave or something that I have to follow you around without heed?”

“You misunderstand; there was an opportune time where the leaders were grouped up perfectly to explain things,” he said as he was drowned out by the armies.

“Looks like it too late now,” I replied as I turned around, the force had begun a speedy walk towards each other. Suddenly however someone on the Noxian side yelled out ferverently and began sprinting towards the enemy, bursting ahead of both forces and approaching the middle ground. As he did the earth began to rumble.

A large crack in the ground formed where the soldier had been running and just as soon as he ran out he turned around and ran the other way, both of the main forces stopped running as the crack widened and earth fell in the hole. Suddenly an absolutely massive limb burst from the ground and Cho’gath raised himself into the sky, becoming the true behemoth he was supposed to be, he reached about 1000 feet into the air. As he stabled himself he looked around at the small armies and laughed aloud,

“You would see the world you know to burn,” he said in his aggressive voice, his tone vastly changed. “Foolish insects and your games, you disturb me on the day of the coming of the void,” he continued, this statement shook me. His voice echoed across the plain as not only being much larger, he was extremely louder.

“What do you mean ‘Coming of the Void’,” asked Jarvan as he brandished his spear at the tremendous beast without fear.

“Have you not listened to the emissaries of the void Demacian man, did you pay no heed to the silent sentinels of your lands, they told you this day would come if the armies fought, yet you proceeded,” Cho’gath said as he took a massive step towards the Demacian forces, his tail swing above us, knocking over a section of trees.

“Will you move void beast, we have a feud to settle here,” yelled Swain as the carrion bird in him was beginning to boil over.

“I believe no one asked your opinion of seeing the void bird-man,” replied Cho’gath as he swung around angrily, lowering his massive head towards the ground to get a better look. “Would you like to see the world covered in darkness, sustained by suffering and hatred, controlled by evil the likes of which you could never imagine, and see the world to burn in unholy fire? I thought not,” yelled Cho’gath as Swain himself was silenced.

I suddenly felt a massive chill go through my spine; the temperature was beginning to drop. I looked around and saw more void affected plants and the ground itself was beginning to turn purple in some parts. Some clouds were rolling in from the east as well.

“You have no right to stall our blood feud void monster,” yelled Garen proudly, “You yourself do not belong in this world, so begone!”

“You dare order me,” yelled Cho’gath as he whipped around to face the large Demacian man, “Your forces bring doom to this place if they even touch a Noxian in battle; you’re puny blood feuds mean nothing to me.”

“Move scum!” yelled Sion from the Noxian side, brandishing his weapon in the air and yelling loudly. Cho’gath lost the battle at this point as both sides began yelling at him to move and vulgar statements of the like. Cho’gath tried to silence them all but failed as their resolve was too strong even for his voice to work. I looked up as thunder and lightning clouds began to condense in odd patterns overhead. It was coming.

Chapter 10: Coming of the Void

“Entities of light, forgetters of darkness, feel my power, flow from your hatred,” said the voice from the void. It echoed across the plain as the both sides of the battlefield were terrified. “Beauty of void evolution, begone,” said the voice as a massive lightning bolt struck Cho’gath. He cried in pain as his size was reduced to near human height, blood was everywhere from the excess skin and bones that had just vaporized, he limped off the battlefield slowly towards us. He collapsed about half way there.

A large purple orb shot down from the sky from where Cho’gath had been standing and it floated about half way up in sky. It twinkled there brightly for a second as all eyes turned to it. Suddenly it flashed and two bright purple lines spread upwards and downwards from it. It then suddenly expanded to resemble a hollow ellipse that stood about 1000 feet high and 300 across.

“Fear the coming darkness,” laughed the voice as the ring of the orb slowly pulsed brightly. Suddenly the inner side of the ellipse filled with a purple liquid that resembled Malzahar’s null zone. I took action at this point and teleported to about 100 feet away from the opening of the portal.

“People of Noxus, of Demacia, of the world over,” I yelled loudly, enhancing my voice using the blade to reverberate it over a vast distance, “Hear this call, in order to quell the coming darkness, ban together, fight together, stand together, so that we may keep this world a bright and living place, and that I may not become the void which we so fear it shall be!” The echo continued for about 10 seconds, I made sure it reached other surrounding towns and villages, as to alert other people of Runeterra.

“Void Walker,” said the voice angrily, “You think that even with all the force of the world you could stop the void?” It laughed menacingly, “You will all die this day. Forces of darkness let our enemies know our existence.” The void portal began to shake as it lowered and touched the ground, the dirt around it becoming black, purple, and dead. The portal widened at the base to resemble a half-circle in the sky.

“Stand with me against this foe! If we fall here, the world is doomed,” I yelled feverishly to the surrounding armies.

“Demacia,” said Jarvan IV, or at least I thought I heard him the first time.

“Demacia,” repeated Garen, louder this time.

“Demacia!” Yelled Xin Zhao brandishing his spear in the air.

