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Be nice if Magma Chamber....

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Marneus Calger

Senior Member


Replaced Summoners rift.

Just looking at the design it is much more balanced as compared to the current Summoners Rift map...

The main example being that one team has dragon advantage and the other has baron advantage doesn't excatly balance it out. Dragon is worth more early and mid game and team who gets it the most is more likely to get baron.

Also mid couldn't freely roam on the river because their is no river by looks of it making them a easy target if they got spotted. Leaving mid really should be a high risk/return similiar to counter jungling is.

This is just my opinion on the map layout. It would also make for interesting games as current Summoners Rift map feels abit bland, as you know what is likely to happen from game to game if one team gets the advantage.

Mid will support other lanes.
If tower goes down in top or bot they will start pushing others.
If dragon lane fails they will get dragon/drake.

and so on...

Just looking for other peoples opinions. I know it is not likely to happen but still worth a discussion over.

P.S. Yes my spelling/grammer might be bad.