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LoL roleplay?

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Well, yeah. It's open because anyone can post on it. But you have to be careful; you don't just go like "Bill walked into the bar in the middle of a major story plot incidence and began killing everyone," you say in OOC (The weird double parantheses which look like ((I am an RP noob)) and such) something along the lines of this:

((Hi, I'm using Bill. Know any place where I could get in easily?))

You'd also use a profile; make sure to give a link. If you're having problems, just try again. Make sure the name is completely unique in every way. And a couple of rules:

1) No killing of fellow RPers without their permission
2) No controlling fellow RPers (this is called god-moding) even if it's something as simple as 'the arrow hit Bob in the shoulder'. You have to give them a chance to respond, and if the DM decided they have to get hit by it, then it's a certainty.
3) No personal god-moding. Simply put, this is also said as: You take damage no matter what. You are not some invincible god-like juggernaut. You are a warrior, most likely.
4) Start off with simple characters. Don't go straight to 'I'm an OP Summoner who can control the twelve elements (I'll tell you about those later) and pubstomp everyone's face,' because then you'll get into the habits of god-moding early on. Go with 'I'm a simple warrior with a cool longsword, some plate armor, maybe a magical artifact or two, and a cool personality.'
5) Have fun. If you're not having fun, then you'll get grumpy and make everyone miserable in the RP.

I think that's it for starters.

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Mr Cecil Baldwin

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Are there any special RP's for gender-flips, etc? I'd love to RP a female Ezreal.