[Suggestion] Improve the forums!!!

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I've been playing this game for a few months now, and whenever I need to find anything in the forums... I either can't, or, it takes me a good ten minutes to find! Please add your suggestions to the list I have started; I will update this.

Create user options including but not limited to:

  • Having access/history to your threads and your posts
  • Getting in-forum notifications for quotes, likes, and updates on your threads; not just email ones.
  • Add a private message ability / system
  • Add the ability to block/ignore users in the forums
  • Add a "subscribe to thread" option to track thread updates
  • Allow users to set their time zone
  • Create a "search all" function that not only searches the forum you are in but ALL forums.
  • Create word filter options for users who would like them. (I don't believe one exists).
  • Make any "subforums" visible in some way on the home page, maybe via scrollover? (ie "Feedback" under In-game HUD).