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Priority system for rejoining PvP.net

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Like the title says, I'd like to see a priority system implemented.

e.g. If I'm in a ranked game, and I disconnect, I can simply reconnect. Now, if their is a queue time, I'm contending with people not just in normal games, but people who've lost their connection for what ever reason. So we all have the same priority in reconnecting, when their is a queue. At first glance this sounds fair, but when you think about it, Ranked has higher stakes, and shouldn't have to contend with the same slots for rejoining PvP.net as people who are outside of games, in custom games, or in normal games, who've disconnected. These games do matter, but simply aren't as imperative as Ranked games are.

If people are in a ranked game, give those people a higher priority, as in, make their pool for rejoining separate or naturally shorter. This will ensure that unfortunate incidence which forces people off of PvP.net while in ranked games, will have a less detrimental effect on their team overall.

I can understand that some people will initially read this and ask 'why should ranked games have priority over normal or custom games, when rejoining active games', and to that end, I'll simply say, there is more at stake, not just for the person that gets disconnected but for their entire team as a whole.

Ranked is a very chaotic environment, and, this would be one small step in the right direction towards making Ranked games more hospitable towards the entire community.

I hope this makes sense, I might take another look at it later, if it needs clarification, or adjustments.