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New type of custom game with preselected champions

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I'd like to propose a new type of custom game, where the host selects all ten champions, five for each team. Players would only decide to play the game if they wanted to play with one of the champions. This could provide more interesting ways to understand good match-ups beyond the simplistic draft mechanism. This kind of selection is very common in some other battlefield games, so it wouldn't be so strange here in League of Legends. There are surely some bugs to iron out of the concept but I'd be happy to see it in place. I'm hoping that something can improve the atmosphere of champion selection. Right now it's somewhat of a free-for-all.

For example, the host could select:
Nunu Sion Kennen Warwick Varus vs Fizz Cassiopeia Vayne Nocturne and Twisted Fate.
possibly also restricting entry to a range around the host's ranking (for balance).
Summoners would then be free to select one of these champs or not play.