“DEMACIA!” Yelled the princess Lux as she fired her laser towards the front of the portal right as a large void creature appeared, vaporizing it.

“Come men! For glory!” yelled Jarvan as he charged the portal, dragging the army behind him as void creatures began to emerge. I appreciated his valor but as soon as he began charging a horde of monsters resembling Cho’gath charged out of the portal, screaming ferociously. The pace of the army slowed indefinitely as the beasts stood about 200 feet tall.

I saw Jarvan smile and with a mighty roar he grabbed his spear with both hands and jumped high into the air, with a mighty yell of his homeland trapping the beast under its own weight, “DEMACIA!”

“No one gets to kill him but me,” said Swain to himself, “Come on, if the world gets to keep spinning after this, let us join in this slaughter!”

“For Noxus!” yelled Katarina as she charge forward at one of the huge beasts. I smiled and looked back to Malzahar, who was now just getting up to help. I sighed and blinked right as a huge beast jumped to where I was floating. I looked at the base of the portal and saw thousands of voidlings marching out of the portal, the large beasts stepping all over them, but they split and reformed into two once they were stepped upon. I focused on the large beasts as the voidlings were moving as a slow pace.

I jumped into the air and grabbed onto one of the spikes from creature’s back and landed on top of it, charging my nether blade to full. I blinked to the front of the beast and sliced through its neck, the head falling cleanly off, but the best continued onwards for a short while, falling over just short of the Demacian main force, which was still not spread out yet.

I blinked onto the ground and landed next to the terrifying beast of a man Sion, or what was left of him. He was spinning and slashing through the voidlings, each blow increasing his health and damage. The Noxian force was primarly dealing with the voidlings as they all had changed direction towards them while the Demacians had to deal with the massive beasts. Suddenly however a new form of beast emerged from the portal, and they had wings.

They roared furiously and menacingly as they dived from the sky onto the main forces, tearing hole in the ranks and sending men flying into the air. The creatures formed up in lines and grew in number in each second as they dived bombed more and more, wreaking havoc upon the men below, allowing the voidlings to climb onto people and rip them apart. At this point Malzahar charged in and created a huge null zone, burning any voidlings that walked across it, free up the ground forces from them for a little bit.

The creatures in the air were still having free reign when suddenly I heard a bugle call from a familiar voice. I saw koggy on a floating airship with hordes of Pittlover scientists, all wielding new weapons and guns against the flying beasts, dropping them like flies. Janna was flying ahead of the group and as the creatures emerged from the void, she tore them asunder with massive tailwinds, ripping their wings from their body. The void creatures had stopped for now as many of the people cheered for the airships above, slowly floating down towards the ground as the enemy forces retreated into the portal, for now.

“Glad to have ya, Sherriff,” waved Jarvan to Caitlyn in one of the airships as she beckoned to them from above.

“Hear you were having a jolly ol’ time without me,” she laughed.

“Is that it?” asked Swain laughing in the direction of the portal.

“You fools think you have defeated the void,” said the evil voice, the clouds thundered above, “Witness the fury of 1000 years of hatred, and what happens, when it goes unchecked.” Suddenly a tremendously loud roar pierced through the portal and out burst a tremendous beast, fully clad in armor, covered in blood.

“That’s appetizing,” I said under my breath as the stench was unbearable. The air around the beast seemed to burn as the noxious fumes made many men cough, it was an unbearable stench.

“This aughtta’ be a turkey shoot,” said Caitlyn as I saw the signature red sights line up on the beasts eyeball. As the bullet shot out from the gun the beast noticed it and opened its mouth and devoured the shot in the half-second that it was in the air. It suddenly gurgled for a second and it opened its mouth again and a huge cloud of noxious fumes sprayed into the air and all over the area, blinding everyone, minus the few that had eye protection.

The portal erupted now, beasts burst out of it charging from every direction under the massive bulk of the huge monstrosity, charging through the blinded ranks of the ground forces. The flying creatures began to approach the zeppelins but Janna was too quick for them and tore their wings asunder again.

Suddenly a lightning bolt came from the sky again and headed straight for the wind goddes. Luckily she was fast enough and shielded herself right before the lightning bolt hit and barely lived through the process, she slowly floated over to one of the zeppelins and realized that she was not supposed to rip the beasts apart, for fear of death.

The noxious cloud was making it hard to target the little voidlings jumping everywhere, I missed often as I slashed at them to back them away from me, as a couple were trying to bite off the energy tubes to my sword. I blinked away right as the foot of the giant monster slammed into the ground, trying to crush me.
“Little do they know, that their end is near,” said the voice in the void, “For my transformation is complete, and my forces outnumber even the strongest willed armies. Let darkness reign this day, and the world be forever mine.” The beast laughed as the flying cloud began to move towards the portal.

Chapter 11: The Infinite Dark

The remaining forces of the higher world had formed a perimeter around the portal, tearing anything down that came out from it, even the behemoth had fallen. Victory was near as the forces coming from the portal were slowing tremendously. I had been using my own voidlings to fight the opposing voidlings for the past few minutes while I thought of the future in peace, meanwhile the screeching and scratching of small creatures occurred all around me.

