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Recruiting good members for Team Minerva

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We are currently recruiting members for Team Minerva mainly for the reason of better players and more experienced players as we enter higher elo, i currently want to recruit new members is to help lead the less experienced players that are on the team and can help benefit to our team. On the team, we use to have a positive score, till we just had some bad games because of the lack of courage and logic from the team.

Players i look in to~
-Can mainly play all roles in LOL
-Understands the META for a 3vs3 because we specialize mostly in 3vs3
-Has a large variety of champions and has no problem playing any single one
-Can counter pick or counter build the enemy champions during match making and in game
-Has logic and a brain(Not over extending, communicates well, knows when to ward)
-Doesn't face check bushes but also knows when to check dragon and red

So we basically want a good player, and we hope to be reaching 1.7k elo by the latest before Season 3
Active and players ranged in 1.4k elo and higher are recommended, if your lower, show no fear, we still may be interested in seeing you play

Best regards from the team captain of Team Minerva