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Orianna - "Spark of Rebirth" (Corin fan fiction)

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White Roar Black



*Corin is sitting on his bed sobbing and grunting.. this is what he said to himself*

I've always heard that saying... "There's nothing worse than a parent to out-live there child"....
I never in my life took that to heart, until I had my precious jewel... Orianna... The way her eyes sparkled, and how she would beg and plead to see plays in Town Square Colosseum.
Why I ever let my eyes off her, I will never know.
I made my my mistakes, I'll admit that.. but I will never admit a to a lie. The lie of her death being my fault...
Those idiotic worms will never know what it's like.. I'll kill them and gut them if they ever speak lies again.

*Corin gets up and proceeds to violently break and bash his mirror. He then smashes his oil lamp and sets the room to a blaze... he looks in the shattered mirror and begins to whisper this to himself*

My loving daughter. You were perfect in every way. You were talented and never stopped practicing b....ballet...*Corin's voice gets deeper and he aggressively murmurs* ballet..... You never stopped dancing.. you were always practicing.
I've aways told you to never go outside to practice.. *Corin starts to sob* Why Orianna.. why did you leave?.... *he grunts and murmurs quietly but then gets louder* though it's not too late....It's NOT too late... It's never too late!

*Corin notices the blaze is getting closer and walks to his basement*

*Corin grabs random scrap parts and starts to make what looks like a small head*

*He whispers to the head*

Orianna my sweet... you'll be in my arms soon...

---Hey guys, sorry if there's some spelling errors or grammar mistakes, my english isn't too good.

If this gets enough support, I'll act it out and make a video (That's why it has borderline stage directions)

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Junior Member



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rekcus kcoc

Junior Member


would it be ok to say that i cried? :')

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Dake Tufirak

Junior Member


Nice start I would say, thus,
Where is the next part?
I really loved Orianna in game, and the judgement, phew*
I want to know if you are making something next! Might give you a hand!