A vision popped into my head suddenly, it was very dark, unusual as the battle had been going well, it did not seem like the void creatures were going to win in any fashion. The only thing in the vision I saw a very large red eye, staring directly at me as if piercing my soul. It had strange striations in the iris as it stared at me, suddenly the ominous laughter continued and the vision faded.
I came back to amidst the cheering of the force, many standing upon or still beating upon the dead corpses of the void creatures as they had seemed to have stopped and the portal closed.

It’s not over, I thought to myself. The sky was beginning to darken further as I looked around. A stronger wind had begun to blow, seeming to sap the very heat from within me.

“Well done folks, well done,” yelled Jarvan IV, blood and dirt covered him from head to toe, but he was still intact.

“Would have been a lot worse if it hadn’t been the airships,” cackled Swain as he gestured to the flying behemoths.

“Just happy we got here in time to join in the fun” giggled Janna as she floated along again, free from worry. However the storm cloud above had other ideas of what to do. Thunder and lightning began to erupt violently and the sky became very dark, a light mist fell over the land, dampening everything.

“You fools think you have won?” laughed the voice from the void again, a chill running down my spine, “You have merely tickled the forces of the void, merely scratched the surface of what is to come.” Suddenly the portal burst back open, this time the outer ring was engulfed in purple fire and a loud ominous screaming noise was coming from the portal.

“The cloud is coming,” I said softly, a couple people turned towards me worriedly then looked back. Slowly one small tentacle came from the portal, feeling the air and moving about randomly, it slowly shook back and worth for a while until it touched the ground, all eyes were on it. It receded into the portal again and suddenly a massive cloud of squirming mass erupted form the portal, a thousand screams bursting from it.

It was a floating mass of tentacle-like objects constantly squirming and moving above us, and that was only the head of the beast, the body was still emerging. New waves of void creatures emerged again, only this time they were smaller, but were equipped with nether blades like Kassadin’s.

“Take it out before it does anything cute!” yelled Caitlyn as she raised her rifle as the zeppelin brigade slowly rose into the sky again, random magical shells and bullets flying towards the beast. On the ground the forces were having a staring contest as the new void creatures were marching out in military fashion, and in and orderly fashion. I braced myself for the battle when I saw Kassadin teleport to the front of the lines and stand in between both forces, his blade was glowing brighter than normal.
I stood ready; any foe in my way would be vanquished. I was the Void Walker, no void creature too powerful for me, no challenge to great. One of the void creatures charged at me rather quick for a foot soldier, dashing left and right of me with great ease, it raised its sword as it charged directly at me. I teleported a half a step to the left as it dived for me and slashed its face in half as it passed me, the limp body falling to the ground as it held my blade in the air.

“Send your best warrior scum,” I challenged the forces, brandishing the dead body of their soldier. A loud scream came from the back of the group as a tiny warrior burst from the ranks, barely half as tall as the normal forces. I laughed as it charged at me. It however suddenly teleported and I raised my blade to block its attack as it appeared above me with such speed I was even shocked. As soon as it attacked it was gone and dashing in again.

The beast resembled the normal soldier only smaller. Its legs were bent backwards at the knee at the skin was purple of course. It was clad in light armor, covering important parts of the body, the chest and thigh area, loosely flapping around as it ran. However as it attacked the armor stiffened and became very spiky, along with the creature growing some sort of biological mask to cover its face for the brief second. I was scouting the strength of their forces to show my comrades and for my own glory of course.

The small warrior was dashing in and out of combat in about a second, I had no time to return a hit, and each successive blow was beginning to hit harder. It teleported above me again and I had no choice but to block it with my sword, the force knocked me back a couple inches as I tried to return the swing but it disappeared as I did. It charged at me again from a further distance and teleported in again, and again I raised my sword to block it, this time the force knocked me back a couple feet.

The creature seemed to attack more and more aggressively as well, the time in between attacks was becoming shorter and shorter, almost resembling the Duelist during her waltz of blades, the thought of this creature being similar to Fiora worried me. It came again and whacked a huge blow onto me, showing its effort, this blow sent me flipping in the air once, I caught myself before I landed and braced myself for the next attack.

This time I was ready, I counter-swung as the teleportation dust appeared and counter-acted some of the force, however it was nowhere near the creatures, and I was knocked back a few feet again. It teleported out again and began another charge.
I’ve had just about enough of this, I thought to myself. I charge my nether blade to full and waited for it to teleport. As it did I teleported myself to just behind of where the creature appeared and slashed down onto it quickly, slicing it in half with a resounding boom. The creature exploded as if contained by some explosive magical force. I laughed at the enemy force which was now absolutely massive; nearly all of their troops were through, at least so I thought.

I turned around just in time to see the leader of the ground forces sound the attack as the whole army surged forward at an alarming rate. I teleported behind the main lines rights as the front wave blew past my position.

