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Play again button duo glitch

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so me and my friend were playing ranked duos we win then after the game like every other game i press play again and it automaticly recreates the game and re invs my duo partner but only this time it didnt do that it instantly put in into solo q then b4 i could even press x the game started and i was stuck in champ select as it turns out i had dodged a normal game earlier so when i dodged to req with my duo not only did i lose elo but i had to wait 15 min jus bringing this to riots attention and seeing if ne1 else came across this glitch it would b nice if u could refund my elo or give me some free ip tho gl hope u isolate and fix the glitch soon keep up pthe good work.
p.s plz dont ban me again im trying i rly am trying not to lose my mind when im on a crazy losing streak and every1 is feeding around me