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Improvements to the Queue interface

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Trolling is a major problem, especially in the lower elo ranks. I think the community should be given more anti-troll options. Here are some of the ideas I've come up with that I think could help.

1. A "kick from team" button during champ select. If someone is clearly trolling in the queue, he/she may be kicked from the queue by a unanimous vote by the 4 other players. This would reset the queue the same way a dodge would, and the kicked player would be penalized the same as if he/she had dodged the queue deliberately.

2. A "leave queue" button in champ select. Rather than exiting the program, this would provide a faster, simpler way to dodge a queue that seems too trolly. Normal penalties apply.

3. A "rate this player" option in the post-game lobby. You'd be given the chance to rate each player on a number of characteristics: attitude, communication, cooperation, and skill. Each category would have 5 choices: excellent (4), good (3), average (2), poor (1), troll (0) (or something). The compounded ratings averages would be visible during champion select by hovering your mouse over each player's summoner name.

4. A "disconnected total" visible in champion select. This would indicate the number of times a player has disconnected (aka "ragequit&quot out of how many total games played.

Any of these tools has the potential to be abused, but I believe they would be more helpful than potentially dangerous. They'd give the community two important weapons to combat trolling: information, and the power to act on it. Trolling would be much more transparent than it is now, and the penalties would be more severe. Additionally, well-intentioned and positive community members would be recognized and acknowledged. Whether by using these suggestions or designing other systems, I urge Riot to take steps to help combat trolling and improve the play experience for all LoL players.