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Suggestion: 'Notes' Addition to friends list.

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Senior Member


Hopefully the title made some sort of sense, but basically i was putting forward the idea of being able to add a Note to each of your friends.

So say i have a friend called 'Pwner123' on my friends list. What you could do it right click his name and select a option saying 'Add Note'. So it allows me to write something about him, such as 'Met in Ranked' or 'Dylans Mate'

I suggest this since im starting to forget why i have certain people on my friends list.

Then when you hover over their name, it shows;

Level 30
Won: 500
'Met in ranked' in italic's

Thoughts? Sorry if this has been suggested.

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Senior Member


Good idea! I try putting people in groups, but it's not enough... Need a simple note function like in any IM client.