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Hybrid Fizz

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Late August



Is hybrid Fizz liable? I mean, he has some things that could really help him. For the sense of his Urchin Strike is added by his attack damage, and that his Seastone Trident is paired up partly with attack speed. so this is the build I'm thinking about:

Hextech Gunblade
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Trinity force
Death Cap
Nashor's Tooth/Malady/Madreds

Would this even be thought of?

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Senior Member


I actually jungle hybrid Fizz.

Start with Regrowth Pendant, 1 health pot. Build Philo and HoG asap. After I get gp10s I work towards this end game set up:

Berserker's Greaves
Hextech Gunblade
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Trinity Force
Madred's Blood Razors
Situational Item.

Why MBRs? 4% of max hp plus 8% of missing hp from Seastone Trident? OP

It's an extremely expensive build, but once you get your first few items, you'll start getting a lot of kills, so gold pours in.

BTW, I run attack speed reds, hpregen/lvl yellows, mr/lvl blues, and life steal quints.

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I could see it working, but i dont think that it's better than ap fizz in any way. Also its hard to reliably auto attack with fizz- his kit really supports a bursty- ap build.

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You know you're not supposed to downvote a person asking a question.....there's literally nothing to disagree with in a question, it's a QUESTION.

As for Fizz build...he needs to be tanky to auto-attack enough to be effective as a hybrid...unfortunately hybrid items are all glass cannon-y.

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I disagree with the need for Fizz to be "tanky" to auto-attack. He is so mobile he can get in and out easy enough. What he DOES need is more mobility. Fizz has a LOT of benefits to play off of so lots of viability - honestly I've even played tank fizz with success

Passive is ghost with some armor. (Mobility)
Q is mobility
E is mobility
R is mobility
---Playing a mobile Fizz will really benefit you, then. Trinity Force, Boots, and any other items that also help your move speed that augments whatever strategy you're playing. If AP - Lich Bane of Course. Rylai's can slow them (in addition to Trinity Force) which I consider mobility. Etc...

Tank Fizz-- (not really the best of the options because his only tanky ability is his passive, but...)
Force of Nature, Trinity, Rod of Age's, Rylai's, Madred's

AD Fizz -- (just as good as AP)
Q adds attack and can catch or get away
W adds attack
E can catch or get away
R can slow for you to catch or get away

AP fizz - obvious

Hybrid Fizz -
Trinity Force, RoA, Madred's, Rabadon's Deathcap, Hextech

Basically you will ALWAYS want a Trinity Force (unless it's AP fizz, then get Lich Bane)
You will ALWAYS want a Madred's Bloodrazor (even as AP)
I recommend ALWAYS getting Mercury Treads because of Tenacity

Those 3 items will win you games. The rest is really just whatever you want.