“Hold fast!” yelled Jarvan as he pointed his spear outward, pointing the tip of the flag out as well. The creatures slammed into the forces hard, the initial wave cutting through many of the defenders with their fast movements and teleporting to overwhelm them. I glanced up at the sky of the massive creature still emerging from the portal, it was the creature I had teleported onto in the void and destroyed the energy crystals, and they were all gone now.

I went to help the front lines as I pushed my forward past the shields and flying blades. I slashed through two enemies both on top of a small man holding onto his shield for dear life. I let out a force pulse leveling an entire row of the fast soldiers. A brave one jumped into the air and over the front lines, trying to get to the archers and riflemen in back, however a resounding bullet from the air streaked down and blew his guts across three men, who were highly dissatisfied. I nodded to Caitlyn as she briefly saluted me before returning attention to the giant sky creature.

I flung myself at the enemy as I began to build rage for no apparent reason, I slashed through a couple enemies slicing left then right, spinning and firing a null sphere at one who had jumped mid-air towards me. The rage of being under-appreciated all these years began to build within me as my attacks began to slow but build strength. I stabbed an enemy through the face with my sword which knocked him backwards into three others. I spun around angrily slicing through five others as I had successfully moved out of the front lines and surrounded myself in the enemy.

“Useless,” I found myself saying as I sliced through an enemy. “Undeserving the privilege,” I yelled as I spun around furiously, slicing a group of enemies into multiple pieces. “Silent non-believer,” I furiously yelled as I shot a null sphere at an enemy as well as spraying a force pulse into their ranks. “Hereby pronounced enemy,” I yelled again as I cut downwards straight through three foes, their bodies falling in half vertically. “Of the Prophet!” I yelled again as I stabbed the foot of a soldier and proceeded to slice it into seven pieces before spraying a force pulse directly at it, disintegrating it. I then realized all my anger was towards Malzahar; all the years that I had to put up with his nonsense and not said anything were finally coming out, in a rather decent way however.

My rage induced killing ceased as I teleported out form the middle of the group and realized that the ground forces were not doing so well, I saw many dead men as well as the void soldiers, yet we were vastly outnumbered and slowly falling back. I glanced up and teleported away as a huge flaming zeppelin came crashing down onto the ranks of the void warriors, crushing and burning all around it in the explosion.

A massive roar suddenly burst from far in the background and I turned around, recognizing the reverberation patterns.
“You would wish the world you know to burn,” yelled Cho’gath angrily, “I think not!” He ran with sudden speed, his immense size seeming like a handicap, but being an aid as his feet missed all the ground forces yet able to reach the massive aerial beast. He grabbed onto it and began to drag it towards the ground. The tentacles on the beast suddenly began to move violently and scratched all across his body, tearing large holes in his skin, but Cho’gath was winning, as he was slowly eating away at the beasts backside, healing the damage it did.

I glanced back down at the ground forces and teleported towards the front lines again, gracefully tearing enemies to bits with my sword, much calmer and swifter this time. I cut the necks of three nearby void soldiers and then force pulsed them into the fray of their allies, burning them to a crisp.

I noticed however that we were slowly being surrounded on the ground; I looked everywhere and saw void soldiers from every direction. Cho’gath however was simply stepping upon them as he grew in size as him and the aerial beast fought for control of the battle field, the aerial beast losing for now. I glanced back around the forces and saw that the void creatures had backed off for now but we were surrounded. I looked for the commanders of the armies. I saw Swain and Jarvan trying to work something out and I teleported towards them.

“If we send Sion to this side he can hold this whole section off,” yelled Swain.

“Well I’ll send someone with him, what if he gets caught, you should never be alone on a mission,” replied Jarvan gesturing to Xin Zhao to follow.

“Fine,” cackled Swain unsatisfied, “The problem is that thing,” he said gesturing to the aerial beast that Cho’gath was grappling with at this point. I suddenly saw a part in the cloud for a brief moment, a bright light streaked down and lines up with the back of the aerial beast.

“For…..RAKKOR!” yelled a streak of light known as Pantheon as he slammed onto the back of the beast, tearing it to pieces and releasing Cho’gath’s grip from it. Blood and void ooze began to spray everywhere as Pantheon’s massive landing had torn the beast to so many pieces it had died near instantly.

“Cannot…sustain…the hunger,” said Cho’gath as he fell over from exhaustion and landed sideways on the ground, breathing heavily. Pantheon jumped over towards us now, much less destructively of course.

“I heard there was a battle that was greatly outnumbered in foes,” he said very loudly and proudly, “Sounded like the perfect job for me.”

“Glad to have ya’” replied Jarvan as he shook his hand, “We seem to be in dire straight but less so with that beast down, thanks to you.”

“Let us vanquish these enemies then and reclaim glory for this world,” he said as he jumped towards the front lines and began taunting the enemy with his shield an spear.

