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Maestro errors - how to fix

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King Ramoose



Hi everyone. After every patch, I always have the dreaded, "Maestro error." I have found 2 very simple, easy fixes to this error. Please try them.

1) Restart your computer. I bet you feel silly for not trying this first, but from what I have gleaned over the past few months of people getting Maestro errors, a large majority of people find a fix right after a simple restart.

2) Use the "repair" option. I understand not everyone has used this before, so you may be unaware of where to find this little feature. Be advised that it will take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to repair your game using repair.

To find the "repair" option, simply open up your LoL launcher. Up at the top right of the screen (next to the "X" and the "-", for close and minimize,) you'll see a button that looks like two little gears. Click on it. A tiny window should pop up, and near the bottom of it you'll see a button that says, "repair." Click on it, and wait for the repair to finish.

If these two fixes do NOT fix your computer, feel free to post it in the forums. However, also be sure to let everyone (admins included) know that you have already tried restarting your computer and using the "repair" function, because these are the first two steps Riot will likely suggest for you.