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New player's guide to runes!

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What runes are the best to get and which are not worth your time? This quick and dirty guide attempts to answer that, by giving you the order in which to spend your IP to be able to have the widest selection of playable characters from the runes you have.

I've gone through each featured guide and each approved guide on solomid and compiled a spreadsheet with the recommended runes for each hero. I've left out runes that were recommended but are no longer buyable (dodge runes) and I've omitted down-rev guides from people that had a v2 of their guide that was also approved or recommended.

Compiling this spreadsheet lets you see quickly how you should be spending your IP and which ones are a complete waste. Here is the list of runes, ranked by how many times they are mentioned in a featured or approved guide on solomid.net. Quints are multiplied by three to normalize them for comparison with other runes.

Top to bottom, with the number of guide mentions, they are:

Name of Rune (function) #mentions

Seal of Resilience (armor) 2411
Mark of Insight (magic pen) 1419
Glyph of Shielding (magic resist) 1259
Glyph of Warding (magic resist) 1211
Quint of Potency (ability power) 1020
Quint of Strength (attack damage) 1017
Mark of Desolation (armor pen) 912
Glyph of Force (ability power) 777
Mark of Strength (attack damage) 755
Quint of Swiftness (move speed) 531
Mark of Alacrity (attack speed) 481
Seal of Clarity (mana regen) 469
Quint of Desolation (armor pen) 357
Seal of Replenishment (mana regen) 348
Mark of Resilience (armor) 347
Seal of Vitality (health) 313
Quint of Avarice (gold/10) 288
Quint of Fortitude (health) 240
Glyph of Alacrity (attack speed) 168
Glyph of Clarity (mana regen) 143
Glyph of Focus (cooldowns) 128
Glyph of Potency (ability power) 123
Quint of Resilience (armor) 105
Quint of Alacrity (attack speed) 105
Seal of Avarice (gold/10) 93
Seal of Force (ability power) 90
Quint of Transmutation (spell vamp) 72
Quint of Vampirism (life steal) 72
Quint of Vigor (health regen) 66
Glyph of Insight (magic pen) 64
Seal of Alacrity (attack speed) 63
Quint of Insight (magic pen) 54
Mark of Destruction (arm/mag pen) 36
Seal of Regeneration (regen) 36
Seal of Strength (attack damage) 36
Glyph of Resilience (armor) 36
Glyph of Celerity (cooldowns) 32
Glyph of Replenishment (mana regen) 23
Mark of Warding (magic resist) 22
Quint of Warding (magic resist) 21
Mark of Replenishment (mana regen) 18
Seal of Defense (armor) 18
Seal of Knowledge (mana) 18
Quint of Focus (cooldown) 18
Glyph of Knowledge (mana) 16
Glyph of Strength (attack damage) 12
Quint of Meditation (energy regen) 9
Mark of Force (ability power) 9
Mark of Furor (critical damage) 9
Seal of Fortitude (health) 9
Seal of Furor (crit damage) 9
Seal of Shielding (magic resist) 9
Seal of Warding (magic resist) 9
Glyph of Acument (energy) 9
Quint of Destruction (arm/mag pen) 9
Quint of Intellect (mana) 6
Seal of Meditation (energy regen) 5
Seal of Lucidity (energy regen) 5

All other runes WERE NOT MENTIONED in any featured or ranked guide on solomid. Which means they are most likely not the best option for anyone. They would be a waste of IP which could be better spent on getting the higher ranked runes -- at least until you have a better understanding of your rune needs.

See attached spreadsheet if you want to play around with the information yourself and see what heroes had which recommended rune set.