No credit to Cho’gath I guess, I thought. Regardless, the massive army around us was seemingly waiting for something to emerge, the massive aerial beasts body was scatted across the field, although what seemed to be the head was still intact, and there was some movement from within. The battle for the higher world was about to begin, as only one zeppelin remained floating in the sky, barely intact. I turned on my nether blade and readied for the oncoming darkness.

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Chapter 12: The Voice

I looked around for a moment. The battlefield was still, the wind partially blowing, dirt and blood covering nearly everyone; I even had a small stain on my jacket. The void army was waiting for one thing, I wasn’t sure of what, other than the fact that I had an uneasy feeling. A vision of the red-eyes monster appeared again. I closed it quickly and looked around. Suddenly a high pitch wail came from the portal.

A dark figure jumped out of the portal and landed with a tremendous slam upon the ground. The earth shook as it landed, knocking many off of their feet. It was shrouded in a wispy and eerie purple flame. It was only a little bit larger than the void soldiers surrounding it. The earth around it had turned to rubble from its landing in between the two main armies. It stood up now; its eyes were still closed. It was a heavily armored figure, and very heavily muscled as well, the void energy coming from this one being was more than the portal itself. As it opened its eyes I saw the red eye, the unique striations across the iris burning a path directly into my soul. It laughed aloud as it looked at the army and in the voice of the void that we had all been hearing it spoke in the same menacing tone.

“This is all that remains?” laughed the creature, “I would know that a larger force would have remained after fighting the mere pawns of creatures I sent through, but no, your force is nearly decimated.”

“Watch your tone,” yelled Jarvan proudly.

“Who are you to command me foolish boy,” yelled the creature, “Be silent. I am in search of one being in particular, him being the Void Walker.” There was a hushed murmur throughout the crowd as they search for him. I looked for him for a second as well but realized he probably already gone, coward.

“Here, demon!” yelled Kassadin as he stood atop the dead aerial beast, his armor broken and blood and dirt covering what remained. I was surprised, Kassadin was never one to stand and fight.

“Demon,” laughed the creature astonished, “Only in your dreams Walker. I am far worse than anything you could imagine.” I could still hear the faint clanking of Pantheon pounding on his shield beckoning for the enemy to charge him as the rest of the battlefield fell silent.

“Haven’t you underestimated us enough for today,” said Kassadin as he was suddenly on the opposite side of the battlefield.

“I still have time to,” laughed the creature.

“Enough of this,” I heard Jarvan say, “We’ll end this invasion by killing the source.” He then surged forward and tossed his spear dead-on with a very swift throw. However the beast was faster, as he caught the spear with what seemed like a hand, it was still shrouded in dark energy. He then flicked the spear back and it impaled Jarvan ferociously through the shoulder sending him flying back as Lux screamed loudly as he landed about 20 feet away.

“Foolish humans do not bother me I am in conversation with a wretched fiend,” yelled the beast as he turned back to Kassadin.

“What are you called, demon,” said Kassadin this time he was positioned between him and the army.

“Some call me the voice, some call me the void itself, but I can assure you, my name is Xeno’va, the Plane Shifter.” I shuttered at this statement. Xeno was a term for alien while the ‘va’ in the name obviously stood for the voice, but together they meant the alien voice, I read this somewhere before.

“Xeno’va,” said Kassadin struggling to pronounce it correctly, “What do you propose we do to resolve this conflict.”

“Resolve,” he laughed, “I am here to end it. I give you two options: you can all become my personal slaves in the oncoming apocalypse or you can fight me and they will still become my personal slaves in the oncoming apocalypse, minus about half of them, the creatures are hungry.”

There was a shuddered from the crowd, no one would say anything, and there was no fighting chance either way.

“I’d rather be eaten than a slave,” yelled Pantheon proudly, clanging his spear onto his shield.

“Aye,” cackled Swain, “I may have lived a life of treachery, but I would never be a slave to a dark world where an alien ruled me.”

“Likewise!” yelled Garen as he stood from Jarvan’s side for a second.

“Stick it to him Kass!” yelled a soldier from inside the ranks. Random assortments of other cries were yelled as well, as I looked back to him, I could see him shaking with fear.

“Apparently we will take the latter!” yelled Kassadin as he charged his blade and braced himself.

“Oh how amusing,” laughed Xeno’va as he snapped his fingers, the void army spreading away from him and Kassadin creating a circle.

A vision popped into my head, I did not wish to look at it, Kassadin would decide the fate of our world. In my heart I hoped he would prevail, but I knew we were finished, no other void creature could help him, as my mana pool was all but empty, koggy nowhere to be found, and Cho’gath down, he was on his own, as always.

Chapter 13: The Nightmare

I was terrified. My sudden show of strength had only worked to stall the ending of the world; I could not defeat this monster, not even with all of my strength. For the first time in my life I felt helpless, unable to control my fate, I needed help, but none could be given. I sucked in my gut and fear and readied myself for the monstrosity.

