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The Rise of the Mad Puppeteer

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Before I get started, I want you to know this is actually the background lore for my character, "Henrik - The Mad Puppeteer". If you want to read up on his skills here's the LINK. (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2092488) I also ask anyone interested in roleplaying to add me in game so we can. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Part 1 - Henrik and Elanor

[From the report to the High Council on a summoner who knows Henrik]

Henrik Stolikov
Age: 35

[Not much is known about Henrik before the battle except his boasts. The following account tells of how he became who he is today. Most of this is just speculation and a little bit of creative ingenuity that I made myself, but after running this by Henrik himself, he smiled and nodded. This could all be false speculation or the truth. - Summoner REDACETED ]

Henrik stood alone on the open battlefield. The desolate landscape filled his mind with dark, evil thoughts. He was the only survivor of the onslaught. What started out as a routine patrol turned into a bloodbath. He tried closing his eyes, but he only saw the faces and the blood and heard the screams of agony. Everything that Henrik was, a rough, rowdy, tough guy, had fallen apart. The massacre of his comrades had shaken him to his very core.

Covered in blood he stared into the sky. Why? He thought, Why you sick piece of ****? Why would you do this? He fell to his knees as a roar erupted from the sky. He screamed back at the sky, "YOU F***ING B*****D!" The sky answered back with another roar and a downpour of rain. As the rain washed over Henrik's face he cried, his tear mixing with rain water and blood. The rain burned his wound. His face was burned within the initial blast, and now he felt the water seep into the burn, and he screamed out loud once more, but this time in agony.

There he knelt, in the middle of the battlefield, surrounded by his dead comrades, wishing he had died with them. It was just a patrol along the Noxian border. Not even a problem area either. A place far away from Demacia and Ionia. Nevertheless, the small group was attacked by a group of Demacian soldiers. The initial magical barrage decimated the majority of his comrades and left him out of commission. He felt pathetic, the only one who didn't die.

That wasn't really what got to him the most. It was the fact that deep down, he really didn't want to die. He told his friend Tyrion that he wasn't afraid to die, that he would gladly die in the service of Noxus any day. Everything that he set himself up to be, all that he believe he was, wasn't him any longer. He was a loser, a broken shell of the man that once was. He knelt for many hours wallowing in despair. Thinking of nothing but his own death, he stood up and looked at the forest. He smiled grimly, it was a good place to die.

So he began his trek into the woods. He stumbled his way and somehow found his way into the Twisted Treeline. While here he stumbled across the puppet Elanor. He knelt down to look at it. It was a cute puppet. Very human like, much like a little girl. He smiled and carassed its face. That is when she spoke.

"Hi there." The puppet stood up and beamed at him. Most people would of been disturbed or frightened by the suddenness of the puppet as well as its ability to talk. Henrik wasn't however. He was perplexed. His eyes looked over the puppet lovingly and curiously. Elanor smiled and said, "I'm Elanor! What's your name? Wanna play? Do you like shows? I like shows. 'Specially the kind that involves plays and murders."

An odd thing for her to say, but Henrik began to smile widely, "I'm Henrik. And I would love to play. And I like plays and murders as well. If you don't mind me asking dearest, how is that you talk and move on your own?"

"I can't tell you that silly! That's my secret... But you really wanna play?" She asked, her bead eyes shining up at him. He smiled warmly and nodded. A smile lit up her wooden face and she jumped up and down, "Yay!!!!!! Good times! Rwar!"

What happens next is probably the most bizzare thing and completely confirmed with Henrik himself. Elanor jumped upon Henrik's face and transfered dark magic and energy into Henrik's body, forever fusing himself with the puppet. The burns healed, but left hideous scars upon his face, and he arose a new man. He wanted to put on plays for people. And kill them.

[The rest of the report will be coming soon to the Council soon. I understand that you need it ASAP to assess Henrik before you should think about using him in the League. Please review the entire report before making your decision. Thank you.]