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LF Long Term Teammate (in elo hell)

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Senior Member


Hey man a little about me.
20 yrs old, been playing ranked since the start of season 2, i have 380 ranked wins and am at 950 elo going into my current match. I use skype mostly but can use vent or mumble as well, i know that being at this elo sucks, but i also know that there are trolls and baddies at all elo's so my mindset is not so much to get out of elo hell, but just to win matches and have fun at the same time. And as for roles i prefer to solo top or jungle but can play every role if needed. If you like add me in game and we'll play a match (:

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The Uncle Phil



I've got 2 jobs so I don't have a lot of time but add me and if you're looking for a game while I'm on we can play. I've been hovering around the 1300-1400 mark