“I hope you are ready to die,” laughed Xeno’va as he stood on the opposite side of the newly formed circle. A soft wind blew across the plain, it was warmer this time, the void was losing its grip on the land, I thought as a small beam of sunlight pierced through the clouds for a small moment. I now focused on my target, all my years of training after the incident about to come into play.

“Well then,” beckoned the creature, I don’t have all day. I clenched my fist and popped my knuckles loudly as my nether blade turned on and glowed brightly. I then tapped my left arm and another blade turned on, a small murmur came from the crowd. I never used this blade, as it was always too powerful for the league, the ground itself would have torn apart, but now, this was a different matter.

“Two blades,” laughed Xeno’va, “What a pitiful attempt at fighting.” The dirt below me had begun to shift from the power of the two blades and I brought them together for a brief moment, shooting random lightning bolts towards the ground. As I brought them apart I surged forward and teleported on top of the beast, shooting a null sphere, a force pulse, and slashing at him with both of my blades twice before teleporting back. I waited for the small dust cloud to subside before I relaxed and saw him unfazed and laughing.

“That’s all?” he laughed as his voice slowly recovered from the silence. I did not answer him and stood there ready for his counter-attack.

“My turn then, he said as he looked like he was about to run towards me, the shadowy foot moving along the ground when suddenly he disappeared. Before I could blink he reappeared in front of me and I felt a sharp pain course through my body as his fist impacted my body and shot me backwards, tumbling on the dirt for quite a ways. I could feel the intoxicated blood of my body trickling from my broken armor pieces and sliding onto my arm as he had impacted me on the upper left of my chest, most likely shattering a few bones.

“For such a valiant warrior, you seem to lack the sustainability for taking a hit,” he said as he stood there smugly brushing off his hand, I could not see his face, merely the outline of his figure, and those red glowing eyes. I slowly stood back up and fought back the pain, wincing as I slid my blades together again.

“Oh some life still remains,” he said as he disappeared again and this time appeared behind me. He kicked me thunderously as I heard a couple bones break as I wet tumbling across the dirt again, turning my blades off and rag dolling as to not slice myself to pieces. As I stopped rolling I lay there, I could feel a small patch of blood beginning to slide from the corner of my mouth, the wounds were taking a toll, I wouldn’t last much longer. The creature was slowly walking towards me and laughing again.

“Tsk, tsk,” he said, “I thought you would be more fun to play with,” he continued as he walked over and stood above me. I tried desperately to lift myself up from the ground, using what strength I had left. I struggled for a moment and then gave up, I was too weak.

“This is all you have to offer?” he laughed raising his hands to the sky, “Kassadin the might Void Walker, terror of this land, assassin of mages, falls to two blows from Xeno’va, oh the stories they will tell of your failure. How you let the world fall, because of your weakness, how does that make you feel?”

I was at a loss for words, I turned my body sideways to get a look at the crowd, and their faces were sullen and disappointed, most sad however. For the first time in my life, I realized that nothing could be accomplished alone, nothing of a grand scheme at least. I had gone into this war thinking that I could single-handedly end it, being the Void Walker I could go in and out of the Void to destroy important objects, but that was not the case.

I heard a voice in my head say, “The devourer is awake.” I glanced towards the crowd and noticed Malzahar standing up and moving towards the beast slowly. I knew his plan and smirked for a moment before my wounds changed it to a grimace. I teleported out from under the beast and made sure I was standing up, as my arms could not have done it.

“Some strength is still left,” said Xeno’va interested.

“Enough to defeat the likes of you,” I yelled back as I turned on my left blade only, my right arm was broken. However I turned on the secondary function of the blade and it lengthened, growing in size and changing in shape, to resemble a massive blade, spanning at least six feet in length. I smiled, as I knew this would block his attacks whether or not I could intercept them, for this was the banshee’s blade, the upgraded form of the veil, and it blocked everything.

“As you wish,” replied Xeno’va laughing again as he teleported, he was behind me and I moved the blade to intercept him this time, his foot tapping it and doing nothing to me, in fact sending him backwards quite a ways. The crowd of people gazed on in shock; I had done something against the beast. It stood immediately back up, angrily.

“What sorcery is this,” he yelled angrily, a grumble echoing from his throat.

“Problem?” I laughed, knowing that if he landed even a single blow I was done. He dashed straight towards me this time, without teleporting, building up speed. I held the blade to where his fist was heading and intercepted it, blocking and reflecting the damage again, sending him flying back in the direction he came.

It stood up slowly now, the fire had begun to grow brighter. “You dare insult me with a banshee’s blade Kassadin,” said Xeno’va slowly. It quickly turned towards me, its eye were glowing ferociously, I could see the outline of his face, the shadow veil was fading from him. His eyes narrowed and he faded from view, I turned the blade in the first to cover my front, hoping that the lore was correct, and it blocked and blow from any direction.

