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Dragoon, the Dragon of Lava

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here you go! this is Dragoon, the Dragon of Lava! hope you enjoy him and give me feed back on what to change and keep?

Thousand’s of years ago, before the League of Legends came to power. An ancient tri-force of powerful dragons ruled the Fields of Justice. Dragoon, the Dragon of Lava, Omen, the Dragon of Thunder, and Pathrex, the Dragon of Black Ice. These three dragons ruled the Fields of Justice in their time, but three brave champions conquered the tri-force dragons. Brand, the Burning Vengeance, Karthus, the Deathsinger, and Kassadin, the Void Walker defeated these dragons. By putting a spell on Dragoon that caused him to turn to stone, Karthus, Kassadin, and Brand focused on Omen and Pathrex. Slaying Dragoons only brothers in cold blood. Dragoon swore on his own grave that he shall seek vengeance on those three champions.

Thousand’s of years prior to the present day, the League of Legends were created. Thus the imprison spell on Dragoon was quickly disappearing. Four days later, on mountain Saigon near Demacia erupted, causing a scare in Demacia and her locals. Garen, the Might of Demacia was called upon to serve once again along with Stratos, the Tank of Destruction. The two Demacian warriors sought out the source of this eruption that was caused. To their discovery on mountain Saigon, changed their worlds another degree.

A loud, blood thirsty roar came about from the mouth of the volcano. Stratos went into action, leaving his Commander behind. To what Stratos found was… surprising to every one. A tri-force dragon was still alive, and was fighting Karthus, Kassadin, and Brand at the same time. What they didn’t know about Dragoon from the last time, was when a tri-force dragon was slain. The other tri-force dragon gains their abilities and strength. Dragoon held is right claw high in the skies, causing a thunder storm of Omen, and slashed Kassadin clean through his abdomen. Karthus tried to flee, but Dragoon lashed out with his tail, striking Karthus in his spine, and ripped him in half. Brand has already fled, wanting no part in this fight. Stratos and Garen stood at the brim of mountain Saigon, looking down at the onslaught. Dragoon met their gaze, and the League of Legends will soon face their fear. Tri-Force.

“From an ancient time came a greater power! Let know mortal fool stand in my way as I gain the upper hand! Tri-Force shall not die!” Dragoon, the Dragon of Lava.

Passive- thunder roar: Dragoon causes fear in an enemy champion when he gets the first strike.

Q attack- thunder claw: Dragoon causes a massive thunder storm in his attack. Gaining mana and life steal and dealing 2.5 physical and critical damage each level. (level 18 physical, 45% and critical.)

W attack- Omen tomb: Dragoon calls upon one of his brothers to aid him. If a champion is above the tomb, they will be stunned for 5 seconds and Dragoon gains .28 armor per level (level 18 armor 5.04%)

E attack- Black Ice: Dragoon calls upon a black ice strom, causing every unit to slow and Dragoon causes each to lose health. (passive) Dragoon gains health from the health that was lost from each unit.

Ultimate- Tri-Force: Dragoon calls upon both his brethren to help. (passive) Dragoon gains stealth for each 4 units killed, but decreases his armor by .4 (passive) Dragoon gains critical chance for each 6 units killed, but decreases his critical damage by .15.

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Like this dragon