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Alistar - The Best Champion

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lololol @ alistar guide and ive put in at least 150 games, possibly 200 with him. thats a joke guide HOWEVER i do plan on trying something new with him and buying attack speed runes while masteries stay defensive and stack sunfires and a whisper for +40 AS with armor penetration(and thats just for fun, read below for a more serious alistar)

i hope you guys are capable of reading despite grammar, im not being graded here, if you can read, GREAT!

Infinity Edge? lol ****. the only time i use that is shaco with my crit dmg percentage runes. IE + phantom + whisper + runes = RAPE. (300% crit dmg + 50% crit chance + AS + 40% armor pen.)

Alistar is a support tank at best. masteries are 0/21/9(greed is the last, read on); runes are 14+ armor, 13+ mag resist, 14+ armor pen, & 3 gold per 10 + greed making it 4 + 1 per sec in the game equals 14 gold per 10. ive experimented with armor pen and substituted it with more armor and mag resist but im currently using what ive just listed and im still a juggernaut with the support of my team behind me. armor pen + aegis + ultimate = turret crusher, if i see all enemy champs grouped up being busy, ill take on a turret alone real quick, get in bushes and recall back, by then enemy is over where i used to be looking around haha.

summoner spells? flash & cleanse(in ranked you can see who gonna have slows/stuns/feints, etc...if they have none, consider ghost or teleport. flash + cleanse + ultimate = 3 get out of jail free cards, you a tank, you supposed to be nearly impossible to stop.

items? i start with meki pendant for mana plus 2 health potions. 'why health potions when you have Triumphant Roar' well instead of wasting mana using that, why not use a health potion allowing you to rebuild mana without wasting it to the Roar. after i get 1350 and things are getting tough in my lane ill run back to get chalice of harmony(49 mag resist at this time with runes+masteries) and tabis(45 armor at this time with runes+masteries) 1350 doesnt take that long to achieve with avarice runes and greed plus farming and assisting in kills.
next items? build soul shroud and aegis of the legion. i have no problem getting these, just participate in battles and stun everybody and headbutt to your teammtes and get in there and try to take a kill or two. extra cash doesnt hurt, let your team do most of the damage. if you dont get the kills, not to worry your team killed them, now keep pushing forward with your team in tow. when working on soul shroud, get mana manipulator first, its already tough killing you so giant belt can wait, just dont go out alone. when thats done, work on aegis, depending on enemy set ups, determine whether you should get cape(400) or cloth armor(300), now if you have 700, get both, i always get +180 health last unless i so happen to have 875 or 775 i might get it plus the other. but if i have enough for one and depending on situation i focus on mag resist/armor first.

after soul shroud and aegis, i work on glacial shroud or sunfire or ryali's all depends. i find myself getting glacial shroud + soul shroud making it 35% cd reduction(40% if you turn it into frozen heart,1400 is the price after the shroud which i do sometimes) why this? your cd sucks and you SHOULD be the first in battle, in the middle of it, stunning, headbutting and roaring all over the place. it takes a long time to be killed and its hard to be killed iwth your team in the middle of it plus your Ultimate. i only bail out when i know my team is safe or ill die in the middle of the fight BUT not before grabbing a kill, if its futile, i dip out or at least try, my masteries works with cleanse, but never bail out and live unless team is safe.

there's also Banshee's Veil. ive had opposing teams loaded on magic. Banshee's plus cleanse, chalice, tabis and runes? ive had all 5 enemy champs gang up on me and it takes about a good 5-7 seconds to take me out hahahahah. if flash is operable what ill do is get to the walls and flash the hell out. remember always flash first before cleanse if you gonna try and escape, always. you'd want some distance first otherwise you are just wasting it. why walls? buys you time. for instance you are by the dragon's area, Pulverize > Flash to hang out with dragon, Recall or if team is headed your wall, prepare for a battle.

first ability to start game? Pulverize. 2nd is up to you. 3rd pick what you dont have yet. after that, max out Triumphant Roar. you wont be able to max it out right away, you'll be forced to pick either Pulverize or Headbutt before picking the final time, take Pulverize. Headbutt is the last thing i go for, one is enough, it does the job. damage? well you arent going to be getting kills, you are Alistar, your scores should be saying 4/2/36 or 2/7/32. barely any kills.

the only time i usually get kills for myself is flash > stun > headbutt > turret > punch your face in. or if someone is running away with no health, flash > punch your face in.

to me this is how alistar is played. if someone else got another idea, let me know, my new plan is attack speed for fun with armor pen. but the guide in the OP is garbage.

carry? when you are armored the hell up sponge turrets, your team will put in the work. then next turret, sponge it, heal heal heal sponge next one, heal heal heal, pulverize minions to keep them in place, anyone enemy champ that comes while we bustin' turrets, HEADBUTT! GTFO BOY. NOBODY INVITED YOU PULVERIZE. ULTIMATE, BREAK TURRET, heal heal HEADBUTT, INHIBS ARE GONE. now look at enemy champs they wont come close to you hahahahahahha.

and one other thing, you make look at me and go alistar with all those items? yep, make sure you are putting in work with your team to gank. it aint hard at all to get all these items and thankfully the runes+masteries tack on 14 gold per 10 seconds.(that also includes the game where its 1 gold per second) twisted fate on the team is awesome too adding 1 per kill.

my old alistar was stacking sunfires. try that, pulverize with 4 sunfires? haha, they better have mag resist.

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forgot to mention you also could consider building stark's fervor. give your team some "malady" characteristics there.

remember this, soul shroud + glacial shroud = by the time your Triumphant Roar cooldowns with Chalice of Harmony you pretty much gained more than half your mana back from the previous Triumphant Roar. 19.5 mana per 5 + 1% per 1% of mana missing (chalice + soul shroud), glacial shroud also offers 425 mana which is pretty good too for alistar.

its fun supporting my team and giving them kills, i enjoy watching an enemy champ being helpless among 3-4 of my teammates just pounding away and typing /laugh.

Soul Shroud + Aegis of Legion for your team = damage, mana regen, 15% cd reduc., mag resist, armor. tack on Starks Fervor, attack speed, lifesteal...

remember you are a support tank, not a killing machine. i laugh at ppl who think they can run the map with him. your job is to support, deliver kills, heal(ive saved many from poisons and ignite), and protect weak teammates as they are trying to flee. you see a weak teammate being chased down, stun them. another one is going after him/her, headbutt. bodyguard status.

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Senior Member


no man u got it all wrong all u need is to stack daggers

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Hmmm must be a troll guide.

I challlenge you. What makes Alistar an obvious carry? The fact the he has absolutely NOTHING that makes a champion a carry?

I can't believe how easy you are to troll....