Suddenly he appeared from behind me and I could feel the pain enter and then instantly leave my body as the blade warped and intercepted the blow, healing what damage it had done, reflecting back at him again, sending him rolling across the dirt. He was positioned close to the body of the ‘slumbering’ Cho’gath now, as I had intended him to be.

I heard a familiar bugle call from far off and suddenly from high in the sky a caustic rain fell upon the beast, Kog’maw’s artillery barrage pounding him into the ground and covering in an acidic sticky mess.

“Have you no knowledge of dueling laws!” yelled the beast as Cho’gath now move behind him. Xeno’va froze, the acid was eating away at him when a large drop of saliva landed next to him, he slowly turned around and saw Cho’gath, lunge at him.

“Nom nom nom nom!” echoed from the great creature ad he devoured Xeno’va in one swift motion. The crowded cheered as Cho’gath yelled triumphantly towards the sky, the army around them slowly backing away from the giant beast. Suddenly however he burped loudly. Smoke began to come from his mouth and he looked worried.

He reached inside his mouth with one of his hands and cause his regurgitate the now gross smelling Xeno’va. A huge explosion ripped across the battlefield as a high pitch screech came from the small beast, gigantic wings erupting from his backside as pulses of void energy shot outwards, repairing his body to full while knocking Cho’gath away from him in the process.

“You dare devour me!” yelled the voice, as a second voice now echoed above his original, an octave or so higher, giving him a double tone when he spoke, the wings receded as his body had fully healed, the black veil was gone however, and I could see his full outline.
He resembled me size and shape, but was vastly different. He was robed from his head to about his knees, showing legs that resembled Cho’gath’s, the toes being large talons. His arms were heavily clad in purple armor that the robe did not cover, and his hands were quite normal looking, only the fingertips were small claws instead, His face was mostly hidden by the rode, revealing only the eyes, much like Malzahars garb. It was loosely clad about him, but the fire seemed to emanate from the robe itself, giving him a crown of purple fire.

The sky suddenly became very dark and as I looked down my heart sank. Void ooze had begun to seep from the portal, and corrupted the higher world. The beast laughed maliciously as it raised its arms to the sky.

“Come darkness and death; let your voice be heard!”

“Let your death be imminent,” said Malzahar calmly as he floated up next to me.

“The prophet wishes to be a part of this,” laughed Xeno’va, “Allow me to even the odds,” he continued as he snapped his fingers a second illusion of him appeared, but looking just as powerful.

“Silence him and we shall send him to a null zone,” whispered Malzahar to me as he pulled out a small snow globe from his pocket. “I believe you know the prophecy of the Icathia,” said Malzahar as he tossed the snow globe in his hand.

“It is the telling of me, of course I know it,” laughed the beast almost in disbelief.

“The question is, do you know the second part,” replied Malzahar sinisterly.


“It’s a little part I’ve added,” take a look said Malzahar as he tossed the snow globe to him and tapped me on the shoulder. I took that was the signal and shot a null sphere that followed the snow globe. Right as the beast was to catch the globe the sphere broke it and enveloped him in the utter silence of the void. Malzahar the summoned a null zone below both of the beasts, shot some evil visions into the illusion and then gazed into the soul of Xeno’va, freezing him in position over the null zone, burning him greatly.

A rain of acid then spilled onto the beast as he was locked down and as he fell further into the null zone I could feel the energy weakening more and more. Malzahar grew tired now and stopped gazing into the soul of him, the evil visions were too much for him and the void creature lay upon the now plain dirt, his body still burning from acid and the void fire.

Xeno’va moved very slowly now, I noticed certain parts of him were fuzzy and zoned in and out of the dimension every now and then, feeling the dimension rifts crack every now and then.

Suddenly the army around disappeared to a mist, the portal was collapsing. The sky began to clear of clouds and the ground cleared of the blackness of the void, all receding towards the portal like a black hole, sucking in all of the dead bodies of the void creatures scattered across the field. The huge body of the dead aerial creature slowly drifted into the portal as I collapsed, leaving only a small charred spot on the ground. Kog’maw slowly walked up to the downed creature that was still in our world, now trapped here. Cho’gath had picked himself back up now and had calmed down as he noticed the problem had been handled.

The army in the background cheered as the portal has closed, clearing of the land of the burnt and devastated bodies.

“You fools think this is over,” said the beast through breaths, “This is merely the beginning.”

“Quiet fool,” said Cho’gath as his monstrous foot stomped down upon the tiny creature, smashing it into the ground. As he lifted his foot I could feel his life energy still intact, he was merely unconscious. I looked at my four void comrades and silently we knew we had done our job for the world, maybe now we would get some recognition. The crowd cheered louder now as Jarvan stood up, taking the injury like a man and continuing to move as if nothing had happened.

He gestured for us to walk towards him but none of us did. He then smiled and saluted us; he knew we weren’t the type for celebration. I turned the banshee’s blade off and turned to Malzahar.

