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Looking for a duo queue partner

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I'm a little bored of doing solo queue and getting stuck with trolls/noobs. I used to have a 1275 elo on my way up but since then I have started getting stuck with the above. One person can only carry so much. That's why I would like a duo partner that would be willing to work their way up through elo hell with me. Currently I'm at 1021 (around there). I think it'd be a lot more fun if i had someone who on a daily basis would want to do ranked and get out of this low rank. Please add me in game if this sounds interesting to you, d3athlnab0x
I own every champ, and a skin for every champ except trundle (no good skins)
I play on a day to day basis, sometimes all day as I do not currently have a job.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.