“I think you are a no good person who believes in spreading lies to better yourself, the plain fact that you call yourself a prophet when you lead people to their own doom is a horrendous idea, yet, you are f****** good fighter, and I respect you for this,” I said as I stuck out my hand to shake his. He looked at me then at my hand, and then I could see his facial expression from his eyes that he was smiling and shook it gladly.

“You realize this doesn’t change anything,” cackled Swain as the Noxians and Demacians had begun to part in lines of troops.

“Of course not,” smiled Jarvan, “But we can at least rest easy for a little while longer, there is much work to be done on both fronts.”

“Agreed,” replied Swain, only in a good mood because we had avoided an apocalypse. The force slowly said what few goodbyes that were needed and separated into their groups again.

I glanced around at our small group again, Cho’gath was licking one of his wounds on his arm, Kog’maw was sitting down and panting as normal while Malzahar was deep in contemplation, again. I smiled contently, this ragtag group of creatures, come to the higher world through unfortunate and evil circumstances, we seemed content with each other, even though we were all from our separate worlds. With this, I was satisfied. The world was still spinning, the day still bright, and the wind still slightly blowing warmly against me. Although silent, I was happy.

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I in bottom lane with little wind woman. I happily shoot little minions and get lots of money. Kog’maw is name. I only level one still and enemy bush sitter has not revealed itself yet. I fighting crossbow woman with silver bolts that hurt. Wind woman and I go to poke crossbow woman when suddenly big black flaming void monster appears form the bush and hits me with a void sphere, purple energy hurts. I backed off and saw him sprout wings for a second as he casted a spell on crossbow lady, her slight wounds became healed.

Suddenly small green eye appear in bush and big void creature teleport on wind woman, kicking and punching her as she run back, I shoot a couple times as he shoot void sphere at me again, pain again. Wind Woman move back into bush and wait as we reach level five. I worried about what void creature do when reach level six so I tell wind woman to be careful, she giggles and drinks a health potion to become full health just in case.

All people in bottom lane reach level six and I shoot big artillery into bush, revealing location of void creature, I see that he is doing nothing useful in bush. I go to poke crossbow woman again and receive another void sphere in return, luckily wind woman put big shield on me, and so I take little pain.

Wind woman places a green eye in small bush above us and we see a dragon lady of the enemy team in there, she runs back quickly as the dragon lady jumps over the wall, turning into a large dragon. Void creature teleport to me and kick me a couple times while dragon lady catch me and beat on me along with crossbow lady. Wind woman throws big storm from her staff, blowing them all away from me, except launching the void creature towards our tower. As it latches onto him, I turn to shoot him as I barrage as he runs into the bush behind the tower.

Our jungler is big submarine man with big anchor as he is walking up to void creature at this point. Suddenly world goes dark for a second and I run in fear, as I come back to I see the void creature is gone, he flashed over the wall I think. I tell team to go back and I turn to get money from minions again. Void creature walks back smugly and goes to sit in the bush again. I see the powerful ultimate, half a second of map wide fear, much like nightmare ghost, but actually do something.
The report of global fear for a short duration from koggy had worried me, and wondering if the summoners had made him too powerful. The decision to imprison him in the League while on this world might have been the wrong decision. I knew he longed for a rematch of our battle, but he would have to venture mid land for that and from what I heard, he was played as support. I realized we had a complete team now, five void creatures, if some foolish summoner ever put him on our team, at least this early on in his imprisonment, I’m not sure how well that would go over.

Regardless, the world had begun some massive changes, relations between Demacia and Noxus had improved slightly, as free people could venture between the two realms now and not go through any harm by having to pick a side. The most important was that Demacia was slowly repairing itself; the downtown was being rebuilt ever so slowly, newly refurbished structures and new designs were being implemented, to be more ‘environmentally friendly.’

I had been going to Malzahar’s little cult meetings every now and then, the void something or other he called it, being the prophet and all. It was interesting to hear what he had to say, although I would not openly admit involving myself with him, being previous mortal enemies and the like, I was slowly reaching the point of calling him friend. The few that I had in this world.

The whole world seemed to have changed since the incident, the sky looked cleaner and brighter, or maybe is the fact that I stopped moping and looked up every once in a while. The world was green and good again, and as long as the warm wind blew across the plains of justice as champions fought for their own vendettas, I knew the world would keep spinning.
An evil laughed from inside a long dark cave high in the mountains, “So he has failed. Typical void creatures, can’t trust them to do anything.” The large man lifted himself out of his chair, “I will simply do what must be done then,” he continued as he walked towards the mouth of the cave, looking over the massive icy canyons and mountain of Freljord, “The destruction of Demacia and for the good of all creatures of the world, the League of Legends must be destroyed.” He let out a might laugh as it echoed into the canyon, echoing further and further for what would be eternity. A dark figure approaches.

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Hey guys. I'm pretty much done editing and stuff so feel to leave feedback and let me know if i should continue with the cliff hanger or not, undecided on what to do.

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I feel like malz and kass should be enemies. I mean malz is trying to bring the void into Runeterra and kass is trying to protect it. Great story though.